Grand Opening: LoveDraft’s Brewing Company – August 7th, 2021

Grand Opening: LoveDraft’s Brewing Company – August 7th, 2021

LoveDraft’s Brewing Company’s Grand Opening is Tomorrow – August 7th, 20221 in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. (Photo courtesy of LoveDraft’s Brewing Company’s Facebook page.)

The Grand Opening

Its finally here! Tomorrow is the full, true, grand opening for LoveDraft’s Brewing Company! We’ve talked before on the blog of their soft opening, and their continued soft opening, and their “no kids allowedpolicy, and all the media and attention, and controversy that has ensued because of that. But, now its time to talk about their full grand opening.

We first broke the news that the Harrisburg downtown bar – JB LoveDraft’s Micropub – was going to be getting their own brewery back in October 20220. “Is JB LoveDraft’s Opening a Brewery?” And now its time for that realization to happen.

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Its time to get ready Mechanicsburg, because LoveDraft’s is going to be a lot different than a normal bar and a normal brewery on your block. Just take a look at their social media presence and you’ll understand.

Recently, LoveDraft’s got some nation wide attention with their “no kids allowed” policy post, which you can read about here: “NO KIDS ALLOWED“. They followed this all up with a list of their in-house rules, some of which are: everyone must be 21+, no politics, no religion, no sports, no wearing certain colors, be accepting of all people, and finally and most importantly “HAIL CTHULU.”

They are going into the old Quakerstate Lube off the Carlisle Pike. The address for the LoveDraft’s Brewery is 165 Gateway Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA.

The head brewer for LoveDraft’s will be Terry Hawbaker. The award winning former brewer for Pizza Boy. If you are from the Central PA area, you are most likely familiar with his work and his beers, and I’m sure you will be loving the beers he gets to make at LoveDraft’s.

The Venue

The venue is designed to be very similar to their bar in Harrisburg. They will be a big music presence in the area, and are working with the former production and agents from the Chameleon Club to book talents for their stage. Along with their rules policy, they will have a very eclectic and loud brand of music playing, with a much more adult theme to it than most other breweries and bars, especially in the area.

Their kitchen is going to be “Smokehouse” themed, ran by ShakeDown BBQ. They will specialize in BBQ, vegan and meat, and similar cuisine. Their Facebook page (under the MENU tab) currently has a code reader to let you see their full menu.

Grand Opening

The grand opening party / event kicks off at 5PM – tomorrow – August 7th, 2021. You can find their Facebook event page here: LoveDraft’s Grand Opening. It is looking to be a banger of a party!

Social Media Links and other Links

You can follow LoveDraft’s on the following social media outlets:

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Nearby breweries:

Can’t wait to get to see you guys out there at LoveDraft’s, listening to some killer tunes, eating amazing grub, and washing it down with Terry’s fantastic beers. Cheers all and Hail Cthulu!

-B. Kline

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