Macklin Brewing Company In Development

Macklin Brewing Company In Development

Macklin Brewing Company’s current cover photo on Facebook

Macklin Brewing Company

There’s a new brewery in development and its coming to Seaford Delaware, and if you couldn’t guess by the title of this article…. its Macklin Brewing Company. Spearheaded by Michael Salter, former co – owner and brewer from The Isle of Que Brewing in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. (You might remember them as our first winner back in 2021 of our annual ‘The Battle of the Breweries’.)

You can find some articles we’ve included about The Isle of Que Brewing here:

Michael Salter recently reached out to me to let me know that he is in the process of starting their new brewery up and looking to get some followship on the social medias. He’s been a great guy and a terrific follower of the blog so I jumped to help him out. Funnily enough also, he recently came into the casino and I ended up dealing to him while running relief for blackjack. (I unfortunately beat the poor man up on the game while dealing. But hey, at least he did look good sporting his Pineknotter Brewery cap.)

Selinsgrove to Seaford

Selinsgrove PA to Seaford DE

Interested in the travel from Selinsgrove (Pennsylvania) to Seaford (Delaware) and wondering how long it would take? Well, right at this moment, Google Maps says it would take just about four hours. So it would be a little hike, but luckily there is also a lot of great breweries in Delaware, so going to Delaware will be well worth your trip. Plus there is a great tax break when shopping there, and oh yea, there’s these things called beaches in Delaware, so thats not bad either.

From the Harrisburg / Hummelstown / Hershey area (where we here at The Beer Thrillers) are located – it would be around a 3 hour and 5 minute drive. So Mr. Salter will certainly get a visit from us in the future when they open up.

Follow Macklin Brewing Company

So please be sure to follow Macklin Brewing Company on the social media platforms available. You can find them on Facebook, here: Macklin Brewing Company (Official Facebook page). They currently do not have an Instagram, Twitter, or Untappd page, but will in the near future I’m sure. Same with official website yet, thats also in the works. You can contact them through e – mail here:

For more information, their Facebook page lists this as their description:

The Macklin Brewing Company is a brewery in development. Soon to be located in Seaford, Delaware. A place for great hand crafted beer, food, live music and a place for the community to get together with friends and to welcome visitors to this great city.

So Be Sure To Give Them a Like and a Follow

Be sure to give them a like and follow on Facebook. They deserve it, and it’ll keep you updated and in the know for when they get more going. They are currently at 744 followers. Lets see if they can crack 800 by the end of June and 1000 by the end of July. One more time, their Facebook page is: Macklin Brewing Company (Official Facebook page). So go on, click the link, go over there, click follow, and then come back here and check out the blog. They’ll appreciate it and so will we! Win win!

Thanks For Reading

Thank you for reading everyone. June is wrapping up and we’ll soon be in July. We are looking to be doing a new ‘battle’ in July. Similar to our Battle of the Breweries we do in March (and spills over into April), we will be doing a “Battle of the Beers”, where its breweries specific flagship beers, and it’ll be a tournament similar to the March Madness style one we already do (The Battle of the Breweries). More information on this will be coming to the blog and our social medias shortly.

We are also working on a lot of stuff behind the scenes here. Hopefully a new page layout soon, as well as full in – depth Author pages for each of our writers and with bios and stuff and more. We also have a long list of articles in draft stage that will be posting shortly. So there is always plenty to be see and read here on The Beer Thrillers!

And on that note, my friends Ming and Don are just about here, and we’re going to be heading out to Jim Thorpe where I’m sure we’ll be hitting a few breweries (I can always con and guilt them into a few). I’ll be sure to report back on them! Last night Amy and I were at Three Beards Brewing / Spyglass Ridge Winery for the George Thorogood and Destroyers (and Foghat) concert. So we are always on the move here, so be sure to check in with us and stay up to date on our social medias!

Cheers all!

-B. Kline

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