Boneshire Brew Works 3rd Anniversary Celebration

Boneshire Brew Works 3rd Anniversary Celebration

The 3rd Anniversary Celebration banner on Boneshire Brew Work’s Facebook page

Its time to celebrate, its time to party! Its been a wonderful and amazing three years for Boneshire Brew Works; who are celebrating their rd Anniversary this weekend. Starting Friday and going into Saturday they are having a celebration to commemorate their three years of brewing.

It kicks off tonight (Thursday, 10.24.19) with a “run” and a firkin of their Tiramisu LazaRis from 5-9 with 1$ off drafts. This event sponsored by the Harrisburg Beer Runners is a preliminary kickoff to the weekend festivities. The patio will be all day and night today, Friday, and Saturday (weather permitting).

Alexis preparing to tap the Tiramisu LazaRIS firkin

The weather is supposed to be beautiful tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday, so take full advantage of the patio, and should be a beautiful night for a run up (and down) the hills. The patio is located directly in front of the Boneshire Brew Works storefront where the old parking spots were (don’t fear, there is still plenty of parking spaces to go around).

Boneshire’s new patio out front

There is several picnic areas, a large space to hang out and drink at, and cornhole set-up. There is also water dishes for dogs (or cats I suppose) and pets are welcome.

Boneshire Bew Works’ poster for their big celebration

As Boneshire Brew Works mentions and lists on their Facebook page, its been a busy week for them, with the celebration being the capper to the week. Their Facebook page listing shows events for the week as such:
* Monday: D and D with Hobert and Megan
* Tuesday: Brewery Bingo with Jared
* Wednesday: Trivia with Alexis
* Thursday: Happy Hour and Firkin
* Friday: 3rd Anniversary Kickoff with Music w/Jason Carst

Definitely sounds like a busy week, but just a normal week for Boneshire in some aspects. Its always been a busy brewery with lots of happenings and events and things to do, but its also just a fantastic place to sit back, relax, and hang out with friends (either indoors and / or now outdoors).

One of the key components of this celebration is the music. A few live music acts to help down those beers. And they are:
* Friday: Jason Carst – 7 – 9 PM
* Saturday: Nate Meyers & The Aces – 1 – 4 PM

All wonderful music acts and all definitely ones to check out.

Pumpkin LazaRIS

But lets talk about the beer. Thats what we all are really coming there for right? Well, they’ve been a bit tight-lipped about their special “one offs” and beer releases, but there has been a few rumors circulating.

The biggest leading rumors for beers on tap are LazaRIS themed. The big one being a pumpkin or pumpkin spice variant (that was released once before). There’s been several very popular variants of the LazaRIS over the years. All beloved by the Boneshire regulars (sometimes affectionately referred to as Boneheads); some of these variants were: coconut, chocolate, blood orange, vanilla, and many more.

Red Charlatan

Another rumor is the possible return of the fabled Red Charlatan. A definite must try and one of the best sours in the south Central PA area. If this is coming back, you can darn well bet I’ll be in line for that first thing.

Make sure to check out their Untappd page on your phone (or the desktop site as well; though I think its easier to do this on the mobile app) and select ‘alert all’ so you get all the updates on their tap list changes, as well as events coming up. This is a great way to keep up to date on what the current tap list is at the Boneshire Brewery.

Hopefully we’ll see you out, I know me and J. Doncevic will be there Friday, and possibly even Saturday after I get off of work I might stop in again. This is always a great weekend every year at Boneshire and a pleasure to be around so many craft beer loving enthusiasts in the area. Check out the Tiramisu firkin tonight and definitely try out whatever beers they put on tap tomorrow and Saturday, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Flight of various LazaRIS varients

So please make sure to stop out, enjoy your time, and have fun, drink responsibly, and make sure to tip your bartender. Jason, Alexis, Jared, Owen, Shawn, etc, all do a fabulous job. Make sure to give a tip of your hat to Alan for making the great beers, and seek out Carson and Alex as well as I’m sure they’ll be in the area. All do a wonderful and fantastic job at Boneshire Brew Works and all deserve lots of credit for all the hard work they do.

Cheers everyone!

-B. Kline

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