The Battle of the Breweries (2022) – Finals – Fatal Fourway

The Battle of the Breweries (2022) – Finals – Fatal Fourway

The Battle of the Breweries (2022) – Bigger, Bolder, Badder

The Finals

Well, we’re finally here! A month and some change later, and we’ve reached the finals of the this 128 brewery tournament, and it all comes down to this fatal four-way! Who will stand triumphant? Will it be the new brewery from Bellefonte – Axemann Brewery? Will it be the little Cinderella story from Fairfax Virginia that is Bunnyman Brewing? Or the older more established brewery that is Gearhouse Brewing from Chambersburg PA? Or last but not least, will it be milk tubing beloved brewery from Norristown PA – Von C Brewing?

You guys get to decide! It all comes down to this and you get to vote and decide! Last year there was over 7,000 votes in the finals – and that was just a Triple Threat! This year its been bumped up to a Fatal Four Way! Will we break last year’s vote total? Lets find out!

The Competitors

But first, a note on our competitors. Who all is fighting and duking it out to be named The Beer Thrillers ‘Battle of the Breweries 2022 Champion’?

Let’s meet our competitors before we get to the voting!

Axemann Brewery

Axemann Brewery’s Facebook cover photo

As per their Facebook page:

Axemann Brewery is a production brewery and Tap Room opening in the former Cerro Metal Factory in the Titan Energy Park in Bellefonte, PA. Located at: 2042 Axemann Road, Bellefonte, PA.
For their Facebook page – Axemann Brewery (Facebook).

As per their Untappd page:

Their description on Untappd is blank, but they do have 47 unique beers, with a global average rating of 3.66 (as of 4.8.22). They are listed as a microbrewery from Bellefonte, PA.
For their Untappd page – Axemann Brewery (Untappd).

Von C Brewing

Von C Brewing logo

As per their Facebook page:

Your favorite Norristown brewery. Located at 1210 Stanbridge Street, Suite 300 Norristown, PA 19401.
For their Facebook page: Von C Brewing (Facebook).

As per their Untappd page:

Like Axemann Brewery – Von C Brewing’s description is blank. But it does list them as a micro brewery from Norristown, PA with 29 unique beers and a total global average rating of 3.79 (as of 4.8.22).
For their Untappd Page: Von C Brewing (Untappd).

Gearhouse Brewing

Gearhouse Brewing Facebook cover photo

As per their Facebook page:

Indoor/Outdoor dining per state guidelines. No reservations. Kitchen closes prior to taproom closing. See menu for details. To-go beer available during all open hours. Located at 253 Grant Street, Chambersburg, PA.
For their Facebook page: Gearhouse Brewing (Facebook).

As per their Untappd page:

Their Untappd page description is also blank (seems to be a running theme). They are listed as a micro brewery from Chambersburg, PA. They are also credited with 237 unique beers with a global average rating of 3.7 (as of 4.8.22).
For their Untappd Page: Gearhouse Brewing (Untappd).

Bunnyman Brewing

Bunnyman Brewing logo

As per their Facebook page:

Follow along for updates, Urban Legends, Local Stories & Serious, Quality Beer! Located at 5583 Guinea Road, Fairfax, VA.
Bunnyman Brewing’s Facebok page: Bunnyman Brewing (Facebook).

As per their Untappd page:

Bunnyman Brewing, a micro brewery in the Fairfax/Burke Virginia area, crafts high-quality beers with an exciting rotation of unique variations. We invite you to come by, relax, have a beer, and tell some local stories and maybe even spot the legendary Bunnyman. Bring a friend though because you don’t ever want to drink alone. They are listed as a micro brewery from Fairfax, Virginia, with 73 unique beers and a global average rating of 3.68 (as of 4.8.22).
For their Untappd page: Bunnyman Brewing (Untappd).


Ok, we’ve now met our competitors, its time to vote! Remember – two things: 1) Voting ends at 4.15.22 at 11:59PM EST. And 2) You can vote daily. So be sure to bookmark this page so you can visit every day, and even more – be sure that you share it on all of your favorite social media platforms!

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Also, be sure to visit us at our Facebook group – The Beer Thrillers (Group) and leave comments and posts showing off your favorite brewery’s beers! Would be great to see people posting their beers and drinks and brews and drinking from the final four breweries!

And like I said, be sure to share! Be sure to share the post on all of the different social media platforms you use – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Discord, Untappd, Google Hangouts, Myspace, LinkTree, Snapchat, WhatsApp, OnlyFans, Chalk Boards, White Boards, Post Office Most Wanted Signs, Public Library Community Bulletin Boards, websites, Twitch, your old GeoCities site, Tumbler, Pintrest, Reddit, whatever and wherever you socialize. Let’s see if we can beat last year’s 7,000 vote total!

The Battle of the Breweries (2022) – Bigger, Bolder, Badder

Thanks For Reading

I will be doing some articles on each of the final four breweries during the week of the voting, so be on the lookout for those articles. Hopefully this will give anyone unfamiliar with the breweries a chance to read and learn about them and hopefully eventually get to visit these great breweries!

Hopefully everyone has fun with this light hearted and fun competition. Nothing is truly at stake, but just friendly competition amongst breweries. But please be sure to share this and invite your friends and family to vote. It should be a fun competition!

Cheers Everyone!

-B. Kline

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