Beer Review: Intergalactic Warrior (Toppling Goliath Brewing Co.)

Beer Review: Intergalactic Warrior (Toppling Goliath Brewing Co.)

Intergalactic Warrior by Toppling Goliath Brewing Co.

The second of the three beers I had at the Gin Mill Monday night, and the second from Toppling Goliath I had while there. And neither one disappointed thats for sure.

You can read my King Sue review here: King Sue Beer Review.

But, did you guys vote yesterday? It was the general election. Not the big fancy Presidential Election that everyone always loves to vote in, but the general election. With some of the smaller “seemingly inconsequential” votes; but in actuality, the ones that probably matter the most to you on a local scale. These people have the responsibilities close to where you live and can determine and change and alter that laws of your very municipality. So in a lot of ways, the general election can matter more than the Presidential Election. Yet it gets a lot less press coverage and a lot less attention.

Well, anyway, I voted, and after getting home I continued my streak of a new beer each day so far in November. Sadly though it wasn’t anything special or fancy, it was a Redd’s Wicked Black Cherry that I found in the fridge from a party or something. Compared to some of the other Redd’s, it wasn’t actually too bad. But I’m still hitting my ‘at least 1 new beer a day in November’ challenge. And this post here continues my trend of a new blog post a day. So huzzah for goals!

Beer: Intergalactic Warrior
Brewery: Toppling Goliath Brewing Co.
Style: IPA – American
ABV: 6.2%
IBU: 70
Untappd Write-Up: Galaxy and Warrior hops join forces to create a beer with a bitter punch. Big body, bold flavor, with a boost of citrus rind and just a kick of spiciness in the finish, Intergalactic Warrior is an India Pale Ale worth fighting for.

Get it… Galaxy and Warrior hops… Intergalactic warrior…. ….Clever….

But joking aside, this is really a kick butt beer that may or may not be better than King Sue in my (humble?) opinion. Its not quite the same but its similar and they are both amazing beers so its hard to say which is ultimately better, but I do know I loved them both.

This looks similar to King Sue. It has a bright orange glow, straw color, its similar in appearance to that of orange juice. Though this isn’t considered a New England IPA (its listed as an IPA – American or ‘original IPA’) it has the appearance of one, hazy, dank, unfiltered. King Sue was listed as a Double New England IPA. And this does look very similar to King Sue. It has the same coloring, and it also has great carbonation as well and keeps and retains a very nice fluffy head that just makes this look even more delicious.

Intergalactic Warrior’s two main hops are Galaxy and Warrior, and they are fantastic hops and work incredibly well together. For a bit of information on them:

Galaxy Hops

Descended from German variety Perle, Galaxy® is a unique Australian breed of hops that has the distinction of sporting the highest percentage of essential oils in the industry.

It has an amazing citrus, peach and passionfruit aroma, especially when used as a late addition. The flavor is often quite intense upon production but mellows as it matures. Galaxy® enjoyed her first commercial production in 2009 after nine years of testing and quickly became popular both in Australia and overseas.

(Citation: Hopslist Galaxy Hops)

Warrior Hops:

Developed by Select Botanicals Group, proprietary American hop Warrior® is fast becoming a favorite, especially with US craft breweries. Among its desirable traits are its clean, smooth bittering and a somewhat inconspicuous citrusy and spicy aroma. Its pedigree is a unknown to the public. Dogfish Head Brewery employs Warrior in many of its brews, most notably in its 60 Minute IPA.

(Citation: Hopslist Warrior Hops)

You can see how these two hops work in tandem to make a great smelling and tasting IPA that is juicy and dank and delicious. The aroma on Intergalactic Warrior is phenomenal. You get the citrus, passionfruit, and pineapple right away, with underlying notes of spice and perhaps a faint whiff of peach. This all blends nicely into a tremendous hoppy smelling beer.

And it blends even better for tasting. You immediately get walloped with the hops, the citrus, the passionfruit, the juicyness, the aroma in the foam in your nose as you drink, it all straight up gets you. This drinks just as easily as the King Sue, so be careful. Though at least the ABV is a bit lesser on this, coming in at only 6.2%. There is also less bitterness to this (70 IBU compared to King Sue’s 100 IBU) and its got no real noticeable dryness that say King Sue had a little bit of (to balance itself). This is just much smoother, simpler, but so tasty and still with a complexity of flavors. Ranging from the passionfruit, pineapple, citrus, to little bit of peach in there. As you drink this down you get all the notes and you get all the flavors, and they all work so well together, and compliment and blend with each other so perfectly well. This is just an incredibly well made, well crafted, and delicious beer that is made so well. These are the kinds of beers that make you appreciate the craft, and the hard work brewers put in to perfect their craft, and this is what you point out to people who are just drinking the swill from Macro breweries like Bud, Coors, or Miller. You give them one glass of this and they’ll be hooked.

My Untappd Rating: ****.25
Global Untappd Rating: 4.08 (as of 11.6.19)

Nearly a week into November and I’m still hitting my marks, still doing a blog post a day. This also marks blog post #91 for the blog. Since starting in (middle / late May). I’m impressed with how far we’ve come and how the readers have been liking it and the work done so far. So if you do enjoy what we do here at The Beer Thrillers, please take the time to click follow and subscribe to get all of our posts so you can be updated immediately, make sure to click the like button on the blog posts you read and like (so we know which ones you guys like), and make sure to leave comments. That really lets us know what you guys think of our posts. You can tell us anything in there, even things you won’t tell your spouse, ha… we promise we won’t tell them.

Thanks for reading as always, and try to keep that liver at above 15%, it only regenerates if you have 10% of it left!

-B. Kline

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