Top 10 Breweries in The United States – Halfway Through 2024 (as per Untappd)

Top 10 Breweries in The United States – Halfway Through 2024 (as per Untappd)


We Are Halfway Through the Year

It is July 2nd, and technically that means we are halfway through the year of 2024!

So let’s take a look at what breweries are doing great, and are the Top 10 Breweries in the United States via Untappd. Most of these won’t be surprises. The juggernauts of the craft beer scene, the established home run (or grand slam) hitters are still the perennial favorites. But all the same, let’s take a look at the list.

For all of the statistical information below (global average rating, number of beers, ratings, etc.) is as accurate as July 2nd, 2024.

Top 10 Breweries in The United States Halfway Through 2024

1. Tree House Brewing Company

Tree House Brewing Company

Global Average Rating: 4.327
Unique Beers: 1,429
Total Ratings: 4,850,072
Location: Charlton, MA
Brewery Style: Regional Brewery


Tree House Brewing Company, founded in 2011 in Brimfield, Massachusetts, has grown into one of the most revered craft breweries in the United States. Known for its innovative and high-quality beers, particularly its New England IPAs, Tree House has cultivated a dedicated following. The brewery initially operated out of a modest barn, but its rapid growth and increasing demand for its products necessitated expansions. In 2017, Tree House opened a larger facility in Charlton, Massachusetts, featuring a state-of-the-art brewing system, ample taproom space, and picturesque surroundings, enhancing the overall visitor experience.

Tree House’s success can be attributed to its commitment to brewing excellence and its unique business model, which emphasizes direct sales to customers at the brewery. This approach fosters a strong connection between the brewery and its patrons, creating a sense of community and exclusivity. Tree House beers, often characterized by their hazy appearance, juicy flavor profiles, and fresh ingredients, consistently receive high ratings and accolades within the craft beer community. The brewery’s dedication to quality, innovation, and customer engagement has solidified its reputation as a standout in the competitive craft beer industry.

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2. The Alchemist

The Alchemist

Global Average Rating: 4.327
Unique Beers: 73
Total Ratings: 769,269
Location: Stowe, VT
Brewery Style: Regional Brewery

The Alchemist, a family-run brewery founded by John and Jen Kimmich in 2003, is based in Stowe, Vermont. Initially starting as a modest brewpub in Waterbury, the brewery gained immense popularity with its flagship beer, Heady Topper, a double IPA that has achieved cult status among craft beer enthusiasts. The demand for Heady Topper was so high that the Kimmichs decided to focus exclusively on brewing and canning their beers, leading to the opening of a production facility in Waterbury in 2011. In 2016, they expanded further by opening a visitor-friendly brewery and retail shop in Stowe, providing fans with a destination to experience their renowned brews firsthand.

The Alchemist’s success is driven by its dedication to quality and innovation, consistently producing highly sought-after beers that have garnered numerous awards and accolades. The brewery’s emphasis on freshness and local ingredients, coupled with its sustainable practices, reflects a commitment to both the craft and the environment. Heady Topper, known for its hazy appearance and intensely hoppy flavor, is often credited with helping to popularize the New England IPA style. The Alchemist’s reputation for exceptional brewing and its influential role in the craft beer movement have solidified its status as a cornerstone of the industry.

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3. Trillium Brewing Company

Trillium Brewing Company

Global Average Rating: 4.252
Unique Beers: 684
Total Ratings: 2,998,857
Location: Canton, MA United States
Brewery Style: Regional Brewery

Trillium Brewing Company, founded in 2013 by JC and Esther Tetreault in Boston, Massachusetts, has quickly risen to prominence within the craft beer community. Renowned for its diverse and innovative lineup of beers, Trillium specializes in New England IPAs, sours, and stouts that consistently receive high praise for their quality and flavor. The brewery started in the Fort Point neighborhood but has since expanded to include multiple locations, including a flagship brewery in Canton and a seasonal beer garden on the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Trillium’s commitment to excellence and experimentation has made it a favorite among beer enthusiasts.

Trillium’s success can be attributed to its focus on both innovation and community engagement. The brewery frequently collaborates with other craft brewers and local businesses, creating unique beers and fostering a sense of camaraderie within the industry. Trillium’s use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients and its dedication to sustainable practices further enhance its reputation. In addition to its beer offerings, Trillium’s spaces are designed to provide welcoming and enjoyable experiences for visitors, from taprooms to outdoor beer gardens. This blend of high-quality products and community-centric approach has cemented Trillium’s status as a leading force in the craft beer scene.

4. Other Half Brewing Company

Other Half Brewing Company

Global Average Rating: 4.223
Unique Beers: 1,725
Total Ratings: 4,563,740
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Brewery Style:Regional Brewery

Other Half Brewing Company, established in 2014 by Sam Richardson, Matt Monahan, and Andrew Burman in Brooklyn, New York, has become a prominent player in the craft beer industry, particularly known for its hop-forward beers. Specializing in New England IPAs, Other Half has built a strong reputation for creating intensely flavorful and aromatic brews. The brewery’s commitment to quality and innovation has earned it a dedicated following and numerous accolades. With its flagship location in Brooklyn, Other Half has expanded to include additional taprooms and breweries in Rochester, New York, and Washington, D.C., broadening its reach and influence within the craft beer community.

Other Half Brewing Company distinguishes itself through a collaborative spirit and a relentless pursuit of brewing excellence. The brewery frequently partners with other craft brewers from around the world, producing a wide range of unique and experimental beers. This collaborative approach not only fosters innovation but also strengthens the sense of community within the craft beer industry. Other Half’s dynamic and inclusive culture, combined with its focus on delivering high-quality, fresh beer, has solidified its status as a leading and influential brewery in the highly competitive craft beer market.

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5. Equilibrium Brewing Company

Equilibrium Brewing Company

Global Average Rating: 4.182
Unique Beers: 776
Total Ratings: 1,746,824
Location: Middletown, NY
Brewery Style:Regional Brewery

Equilibrium Brewing Company, founded in 2016 by Ricardo Petroni and Peter Oates in Middletown, New York, has swiftly garnered acclaim for its scientifically inspired approach to brewing. Drawing on their backgrounds in science and engineering, Petroni and Oates apply rigorous research and precise methodologies to create their distinctive beers. Equilibrium is particularly renowned for its hazy IPAs and robust stouts, which consistently receive high ratings for their complexity and balance. The brewery’s emphasis on quality and innovation has quickly established it as a standout in the craft beer community.

Equilibrium Brewing Company is distinguished by its unique blend of scientific precision and creative brewing techniques. The founders’ dedication to understanding and optimizing every aspect of the brewing process results in beers that are both innovative and consistently high in quality. Equilibrium’s commitment to freshness and flavor is evident in its wide array of offerings, from juicy IPAs to rich stouts and tart sours. The brewery’s success is also driven by its active engagement with the craft beer community, hosting events, collaborations, and educational initiatives that foster a deeper appreciation for the art and science of brewing. This combination of expertise, passion, and community involvement has cemented Equilibrium’s reputation as a leader in the craft beer industry.

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6. Russian River Brewing Company

Russian River Brewing Company

Global Average Rating: 4.171
Unique Beers: 225
Total Ratings: 1,405,844
Location: Windsor, CA
Brewery Style: Regional Brewery

Russian River Brewing Company, founded in 1997 by Korbel Champagne Cellars in Guerneville, California, and later acquired by brewmaster Vinnie Cilurzo and his wife Natalie in 2003, is a celebrated name in the craft beer world. Renowned for its pioneering role in the American craft beer scene, Russian River is best known for its iconic beers like Pliny the Elder, a double IPA that has set the standard for the style, and Pliny the Younger, a limited-release triple IPA that draws beer enthusiasts from around the globe. In 2008, the brewery expanded to a new, larger facility in Santa Rosa, California, enabling increased production and the introduction of a wider variety of beers.

Russian River Brewing Company is distinguished by its commitment to quality, innovation, and the craft beer community. The brewery excels in a diverse range of styles, including barrel-aged sour ales like Supplication and Consecration, which have earned critical acclaim. Vinnie Cilurzo’s inventive brewing techniques and dedication to excellence have not only garnered numerous awards but have also influenced countless other brewers. The brewery’s welcoming taproom and pub provide a destination for beer lovers to enjoy its offerings in a convivial setting. Russian River’s impact on the craft beer industry is profound, cementing its legacy as a pioneer and leader in the field.

7. Great Notion Brewing Company

Great Notion Brewing Company


Global Average Rating: 4.142
Unique Beers: 806
Total Ratings: 1,018,916
Location: Portland, OR
Brewery Style: Regional Brewery

Great Notion Brewing Company, founded in 2016 by James Dugan, Andy Miller, and Paul Reiter in Portland, Oregon, has quickly become a beloved name in the craft beer industry. The brewery is celebrated for its adventurous and innovative approach to brewing, specializing in hazy, fruit-forward New England-style IPAs, rich pastry stouts, and unique sours. Great Notion’s beers are known for their vibrant flavors, bold creativity, and high quality, which have earned them a dedicated following and numerous accolades. The brewery operates multiple locations in Portland, each providing a welcoming atmosphere for beer enthusiasts to enjoy their distinctive creations.

Great Notion Brewing Company stands out for its commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional brewing. The founders’ passion for experimentation and quality has led to a diverse portfolio of beers that often incorporate unconventional ingredients and techniques. This willingness to innovate has not only set Great Notion apart from other breweries but has also contributed to its rapid growth and success. In addition to their inventive beer offerings, the brewery places a strong emphasis on community engagement, regularly hosting events and collaborating with local businesses. This combination of creativity, quality, and community focus has solidified Great Notion’s reputation as a leading force in the craft beer scene.

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8. Toppling Goliath

Toppling Goliath Brewing Company

Global Average Rating: 4.142
Total Unique Beers: 172
Total Ratings: 2,018,862
Location: Decorah, IA
Brewery Style: Regional Brewery

Toppling Goliath Brewing Company, founded in 2009 by Clark and Barbara Lewey in Decorah, Iowa, has quickly ascended to prominence in the craft beer world. Renowned for its exceptional IPAs and barrel-aged stouts, Toppling Goliath has garnered a reputation for quality and innovation. The brewery’s flagship beer, Pseudo Sue, a single-hopped pale ale featuring Citra hops, has become a standout favorite among beer enthusiasts for its vibrant flavor and aromatic profile. Another highlight is the Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout, which has achieved near-legendary status for its rich, complex taste and limited availability, often considered one of the best beers in the world.

Toppling Goliath’s success can be attributed to its unwavering commitment to brewing excellence and its innovative approach to beer production. The brewery employs meticulous brewing techniques and high-quality ingredients, resulting in beers that consistently receive high ratings and awards. The expansion to a larger facility in 2018 allowed for increased production and a more immersive visitor experience, including a spacious taproom and brewery tours. Toppling Goliath’s dedication to creating exceptional beer, coupled with its active engagement with the craft beer community through events and collaborations, has solidified its status as a leader in the industry.

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9. Drekker Brewing Company

Drekker Brewing Company

Global Average Rating: 4.121
Total Unique Beers: 686
Total Ratings: 957,101
Location: Fargo, ND
Brewery Style: Regional Brewery

Drekker Brewing Company, founded in 2014 by Mark Bjornstad, Mason Montague, Darren Montague, and Breanna Carnes in Fargo, North Dakota, has rapidly gained recognition for its innovative and bold approach to brewing. The brewery is known for its eclectic and experimental beers, including New England IPAs, heavily fruited sours, and pastry stouts. Drekker’s commitment to creativity and quality has earned it a devoted following and numerous accolades. The brewery operates out of a historic building in downtown Fargo, known as Brewhalla, which offers a unique and inviting space for visitors to enjoy their diverse range of beers.

Drekker Brewing Company stands out in the craft beer scene due to its adventurous spirit and dedication to pushing the boundaries of traditional brewing. The founders’ passion for creating unique and flavorful beers is evident in every batch, with each release often featuring vibrant artwork and imaginative names that reflect the brewery’s playful and innovative ethos. Drekker’s emphasis on community engagement, including hosting events, collaborations, and supporting local causes, has helped to foster a strong sense of community around the brewery. This blend of inventive brewing, high-quality products, and community focus has solidified Drekker’s reputation as a dynamic and influential force in the craft beer industry.

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Green Cheek Beer Co.

Global Average Rating: 4.12
Total Unique Beers: 611
Total Ratings: 248,310
Location: Orange, CA
Brewery Style: Regional Brewery

Green Cheek Beer Co., established in 2017 by Evan Price and Brian Rauso in Orange, California, has quickly established itself as a standout in the Southern California craft beer scene. Known for its commitment to brewing a diverse range of high-quality beers, Green Cheek has gained acclaim for its IPAs, stouts, and lagers. The brewery’s approach combines traditional brewing techniques with modern creativity, resulting in beers that are both balanced and innovative. Green Cheek’s taproom, located in a vibrant neighborhood of Orange, provides a welcoming space for beer enthusiasts to enjoy their rotating selection of beers directly from the source.

Green Cheek Beer Co. distinguishes itself through its focus on quality ingredients, attention to detail in brewing, and a genuine passion for beer. Evan Price, a seasoned brewer with a background at award-winning breweries like Noble Ale Works, brings his expertise and inventive spirit to Green Cheek, resulting in consistently well-crafted beers that appeal to a wide range of palates. The brewery’s commitment to community engagement is also evident through various events and collaborations with local businesses and artists, fostering a sense of camaraderie among patrons and fellow brewers alike. Green Cheek’s combination of creativity, quality, and community involvement has positioned it as a respected and influential player in the competitive craft beer market of Southern California.


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