Sign of the Horse Brewery Announces Closure of Zeichen des Pferdes and Re – Branding

Sign of the Horse Brewery Announces Closure of Zeichen des Pferdes and Re – Branding

Zeichen des Pferdes logo

Sign of the Horse Brewery Announces They are Closing Zeichen des Pferdes in Hanover, Pennsylvania

Sign of the Horse Brewery which acquired the new location and made it their secondary spot in 2021, has announced today on social media platforms, that they will be closing Zeichen des Pferdes in Hanover, Pennsylvania.

Zeichen des Pferdes is located at 6 Center Square, Hanover Pennsylvania. This was the home of the former Miscreation Brewing Company. We covered the fact that in January 2021 Sign of the Horse Brewing bought the building and took it over here: Sign of the Horse is Expanding – Taking over the old Miscreation Brewery.

You can read about Miscreation Brewing Closure here: Miscreation Brewing is Closing It’s Doors in Hanover.

Zeichen des Pferdes Announcement

Sign of the Horse Brewing Company’s announcement:

Horse Nation, as of today we are closing Zeichen des Pferdes Bierhaus. Our top priorities at Sign of the Horse Brewery, Inc is providing excellent customer service and outstanding quality beer and food. Quite frankly we were not meeting that expectation at this location on a consistent basis and are truly sorry. We have been trying to continually bring those standards up. Although we have seen some improvements it is still not to the level we would like it to be. I would rather put no product out, rather than a product that does not meet our expectations. Horse Nation deserves nothing less. We are going to take a short period of time off and make some major changes for our downtown location. We will be changing management along with some staff members. Those remaining staff members will be receiving some additional training to help them exceed our customers’ expectations. We also will have a completely new menu. Moving more towards traditional American fare that will mirror our York St location. As we continue to grow, we also believe it is important to get our branding correct. When we reopen on March 2nd our downtown location will be under the new name of “Sign of the Horse Bierhaus”. We are still proud of Hanover’s German heritage, so you will still see some nods to the old name inside. In addition to hiring some new staff and retraining any remaining staff, some of our top servers from our Sign of the Horse Brewery location on York St will be helping us out downtown from time to time. Finally, we will still offer our delicious German lagers, but we are going to bring down our top beers (Palomino, York Street Wheat, etc) from the Sign of the Horse Brewery location. We believe with these changes we will be better equipped to meet the service and quality needs that Horse Nation deserves in our downtown location. It is our pleasure to continually serve Horse Nation. We will miss everyone these couple of weeks and will be anxiously awaiting our return on March 2nd. Hope to see everyone real soon.


Sign of the Horse Brewery, Inc

Zeichen des Pferdes Bierhaus / Sign of the Horse Brewing Company – Facebook Post

The announcement was posted on the Zeichen des Pferdes Bierhaus social media pages and shared by Sign of the Horse Brewing Company’s social media pages.

Re – Branding

While its not a full closure; it is a rebranding. It might be a bit ‘hyperbolic’ to call it a closure, but that is the wording of their announcement, with a follow up that it is a re – branding. The comments section of the post seems eager for the re – branding. With many talking about one or two male servers who “never smiled”, who “acted like they didn’t want us there”, and other nuisances and issues with their staffing.

Hopefully this is more than a superficial re – branding, and real changes will take hold. Also hopefully after the re – branding on March 2nd, the changes and effects really turn things around and makes it a great spot. Its a wonderful location. And downtown Hanover has several choice spots to go to all in a small tight area (this location, Something Wicked Brewing, and Fat Bat Brewing are all about twenty yards from each other).

Sign of the Horse Brewing

For more information on Sign of the Horse Brewing, check out their social media pages:

As per Untappd, Sign of the Horse Brewing Company is a micro brewery from Hanover, Pennsylvania. They have 134 unique beers with over 13,000 ratings, and as of 2.15.23 a global average rating of 3.76. Their Untappd description reads: Sign of the Horse Brewing is Hanover’s premier Brewery of craft beer. We honor the great history of Hanover through our name and through our brewing. Stop by today to see all that we have to offer.

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