Beer Review: Cream on the Inside, Green on the Outside (Other Half Brewing Co.)

Beer Review: Cream on the Inside, Green on the Outside (Other Half Brewing Co.)

Cream on the Inside, Green on the Outside by Other Half Brewing Co.

Other Half

There’s one half…. and then there’s the Other Half….. (see what I did there?). And let me tell you, that Other Half, is some of the best beers that are wonderfully being distributed into Central PA finally. Its like a Christmas day everytime Breski’s gets their Other Half allotments. And Breski’s Beverage isn’t the only one to start getting them, their working their way around to some smaller shops and places too (like West Vault Connection in Hummelstown / Hershey, Brass Rail in Palmyra, The Fridge in Lancaster, and a few other places).

For those who don’t know, Other Half has been pumping out top notch New England IPAs for a long time now, and I mean – top notch.

Here is the Untappd statistics on Other Half:

  • Regional Brewery
  • Original Brewery location: Brooklyn, New York
  • Over 4.09Million check-ins with 256,984 being unique
  • 1309 unique beers
  • Global average rating of 4.23 (as of 11.16.21)

Untappd Description:

In 2014, Sam Richardson, Matt Monahan and Andrew Burman founded Other Half Brewing Company, a local brewery in New York City with a simple mission: to create beers that they wanted to drink from a company that they wanted to be a part of. Their vision was to build a passionate team that brewed great beers in the state of New York—done so with effort and thoughtfulness—to represent the “Other Half” of the industry. Today, Other Half craft beers in their Brooklyn brewery and are dedicated to collaborating with breweries both in New York as well as across the world in an effort to constantly move the industry forward while elevating the craft. The Other Half team believes that local breweries play an important role in their communities which is why they partner with these other likeminded brewers and brands in local nabes across the country and the world—but always return to their home state of New York and their Brooklyn taproom.

Untappd: Other Half

We’ve covered them in a few other beer reviews here on the blog (I’ll link them at the bottom for you to check out).

Beer Review

Cream on the Inside, Green on the Outside

Now that we know Other Half is amazing and makes some wonderful beers, lets get down to it and review this bad boy.

Beer: Cream on the Inside, Green on the Outside
Brewery: Other Half Brewing Co.
Style: IPA – Imperial / Double
ABV: 9.4%
IBU: None
Untappd Description: This beer is brewed with 2-row and 50% oats with a small hit of lactose for smoothness. We then furiously hopped it with Citra, Motueka, Riwaka and Galaxy hops at 8 lbs/bbl.

Not quite sure why this is just listed as IPA, because its hazy *AF* as the kids would say, and its very much a New England IPA. There’s very little hop bitterness, and its juicy, hazy, turbulent, and delicious. (Not that west coast IPAs aren’t delicious, but you get my understanding I believe.)

Ok, let’s break this down.

Aroma is bursting with hop flavors. As soon as you crack that can – WA-BAAAAAAM —- HOPS IN YO NOSE. Or something to that affect. But I mean, its a hop flavor and aroma punch right out the gate. You get a very juicy fruity hop nose as soon as you pour it. Its got a hoppy nose of lime, tropical fruit, passionfruit, and lemon.

Appearance is a lovely orange, very hazy, turbulent looking IPA (or New England IPA). Has a wonderful frothy foamy head with unique and varied bubbles. Excellent lacing on the glass as it pours down my gullet so easily. Just a beautiful hue all around to this brew.

Mmmhmmmm mmmhmmmm good. First sip down to the last is very good. No real sediment left at the bottom of the can either for that putrid “ugh what is this” crap that some New England IPAs can be famous for. You just get a very strong hop juiciness from this, with the ever so slightest bit of hop bitterness. It does have a little bit of ‘green’ to it, but its nothing exceptional or bad, or anything that will upset anyone. (Unless you are an adamant anti-IPA -ite, like anti-dentite). This is juicy, this is fruity, this is tropical, and this is so tasty. I get strong notes of lemon, tropical lime, passionfruit, peach, mango, some grapefruit (subtle, thank goodness for my particular tastebuds), some hop greenness, and a slight hop bite / bitterness. But all in all, this is just wonderful, its a well rounded, well crafted IPA. There is some lactose to ‘smooth’ out the edges, and it does that, but I dunno if it would even really be necessary (who knows, would be interesting to try a variant without it just to see). I could sit around all day drinking Other Half IPAs like this, but at 9.4% and with lactose (and also being lactose intolerant technically speaking), it would get to be a bit much. Other Half beers are fantastic, but I’m not sure they lend themselves to drinking pint after pint / can after after can of their IPAs due to the heaviness of the lactose, the New England style, etc. But I could damn well try and see. Had this with a friend who brought Sorbetto #40 by Ever Grain Brewing Co (I believe we will be seeing review of that beer shortly here on the blog… so be on the lookout…) and the sour of the one and the juiciness of this one really accompanied each other and made for a great two-banger.

My Untappd Rating: ****.5
Global Untappd Rating: 4.41 (as of 11.16.21)

I know Breski’s Beverage still has Other Half in their freezer, I say run, don’t walk… actually… drive… and not too fast, just right at the speed limit (don’t wanna be accused of telling people to break the law or anything) and get over there and pick some up. As of 8:30PM last night they had 4 packs and mix-a-six selections of their Other Half beers. So be sure to check them out.

Other Half on The Beer Thrillers

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