Human Robot: The First Milk Tube Race in the World: USA vs. The World – Oktoberfest Invitational Beer Fest

Human Robot: The First Milk Tube Race in the World: USA vs. The World – Oktoberfest Invitational Beer Fest

Human Robot presents: “USA vs. The World” An Oktoberfest Celebration, including the World’s first Milk Tube Race


Ahhhh, its that time of the year again! Oktoberfest time! And many breweries across the country (and the world) are starting to do their big celebrations. Most being in September and October. Human Robot in Philadelphia Pennsylvania is doing their own unique take on an Oktoberfest on September 18th, 2021.

Obviously, most know Oktoberfest for Germany’s Oktoberfest, the largest in the world, or even Cincinnati’s Oktoberfest due to their strong German heritage and traditions. But, Human Robot wants to take that concept of Oktoberfest, and ramp it up, and throw in the Czech pouring tradition of the “milko” or “milk tube”, which has become the latest craze and fad in the craft beer industry.

The Milko aka Milk Tube

“Milktube” by Human Robot

So what exactly is the “milko” or the “milk tube” or the “milko pour”? Why does it look like a badly tapped keg and poured beer at a frat party? Pilsner Urquell has a wonderful article on their site / blog about the milko pour: “The History of the Milko Pour“. Its a one minute read, but very informative, I highly recommend checking it out and reading it (obviously after reading this…. or go there, read that, then come back here, either way.)

Quoting from their article:

Mlíko, which is the Czech word for ‘milk’, is one of the classic Pilsner Urquell pours. It’s probably unlike anything you’ve ever seen or tasted.
The Mlíko is a special treat. It’s not the kind of beer you’d order again and again while you’re at the pub with friends. In traditional Czech pubs in the 19th and early 20th centuries it was served as a dessert, or as an elegant drink for women who weren’t big beer drinkers. Sometimes the bartender would give a Mlíko as a nightcap after the bill was paid.

To pour a Mlíko, the Tapster opens the tap just slightly, letting the glass fill to the top with foam. Some of this foam settles, becoming beer – you get a full glass but you only pay for a half.

The History of the Milko Pour – Pilsner Urquell

It has certainly become the ‘in’ fad right now in the craft beer world. First, you had New England IPAs, then Milkshake IPAs and heavy fruited smoothies, then hard seltzers, now, its the milko pour!

Several breweries across Pennsylvania have latched onto it and started doing it. Most notably Human Robot. Breweries in PA did an article discussing the technique and some of the breweries that do it in PA, another notable brewery (and local to the blog here) is Wolf Brewing out of Mechanicsburg PA.

Human Robot

Human Robot has become notable for being one of the first breweries in the area and first in Pennsylvania to be doing the ‘milko pour’. So with all the popularity and the craze going on, it’s perfect timing to do their Oktoberfest Celebration, and to include the milk tube as a big part of the festivities.

Human Robot has been a premier brewery in the Philadelphia beer scene since their opening in 2019. Well known for their fantastic beers, wonderful brewery, and fantastic ownership and staff.

An Oktoberfest Celebration

Human Robot is celebrating their Oktoberfest on September 18th, 2021. Hopefully this will become an annual tradition. The press release for the event reads:

Human Robot is set to host the inaugural USA vs. The World Oktoberfest Invitational on Sept. 18th, 2021 at Sunflower Philly, featuring breweries from around the globe doing their best take on classic German styles of beer. The beer fest will feature the host brewery’s celebrated lagers as well as a Sitchfaß of Oktoberfest beer, which will be available in limited supply during the event in addition to elusive offerings from notable American & European breweries.

Live music will be provided by local favorites Snacktime Philly, Grave Bathers for metal-flair, and DJ The Touched spinning a twist on tradition with German house and metal. Not only will there be a sampling of some of the best lager beers made in the US and Europe, the event will feature friendly competitions including The World’s First Milk Tube Race

USA vs. the World offers FREE admission, though guests can attend and purchase beer tokens on a pay-as-you-go basis for $7 a piece. Discounted token packages plus limited edition Beer Steins can be purchased online ahead of the event and are available now at Food trucks will also be available pay-as-you-go with a diverse selection of tasty German culinary favorites to pair with all that great beer.

Breweries include: 2nd District, Bonn Place, Burial, Folksbier, Human Robot, The Seed, Threes, Von Trapp, Ettal Dunkel, Hofstetten’s Kuebelbier, Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Maerzen, Mythos Spezial Maerzenstyle plus more to be announced. Check Instagram for updates. 

Press Release for Human Robot’s Oktoberfest Celebration

This looks like an amazing event. Food trucks, milk tube race, breweries that are hard to get and all kinds of fun activities. What could be better? Add in that its Human Robot, so you know the event will go smoothly and be lots of fun, and will have amazing brews on hand. This definitely sounds like one event you don’t want to miss.

“We are stoked to have such a high calibur lineup of breweries joining us for our first Oktoberfest. Our friends in the industry are sending us incredible beer from all over the world – some new ones, some old favorites – and we can’t wait for everyone to come try them at Sunflower. Philly is a lager town and we want to keep that tradition going. We’ll have Tin Hoagie, Polotmovy, Czech 10 and our new Oktoberfest at USA vs. the World. We’ve got a mix of everything for you that day – oompa music plus metal, you know? You won’t want to miss it.”

Jake Atkinson (co-owner of Human Robot)

About Human Robot and this article

A word about this article – this is a sponsored article from Human Robot via House of Hobbs Brewery Marketing. The Beer Thrillers was contacted by House of Hobbs Brewery Marketing to do a press release for this event. The information provided above was given by the brewery through the marketing for the press release and for the purposes of this article.

For more information on Human Robot:

Established in 2019 by three industry veterans—Kenny Correll, Chris Roller, and Jake Atkinson – Human Robot brews both traditional European-style beers as well as experimental, flavor-bending, IPAs, stouts, and “splash” ales, with fruitful aromas, full mouthfeel, and tons of flavor. Human Robot is making waves in the Philadelphia beer scene and has been rated in the top-10 Pennsylvania breweries on Untapped. Human Robot, located at 1710 N. 5th Street in Philadelphia, PA, is a destination for day-drinking as well as lively night-time activity. Human Robot has also quickly become one of the most-frequented meeting spots for industry comradery. The brewery often collaborates with Sunflower Philly, a venue and park located across the street from the taproom, offering a large variety of bands throughout the summer months. Human Robot offers outdoor seating on its wooden deck, referred to as “the Pirate Ship” and is available for semi-private events.

About Human Robot – Press Release

For More Information:
INSTAGRAM @humanrobot 
1710 N. 5th St. Phila, PA 

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There is quite a few other celebrations in the area coming up. On October 2nd – Boneshire Brew Works is hosting their annual Pigtoberfest. Make sure you check that out, and on October 3rd – Rubber Soul Brewery is doing their “Year One Anniversary Bash“. Be sure to check that out as well.


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