Today Is the Grand Opening of Forest and Main Brewing’s New Pub Location

Today Is the Grand Opening of Forest and Main Brewing’s New Pub Location

The new Forest and Main Brewing Company Pub location opens today in Ambler, PA.

Forest and Main Brewing Company Expanding

Forest and Main Brewing Company is expanding, adding a second location, this time a Pub location at 33 Butler Avenue in Ambler, Pennsylvania. They will be opening their doors to their brand new location today at 4PM. This is their first expansion, they are planning a second expansion as well (a third location) soon.

Forest and Main Pub

Their new pub location will be located at 33 Butler Avenue in Ambler, Pennsylvania. This was the sight of the former Ambler Skate Shop and Ambler Apparel. Its a smaller restaurant / bar type location (thus the name – “pub”). It looks down to earth and homie and cozy. Like small bed and breakfast or houses turned to restaurants in smaller towns (think of The Warwick Hotel in Hummelstown). It is about 1000 square feet in total restaurant space and can host 50 guests / customers.

Exterior of their new Pub location today – Forest and Main Brewing Company’s Pub location opens today at 4PM.

There is no kitchen, so it is a pub in the strictest sense. There is seating at a bar for up to 12 people. The bar area does have an impressive array of various taps (side pulls, cask, etc.), so it looks like you will get the full taproom experience at the pub location.

Forest and Main Brewing Company Expansion

Forest and Main aren’t done expanding yet. They have plans and are going to be expanding with a 15BBL brewing system in another location, making their second brewery location. This one, will be located just a short bit north of the Pub location; at 241 North Main Street, Ambler, Pennsylvania.

Forest and Main Brewing Company is known for their saisons, IPAs, and lagers. So these additional locations should better let them grow, showing off their unique style of beers and tasty creations. Stay up to date by checking out their social media pages.

Forest and Main Social Media

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