River Bend Hop Farm and Brewery Closing

River Bend Hop Farm and Brewery Closing

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Just minutes ago today – November 6th, 2020 – River Bend Hop Farm and Brewery announced they will be closing on their Facebook page, citing COVID-19 as the main cause.

As many of you know, in today’s climate with Covid-19, it has become more and more difficult to continue to keep River Bend’s doors open with the regulations we must follow. After 3 wonderful years of bringing you carefully cultivated craft beer to drink, local musicians to listen to and beautiful views to enjoy, we are closing our doors. Know that this decision has been a difficult one.To all that made River Bend Hop Farm and Brewery a destination, thank you for navigating the road less traveled and supporting us at Perry County’s Oldest (and 1st) Brewery. We will be forever grateful to our patrons for allowing us to serve you!

Thank You Again,
Tom & Melissa Beers
Denny & Wendy Browne

River Bend Hop Farm and Brewery Facebook
River Bend Hop Farm and Brewery’s Facebook post

Unfortunately today’s blog post is a sad one. River Bend Hop Farm and Brewery is the latest to be closing their doors. The above post doesn’t go into too much detail about how, when, or what capacity they are closing, but it looks to be in complete. Hopefully the venue will stay for restaurant purposes or weddings in the future, and their hop yard will still be used, but as of this posting above, it doesn’t state.

I got to go there once about two years ago, and enjoyed the beers wonderfully. I was there with my (now ex)-wife, and my three daughters, on a cold foggy Friday night nearing Christmas. They were selling Christmas trees by their parking lot, and it was about as dangerous to get to their place as possible in the fog and darkness, but once there, the old barn turned brewery was absolutely beautiful, the workers and staff were all super friendly and nice to my children, and the atmosphere was fantastic. The beers were delicious and we had a good time, and left with full stomachs and happy memories. So it is very sad to see them closing their doors.

They join other recent breweries announcing their closing like Spigot Brewing, Stoudt’s Brewing, Crystal Ball Brewing, and Mikkeller NYC.

We would like to extend the condolences and sadness with everyone exiting and losing this great brewery, venue, and restaurant. And we would like to wish Tom and Melissa Beers, and Denny and Wendy Browne happy trails and good success in the future and hope for the best.

COVID-19 has been exceptionally rough on the service industry. From restaurants to breweries to small mom and pop stores. Please, now is the time everyone to support local. Buy from the small stores, go to the small restaurants to eat, shop where you know the person the money is going to, eat where you know the servers by first, last, and middle name. Let’s help support local now more than ever! The winter months will be especially hard for many restaurants, breweries, bars, etc. We can all do this, we can all pull together and help out, so let’s do it. Wear your masks, keep your distances, help the staff, be nice to the workers who are already extremely stressed. We got this people, we can do it!

Cheers Everyone. If we all stick together, stay safe, and help each other out, soon, before you know it, we’ll be all hanging out, maskless, at our favorite breweries drinking some cold crisp drinks together!

-B. Kline

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River Bend Hop Farm and Brewery

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