March Madness (2022) – Bigger, Bolder, Badder

March Madness (2022) – Bigger, Bolder, Badder

March Madness 2022 – Bigger, Bolder, Badder

March Madness Links

(Updated April 7th, 9:30PM. Final Round of Voting.)



(Updated April 1st at 5:50 PM – for the conference finals.)



(Updated March 24th, 2022, at 5:45 PM)



(Updated March 16th, 2022 at 8:05 AM).



(Update: March 8th, 10:15AM EST)



(Quick Update: [March 1st, 9:30 AM EST] – Adding links to the individual first round voting pages.)

March Madness

Tomorrow is March 1st, and that means its the start of March Madness! Last year we (The Beer Thrillers) hosted our first March Madness – Battle of the Breweries – which was decided in a Triple Threat match; which pitted Isle of Que Brewing vs. Rubber Soul Brewing vs. Troegs Independent Craft Brewing, and in an upset – Isle of Que Brewing was victorious. (The Final Battle – Triple Threat) (The Winner of The Battle of the Breweries [2021] Is….)

This year we are going all out, and going bigger, bolder, and badder! We are doing four (4) conferences of thirty-two (32) breweries each! Which will culminate in a Fatal Four Way match this year! And keeping with the wrestling theme we used last year, we are naming each of the conferences in honor of the main event of this year’s WrestleMania (WrestleMania 38). So that means the conferences will be – BROCK LESNAR – ROMAIN REIGNS – RONDA ROUSEY – and CHARLOTTE FLAIR.

The Battle of the Breweries (2022)

To pull straight from last year’s March Madness post:

So how’s this going to work? Who all is invited? What all breweries are going to be in it? How many breweries? How’s voting going to work? Who decides whose in and whose out? Whats the seeding? Why is Rick such a jerk to Morty? Why is Jurassic Bark the saddest episode of Futurama ever? Why is it also B. Kline’s favorite episode? What does that say about him? Why is the sky blue?

Ok…. enough with the questions!

March Madness (2021)

Firstly, the only way for a brewery to be eligible for the Battle of Breweries… is quite simple – be a brewery that a member of The Beer Thrillers has visited in person. (Myself – B. Kline, J. Doncevic, Amy, or our other contributors – Drew, Andy, or Karl.) (All of the breweries this year have been personally visited by B. Kline.)

This isn’t an extensive or inclusive list that I have been to, but its just a sampling, and I did handpick and choose these 128 breweries out of all of the breweries I have been to. (There was some hard decisions to leave off the table.)

After the 128 breweries were picked, they were then randomly placed in each of the conferences. (Random number generator.) They were then assigned their positions in the conferences based on their overall Untappd rating (based on February 28th, 2022). In the case of some ties (3.89 and 3.89 or 3.7 and 3.7) I personally chose which order to place them (but keeping them numerically ordered).

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble…………

Ok, now that we know how our competitors were selected. Let’s see who all is competing for Champion of The Beer Thriller’s Battle of the Breweries (2022)!

BROCK LESNAR (Conference 1)

  1. Sapwood Brewing (4.12)
  2. Adroit Theory (4.06)
  3. Jackie O’s (4.03)
  4. Levante Brewing (3.98)
  5. Idiom Brewing (3.9)
  6. Brewery Fire (3.9)
  7. Ocelot Brewing (3.89)
  8. Bolero Snort (3.86)
  9. Moo-Duck Brewery (3.85)
  10. Boneshire Brew Works (3.83)
  11. Schaylor Brewing (3.81)
  12. St. Boniface (3.8)
  13. Hemauer Brewing (3.8)
  14. Twisted Bine Brewing Company (3.8)
  15. Three Beards Brewing (3.79)
  16. Cox Brewing Company (CBC) (3.75)
  17. Aldus Brewing (3.73)
  18. Three Heads Brewing (3.72)
  19. Isle of Que Brewing (3.71) (Returning Champion)
  20. Taft’s Brewhouse (3.71)
  21. Desperate Times Brewing (3.7)
  22. Snitz Creek Brewing Company (3.68)
  23. Harpers Ferry Brewing (3.68)
  24. Axemann Brewing (3.66)
  25. 1787 Brewing (3.65)
  26. Evil Genius (3.65)
  27. Dew Point Brewing Company (3.61)
  28. Roy Pitz Brewing (3.57)
  29. The Church Brew Works (3.56)
  30. Tall Tales Brewing Company (3.5)
  31. Battlefield Brew Works (3.36)
  32. Straub Brewing (3.31)

ROMAIN REIGNS (Conference 2)

  1. Aslin Brewing (4.1)
  2. Dewey Beer Company (4.09)
  3. Fourscore Beer Company (4.08)
  4. Human Robot (4.05)
  5. Burley Oak Brewing (4.04)
  6. RAR Brewing (4)
  7. Rotunda Brewing Company (3.94)
  8. Raney Cellars Brewing (3.9)
  9. Urban Artifact (3.89)
  10. Therapy Brewing Company (3.89)
  11. ShuBrew (3.86)
  12. Funk Brewing (3.85)
  13. Dogfish Head Brewing Company (3.84)
  14. Homaide Brewing (3.84)
  15. Rocket Frog Brewing (3.82)
  16. Little Fish Brewing (3.81)
  17. LoveDraft’s Brewing (3.81)
  18. Mad Chef Brewing (3.8)
  19. Von C Brewing Company (3.79)
  20. Tattered Flag (3.79)
  21. Liquid Noise (3.79)
  22. Levity Brewing Company (3.76)
  23. Hell in a Bucket (3.76)
  24. Cape May Brewing (3.73)
  25. Bullfrog Brewery (3.72)
  26. Chatty Monks (3.71)
  27. Benny Brewing Company (3.69)
  28. Attaboy Beer Company (3.68)
  29. Chilly Water Brewing Company (3.66)
  30. Sly Fox Brewing Company (3.55)
  31. Valhalla Brewing (3.54)
  32. Appalachian Brewing Company (3.53)

RONDA ROUSEY (Conference 3)

  1. Hidden River Brewing (4.11)
  2. Cushwa Brewing (4.1)
  3. Wheatland Springs Farm and Brewery (4.03)
  4. South County Brewing (4)
  5. New Trail Brewing (3.99)
  6. Loakal Branch (3.99)
  7. Ever Grain Brewing (3.98)
  8. Gusto Brewing (3.92)
  9. Wolf Brewing (3.91)
  10. Collusion Tap Works (3.89)
  11. Yellow Bridge Brewing (3.88)
  12. Pour Man’s Brewing (3.88)
  13. Black Flag Brewing (3.87)
  14. Pizza Boy Brewing (3.87)
  15. Mellow Mink (3.87)
  16. Breaker Brewing (3.85)
  17. Wolf’s Ridge (3.84)
  18. Wrong Crowd Brewing (3.83)
  19. Allusion Brewing Company (3.83)
  20. Troegs Independent Craft Brewing (3.79)
  21. Juniata Brewing Company (3.79)
  22. Sun King Brewery (3.72)
  23. Punch Buggy Brewing (3.72)
  24. Gearhouse Brewing (3.7)
  25. Abolitionist Ale Works (3.7)
  26. Stumblin’ Monkey (3.7)
  27. Rusty Rail Brewing (3.69)
  28. Jackass Brewing (3.69)
  29. Jailbreak Brewing (3.68)
  30. Beltway Brewing (3.65)
  31. Ministry of Brewing (3.65)
  32. Black Forest Brewing (3.63)

CHARLOTTE FLAIR (Conference 4)

  1. Cinderlands (3.93)
  2. Pineknotter Brewing (3.92)
  3. Midnight Run (3.89)
  4. Cartel Brewing and Blending (3.89)
  5. Rough Edges Brewing (3.85)
  6. Shy Bear Brewing (3.83)
  7. Crooked Run Fermentation (3.8)
  8. Hysteria Brewing (3.8)
  9. The Alementary (3.79)
  10. Logyard Brewing (3.78)
  11. J.J. Ratigan (3.77)
  12. Swiftwater Brewing (3.77)
  13. Rubber Soul Brewing Company (3.76)
  14. Braxton Brewing Company (3.75)
  15. Molly Pitcher (3.75)
  16. Bog Turtle Brewing (3.74)
  17. Columbia Kettle Works (3.71)
  18. Spring House (3.71)
  19. Saucony Creek (3.7)
  20. Slate Farm and Brewery (3.7)
  21. Robin Hood Brewing (3.69)
  22. Zero Day Brewing (3.69)
  23. Bunnyman Brewing (3.69)
  24. Turkey Hill Brewing (3.67)
  25. Braeloch Brewing (3.67)
  26. The Englewood (3.65)
  27. Mustang Sally’s Brewing (3.65)
  28. River Horse Brewing Company (3.64)
  29. Fat Bat Brewing (3.62)
  30. Morgantown Brewing Company (3.61)
  31. Moerlein Lager House (3.59
  32. Two Deep Brewing Company (3.59)


Each day you will be able to come to the site to make your votes in the polls. It will be set-up by IPS, so it limits you to voting just once per day per vote. You can vote as many times as you want per round, but only once per day.

Following each round, I will update the brackets and post them and make up the new polls for voting. Round one begins on March 1st, 2021 and will last until March 7th at Midnight, when it will then become the next round.

I suggest helping your breweries out and sharing the poll pages so that as many of your friends and brewery lovers can vote as well. Good luck to all of the competitors… err… breweries!

As always, please like us and follow us here and on our social media pages to stay up to date on The Beer Thrillers. We have plenty of content to check out, so be sure to stop by often to see what we have coming out. Beer reviews, brewery reviews, travelogues, events, news, and more!

The brackets will be posted in four separate articles / posts (one for each conference). They will be up around 8 – 9AM. Each week’s voting will be ending at Midnight. The final round will pit the winner of the BROCK LESNAR conference versus the winner of the ROMAIN REIGNS conference versus the winner of the RONDA ROUSEY conference versus the winner of the CHARLOTTE FLAIR conference; with one winner emerging victorious…. to be crowned Champion of THE BATTLE OF THE BREWERIES 2022!

(I will update this post, and put the first round of brackets at the top of the article when they go live tomorrow morning.)

March Madness – The Battle of the Breweries 2021

For last year’s links, you can visit them here:

Thanks For Reading

Hopefully everyone has fun with this light hearted and fun competition. Nothing is truly at stake, but just friendly competition amongst breweries. But please be sure to share this and invite your friends and family to vote. It should be a fun competition!

Cheers Everyone!

-B. Kline

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