The Battle of the Breweries (2022) – Charlotte Flair Conference (Round 3 Results)

The Battle of the Breweries (2022) – Charlotte Flair Conference (Round 3 Results)

The Battle of the Breweries (2022) – Bigger, Bolder, Badder

The third round is officially over and we have the results for you. For each conference each week I will be posting the results first, and then doing the next week’s voting post. We have four conferences – BROCK LESNAR, ROMAN REIGNS, RONDA ROUSEY, and CHARLOTTE FLAIR. (I will be posting a results post for each conference today, followed by a voting page for each conference today.) (For more information on the tournament as a whole – please see this page: March Madness (2022) – The Battle of the Breweries – The Beer Thrillers Way.)

This post will break down the individual results from the third round, and any particular interesting factoids that I find worth posting.

To see the voting page for the Charlotte Flair conference third round click here: The Battle of the Breweries (2022) – Charlotte Flair Conference (Round 3).

For the results of the Charlotte Flair Conference:


(2) Pineknotter Brewing (144 votes) defeated (27) Mustang Sally Brewing (111 votes)

(23) Bunnyman Brewing (172 votes) defeated (4) Cartel Brewing and Blending (43 votes)

(5) Rough Edges Brewing (119 votes) defeated (16) Bog Turtle Brewery (68 votes)

(13) Rubber Soul Brewing (136 votes) defeated (7) Crooked Run Fermentation (102 votes)


  • Going into the final day of voting both Mustang Sally Brewing and Crooked Run Fermentation were leading by a decently fair margin, to both stay stagnate and allow Pineknotter and Rubber Soul Brewing to come from behind and surpass them.
  • With Bog Turtle Brewery’s defeat there are no more Maryland breweries left in the tournament.
  • With Mustang Sally and Crooked Run Fermentation losing, that leaves Bunnyman Brewing as the only Virginia brewery left in the tournament.
  • In fact, Bunnyman Brewing is the only non-Pennsylvania brewery left in the entire tournament.
  • Bunnyman Brewing had the most votes this round with 172 votes.
  • Bunnyman Brewing also had the largest margin of victory with 129 votes.
  • Upset victories:
    • (23) Bunnyman Brewing defeating (4) Cartel Brewing and Blending
    • (13) Rubber Soul Brewing defeating (7) Crooked Run Fermentation

Round 4

Round four begins now (the voting post will be up shortly). The two match-ups for this round are:

  • (2) Pineknotter Brewing vs. (23) Bunnyman Brewing
  • (5) Rough Edges Brewing vs. (13) Rubber Soul Brewing


Please make sure you continue to vote in the March Madness styled bracket – The Battle of the Breweries. Today starts the next week of voting (round 4), and will run until March 31st at 11:59 PM EST.

For more information (and a complete list of links) visit our main article on the tournament here: March Madness (2022) – Bigger, Bolder, Badder.

The Battle of the Breweries 2022

Thanks For Reading

Hopefully everyone has fun with this light hearted and fun competition. Nothing is truly at stake, but just friendly competition amongst breweries. But please be sure to share this and invite your friends and family to vote. It should be a fun competition!

Cheers Everyone!

-B. Kline

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