The Battle of the Breweries (2022) – Full Recap

The Battle of the Breweries (2022) – Full Recap

The Battle of the Breweries (2022) – Bigger, Bolder, Badder – and the winner of the tournament – Von C Brewing


First thing’s first, lets get right to it and congratulate Von C Brewing for winning the tournament! It might only be the second tournament we’ve done, but its been the biggest, the boldest, and the baddest one we’ve run… and they absolutely nailed it!

They had some tough competition to go through too, so it was no easy breeze for them. Let’s take a look at who all they went through on their path to victory:

  • Round 1: Von C Brewing defeated Homaide Brewing (105 votes to 16)
  • Round 2: Von C Brewing defeated RAR Brewing (180 votes to 38)
  • Round 3: Von C Brewing defeated Dogfish Head Craft Brewery (239 votes to 74)
  • Round 4: Von C Brewing defeated Mad Chef Brewing (288 votes to 23)
  • Round 5: Von C Brewing defeated Human Robot Beer (332 votes to 29)

And then in the finals they defeated:

  • Axemann Brewery (429 votes)
  • Gearhouse Brewing (682 votes)
  • Bunnyman Brewing (3582 votes)

With a total of 3824 votes, Von C Brewing won first place in the tournament!

They went through a tournament defeating two top Maryland Breweries (Homaide and RAR Brewing), a craft beer legend from Delaware (Dogfish Head Craft Brewery), giants from Pennsylvania (Mad Chef Brewing and Human Robot), and then edged out two other great PA Breweries (Axemann Brewery and Gearhouse Brewing) and a Virginia Brewery (Bunnyman Brewing) in the finals.

So another “hip hip hooray” for Von C Brewing!

Second Place

Bunnyman Brewing is declared our second place brewery from the tournament (second most votes in the Finals Fatal Fourway). They had a heck of a tournament run themselves!

  • Round 1: Bunnyman Brewing defeated Logyard Brewing (108 votes to 29)
  • Round 2: Bunnyman Brewing defeated Midnight Run Brewing (135 votes to 62)
  • Round 3: Bunnyman Brewing defeated Cartel Brewing and Blending (172 votes to 43)
  • Round 4: Bunnyman Brewing defeated Pineknotter Brewing (528 votes to 189)
  • Round 5: Bunnyman Brewing defeated Rough Edges Brewing (2631 votes to 2479)

They came in second place in the finals fourway with 3582 votes. That is a wonderful showing, and as you can see, their fifth round was a challenge and hard fought battle just to get to the finals for them!

Third Place

Gearhouse Brewing Company from Chambersburg, PA came in as our third place brewery. They had a strong showing in the tournament as well. (Really, any brewery in the final four had a strong showing.) Their competition throughout the tournament was:

  • Round 1: Gearhouse Brewing defeated Wolf Brewing (80 votes to 35)
  • Round 2: Gearhouse Brewing defeated Wheatland Springs Farm and Brewery (75 votes to 27)
  • Round 3: Gearhouse Brewing defeated Hidden River Brewing (69 votes to 20)
  • Round 4: Gearhouse Brewing defeated Ever Grain Brewing (94 votes to 41)
  • Round 5: Gearhouse Brewing defeated Troegs Independent Craft Brewing (151 votes to 47)

Gearhouse Brewing received 682 votes in the finals to come in third place.

Fourth Place

Certainly not last, and with a strong hard showing for a small and fun brewery, Axemann Brewery. Just like the other three competitors in the finals, they outlasted 31 breweries in their conference, and a total of 124 non-finalist breweries (128 breweries competed this year). Axemann Brewery’s road to the finals went through:

  • Round 1: Axemann Brewery defeated Moo – Duck Brewery (120 votes to 85)
  • Round 2: Axemann Brewery defeated Jackie O’s Brewery (100 votes to 40)
  • Round 3: Axemann Brewery defeated Boneshire Brew Works (156 votes to 56)
  • Round 4: Axemann Brewery defeated Desperate Times Brewery (197 votes to 61)
  • Round 5: Axemann Brewery defeated 1787 Brewing (256 votes to 50)

Axemann Brewery received 429 votes in the finals for fourth place.

The Biggest, Boldest, Baddest Tournament

This was only our second tournament, but as I said, it was our biggest, boldest, and baddest one yet. Our first tournament saw 48 breweries compete for title of ‘The Battle of the Breweries’ and saw ‘The Isle of Que Brewing’ win our inaugural tournament. You can read the results of that tournament here: The Battle of the Breweries (2021) – And the Winner is….


I have just spent the better part of two hours doing Google searches and working on Canva to try make ‘championship banners’ (you wouldn’t believe how frustratingly difficult that all is!), and made up this little graphic for our tournament’s champions:

The Battle of the Breweries Champions

As you can tell… my ‘graphic’ skills aren’t the best, but I am working on it (and Amy will be head of the marketing and graphics department for the blog once she is done with her Walk MS season). So hopefully our graphics, images, logos, etc., will all get a lot better in the near future. But in the meantime enjoy what skillset I have and work with! (Hey, its still better than the stuff I did circa 2019 The Beer Thrillers!)


Congratulations to both of our champions – Von C Brewing (2022) and Isle of Que Brewing (2021). Who will win in 2023? Can’t wait to find out!

Result Links

I was going to break this post down to the level of “there was X amount of votes” per round and everything, but figured it was all mostly covered in previous articles, and only the most number based nerds would care anyway. But for those curious and interested in all of the results pages, you can view them here:

And finally:

Thanks For Reading

As always, thanks for visiting. Congratulations to all the breweries involved in the tournament – particularly those who made the final four, and especially our 2022 champion – Von C Brewing. Hope everyone had fun with the tournament. I had a blast running it. I’m already thinking about 2023’s and how to make it different and better!

Cheers Everyone!

-B. Kline

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