Snitz Creek Palmyra Officially Opens Today

Snitz Creek Palmyra Officially Opens Today


Snitz Creek Brewery Palmyra is Officially Open

As of today – as of right now – Snitz Creek Brewery Palmyra is officially open. Posted to their Facebook page just under an hour ago, they have announced that they are officially opened starting today – December 21st, 2023.

The winter solstice is the perfect time for your brewery to officially open.

Posted to their brand new Facebook page – Snitz Creek Brewery Palmyra – as well as to their official brewery Facebook page – Snitz Creek Brewery; just under an hour ago they announced that they are officially opened.

They are located at 2701 Horseshoe Pike Palmyra, PA 17078 at the former Mount Gretna Craft Brewery. (Read about that here: Mount Gretna Craft Brewery Closes.)

Opening Announcement

From the Snitz Creek Brewery Palmyra Facebook page:

🎉EXCITING NEWS! Snitz Creek Brewery Palmyra is officially open TODAY! 🍻✨ Join us as we eagerly open the doors to our new brewery and restaurant in Palmyra, PA. We can’t wait to welcome you to our space filled with great brews, delicious bites, and good times. Come see us this week — CHEERS! 🍺

Business Hours:

Sunday-Thursday 11:30 AM-9 PM

Friday & Saturday 11:30 AM-10 PM


Snitz Creek Brewery Palmyra – Facebook Page Post

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For More Information on Snitz Creek Brewing Company

For more information on Snitz Creek Brewing Company – the following comes from Untappd. Snitz Creek Brewing Company is a micro brewery from Lebanon, PA. They have 712 unique beers and over 65,000 ratings with a global average rating of 3.7 (as of 12.21.23). Their Untappd description reads: Snitz Creek Brewery was founded and built on the belief that we all can share the peace, satisfaction, thrill and contentment of outdoor pursuits like fly fishing, therefore we felt it appropriate to follow the outdoor theme in the naming of our beers, such as Opening Day, Woolly Bugger, Linebreaker and Explorer. Bringing a brewery to Lebanon was a deliberate and strategic choice. We are passionate about fostering a culture of craft beer and a love of the outdoors to the town we call home. We are proud to be the first brewery in Lebanon County in over 50 years.

You can follow them on the following social media pages:

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