Round Guys Brewpub in Lansdale is Getting a Revamp

Round Guys Brewpub in Lansdale is Getting a Revamp

Round Guys Brewpub in Lansdale Pennsylvania (photo courtesy of Round Guys Brewing Company’s Facebook page)

Happy Thanksgiving

First off, let’s just jump in and dive in and say Happy Thanksgiving everyone. If you are American, you’ve probably been awoken to about a thousand e – mails from every company you’ve ever signed up with wishing you Happy Thanksgiving (…thanks Amazon …. thanks Target …. thanks K-Mart…. thanks Sears…)

Now that we got all that out of the way, while you are sitting around, watching the World Cup, or watching the parade, or getting food ready for your greedy family that is about to descend upon your household (remember, lock up the Trillium, the Tree House, the Other Half, the good beers… let them have the back of the fridge Hams and PBR’s), let’s get to discussing some craft beer news.

Round Guys Brewpub in Lansdale

Just 28 minutes ago (as of this writing), Round Guys Brewing Company’s Facebook page made this post about their brewpub in Lansdale Pennsylvania:

We want to thank everyone for showcasing the support, faith, and love of Round Guys, delicious local beer, and all things Lansdale that helped us grow into who we are today. We’re excited to share news of the changes coming to our pub that some of you may already know about.

Starting in January, Round Guys Brewing Company’s Brewpub will look a bit different than it does today. We’re joining forces with the same folks that brought you Butcher and Barkeep, and Northbound.

The new revamp is tentatively named “Round House.” At the end of the day, we took our pub experience as far as we could and opted to partner up w folks who can continue and surpass our mark.

Expect a facelift with some added seating in the coming months. Anticipate brilliant cocktails and delicious PA wine offerings. But most of all, know that the same beer you know, love and enjoy today will remain available on draft, in flights, and in 4 packs. All events remain in place, including Lansdale’s oldest running drag show, b/c the show MUST go on!

We built this link to help sherpa along our biggest fans to new updates and changes. Expect to see all news and any interviews be collected here. We can’t wait to show you what’s in the works!

Round Guys Brewing Company – Facebook Post

I foresee a lot of Family Guy style “Round House” (ala Road House) jokes coming in the near future.

Road House

From the above linked website, in their “About the Establishment” portion, they state:

Round Guys Brewing Company announces a new partnership with JGCE, LLC to create and manage a new brewpub experience in Lansdale, PA.

Round Guys Brewing Company opened its doors in 2012 as Lansdale’s First Craft Brewery. The 324 W. Main St. establishment housed the original 7 barrel brewhouse and eventually expanded to the full service pub that resides there today. Current brewing operations moved across the street to 315 Derstine Ave, in the former “Reporter” Building.

JGCE, LLC currently runs and manages two establishments: Butcher and Barkeep, and Northbound.

Round House – Lansdale – About the Establishment

About Round Guys Brewing Company

According to Untappd, Round Guys Brewing Company is a brewpub in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. As of 11.24.22 they have 476 unique beers and 85, 917 ratings with a global average unique rating of 3.53. Their Untappd description reads: “A brew Pub in Lansdale with tasting rooms in Glenside and a Live entertainment venue called The Underground”

Scott Rudich is co-owner, head brewer, and one of the nicest guys around. He runs what he calls the oldest drag show in Lansdale.

For more information on Round Guys Brewing Company, you can check out their following links:

Brewery News

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Thanks For Reading

Just want to again thank everyone for reading. Since its Thanksgiving and all I should say what all I am thankful right? How else would everyone know I am a grateful person? All jokes aside, I am thankful for all of you who come to the blog and check us out. Read our articles, click our links, watch our video game streams, podcasts, videos, and everything else you do here. You can continue to support us by liking our pages, subscribe to us, follow us, and share our posts on social media. It is really, really, really, really, really appreciated! (And doing all of that is free too!) There is also monetary ways you can support the page as well (check the following paragraphs to see how).

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Scott Rudich is a good guy that we’ve talked to over the years here with the blog, personally and through the blog, especially during COVID – 19 and everything that went on during the pandemic. Please get out to Lansdale and support Round Guys. They are high up on our list of places to get to now that Scarlet Emma is born and we will get back out to traveling a bit more. They greatly deserve your support and I hope you will make it an effort to get out and visit them.

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May your day be full of great food, great beer, good football, even better futbol and wonderful time with family and friends.

Cheers All!

-B. Kline

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