The Battle of the Beers (2022)

The Battle of the Beers (2022)

The Battle of the Beers

Our First Annual Battle of the Beers

Its the first annual, the inaugural “Battle of the Beers” here on The Beer Thrillers! Welcome all aboard for this fun new event. Similar to our Battle of the Breweries that we host in March every year, this will be a (march madness style) tournament involving 32 different flagship beers from 32 different breweries.

There’s only a few rules for each beer:

  • I have had to have had it at some point in my life
  • The beer has at least a 3 star rating on Untappd
  • Only one flagship beer per brewery
  • Everyone has fun

Who All is Involved?

Well I guess you will have to check in tomorrow and find out, won’t you? Hahaha. I can give a few sneak peaks though. Some hints like…. there is a lot of Central PA breweries in the list, but there is also some heavy hitters from across the nation (maybe even across the globe?), there will also be several easy to find flagship beers – ones you can easily pick up at Sheetz on your way home from work.

Ok, thats enough hints. Hopefully it got you wondering who all is involved.

Hows it Work

The start of each week will see the tournament posted in a blog article. It will have the voting block on the posted blog article, you click through the beers you like. The beer with the most votes each week will move on to the next round. Each round will consist of one week of votes. Its a straight linear 32 beer tournament, so it’ll go into rounds of “32” – “16” – “8” – “4” – “2” which will result in a winner!

The rounds will be:

  • Round of 32: July 1st – July 7th at 11:59PM (EST)
  • Round of 16: July 8th – July 14th at 11:59PM (EST)
  • Round of 8: July 15th – July 21st at 11:59PM (EST)
  • Round of 4: July 22nd – July 28th at 11:59PM (EST)
  • Round of 2: July 29th – August 4th at 11:59PM (EST)

Voting is simple, scroll through the tournament bracket and vote for the beers you want to win. They will be listed as heads up matches. You can vote once per day.

Check In Tomorrow

Check in tomorrow around 8AM to see the tournament bracket. Make sure to share on all of your favorite social media platforms the tournament, that way people can vote for their favorite flagship beers as well! Will be great to see who wins the inaugural “Battle of the Beers” here on The Beer Thrillers!

Thanks For Reading

Just like we did with our Battle of the Breweries this should be a fun little tournament to decide popular opinion (at least for in 2022) of what the favorite flagship beer is. Please check out the tournament to help vote, and follow us on our social media platforms.

We just hit 2,000 (2K) followers on Facebook! And we’re hovering right at 499 on Instagram. Hopefully we’ll hit 500 on the first day of July!

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Thanks for reading everyone!

Cheers All!

-B. Kline

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