Michaux Brewing Company Grand Opening

Michaux Brewing Company Grand Opening

Michaux Brewing Company’s Grand Opening Dates

Michaux Brewing Company

If you have been keeping up on social media, particularly Facebook, you will have found out or already know, that Michaux Brewing Company is coming to Waynesboro and they have been working diligently to get themselves open and ready soon.

Well, they have finally announced their grand opening!

Michaux Brewing Company has been posting videos and pictures for over a year on their social media, and its now finally coming to a grand opening. I personally can’t wait to go on inside and check them out.

Location… Location… Location

Harrisburg PA to Michaux Brewing Company

As the map shows you above, they are located just above the Pennsylvania – Maryland line (the old Mason Dixon Line). The address is 11657 Buchanan Trail E. Waynesboro, PA, 17268. From Harrisburg Pennsylvania to the brewery its going to be roughly 1 hour and 9 minutes (give or take time of day, and exact location you are leaving from).

They are at the very bottom of the Michaux Forest.

Grand Opening

This Thursday – July 7th, they will be starting their grand opening weekend. As posted on their social media pages, their grand opening weekend is looking like this:

  • Thursday – July 7th – 4PM to 9PM
  • Friday – July 8th – 3PM to 10PM
  • Saturday – July 9th – 12PM to 10PM
  • Sunday – July 10th – 12PM to 8PM

Their Facebook post reads:

You’ve been waiting… we’ve been working. After 2 long years of planning and prepping, the time has finally come for us open our doors and welcome you into the taproom!


🍻The draught list will include 11 Michaux Brew Co beers!🍻

🍷We will also offer a cider from Big Hill Ciderworks, wine from Galen Glen Winery and Adams County Winery and a small cocktail menu!🍷

🍽The kitchen will be open!🍽


Michaux Brewing Company (Facebook)

Social Media Pages and More Information

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