Is JB Lovedrafts Opening Their Own Brewery?

Is JB Lovedrafts Opening Their Own Brewery?

JB Lovedraft’s Micropub

Quick, short answer is – yes. Yes they are. On October 16th, they posted on BrewBound a job posting looking for an experienced brewmaster. You can find their job posting here: BrewBound – JB Lovedraft’s.

Their posting reads:

“Seeking experienced Brew Master/ Head Brewer for upcoming Brewery location in Central PA area. Competitive Salary. Full input on brewery installation, direction, and styles. Location near major shopping areas along heavy traffic routes. Installing 10-15 bbl system, with canning line. 

Brewery is to be an extension of an existing area franchise with a focus on live music, the addition of a distillery, and a smoke house restaurant concept.

Projected launch date May 2021.”

Other information included on the posting lists:

  • Posted date – October 16th, 2020
  • Job Title – Head Brewer/Brewmaster
  • Employment – Full Time
  • Company – JB Lovedrafts Brewing Co
  • Compensation / Salary – Not Specified
  • Location – Harrisburg, 17050
JB Lovedraft

On October 27th, they posted to their Facebook page “We’re growing” with a link to the above BrewBound job posting.

On the 28th, they posted the following (picture and text):

“Our tentacles are spreading #jb❤🍻

Lovedraft’s Brewing Co.

They haven’t outright specified where the location of the brewery will be, but it could be either their upcoming West Shore location, or it could be at their current location in Harrisburg. If I was a betting man, I would bet on it being the Mechanicsburg / West Shore location.

Their current location is at 225 N 2nd Street Harrisburg. Its a burger bar / music venue, and in recent history (pre-COVID but within the past year) they’ve ran into a few issues with the Harrisburg area on the loudness of their music. Their venue has been a wonderful music scene for the ‘misfits and outcasts’ for the ‘freaks and the geeks’ and for the ‘fringe aspects’. Their page lists their place as: “Beer, Burgers, Fries, Music, Nerds, Geeks, Freaks”.

They also have a portable food truck called the JB Lovedrafts Canteen.

Their Harrisburg location is all inclusive, celebrating people of all diverse backgrounds and cultures and ideas. It is one of the greater stops in Harrisburg and an area where everyone is welcomed. So it’s absolutely great to see them getting to expand and to even have their own brewery and brewing line. Will be something to keep your eye on and to look forward to. The job opening page says planned launch date May 2021. (Planned launch date and planned opening are two different things, and with most things, schedules can change, especially now with COVID and the pandemic and everything going on.)

So definitely put this on your calendars and keep an eye on their sites for more information.

JB Lovedrafts Micropub logo

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Thanks for reading everyone. Have a Happy (and safe) and Spooky Halloween!


-B. Kline

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