Human Robot Expanding to Jenkintown

Human Robot Expanding to Jenkintown

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Finally the cat is out of the bag

And so it’s official now – the cat is finally out of the bag (proper) – Human Robot is expanding into Jenkintown. Today around 1PM Human Robot announced their expansion into Jenkintown via Facebook and other social medias.

We’ve been holding our mechanical breath waiting for today 11 22 21.The Sentient Androids are proud to announce to you the acquisition of @humanrobotjenkintown Look for The Haus to open 2 22 22🦾

humanrobot Facebook page


So its officially official now and the cat is out of the bag. Human Robot is expanding to Jenkintown. Jenkintown is about a 33 minute drive from their current location in Philadelphia. (North 5th Street to York Road.)

You can see that here on Google maps:

Google Maps – Human Robot (current location to new location)

It is great seeing breweries expanding and thriving, especially in these tough times. While the pandemic is over, there is still lots of factors that are rough for the industry right now (fluctuating costs of ingredients, foods, metals and aluminum for cans and other equipment), as well as staffing shortages and things like that.

So its great to see small breweries growing and expanding. Providing more for their communities and the communities giving back. We would like to congratulate Human Robot on their expansion and wish them the best of luck and can’t wait to come out and visit them on 2.22.22! Save the date!

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As always everyone, thanks for reading. Check out the giveaway and join in. And make sure to check out Human Robot. Also, check out our latest travel blog posts, they were a lot of fun!


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