A Road Trip To Rickett’s Glen

A Road Trip To Rickett’s Glen

A waterfall at Rickett’s Glen State Park.

As I did last summer when I took my daughter’s on a road trip across Pennsylvania (from Hummelstown up to Elk Country, to Kinzua Bridge, down to Pittsburgh, to Bushy Run, and then back home), which I covered (slightly) here on the blog, I will be doing the same tomorrow – when I take a road trip with my friend Ming up to Rickett’s Glen State Park to hike and check out the waterfalls.

We will be making a few stops along the way, and seeing a few different breweries, but not a whole lot, and due to the coronavirus / COVID-19, practices and things will be a lot different. There won’t be any brewery tours, and there won’t be as much to do, just outdoor seating. So it will certainly be interesting.

We’re also not sure yet what all breweries we are going to be visiting. (So if you have any suggestions, be sure to list them here in the comments section).

Some breweries we are looking to stop at are:

  • Selinsgrove Brewing (if open)
  • Jackass Brewery
  • Isle of Que Brewing
  • Eclipse Craft Brewing
  • Old Forge Brewing
  • Turkey Hill Brewing

And if we stray the area a bit, and go into Williamsport area we might check out New Trail Brewing. But we’ll see; the main reason for the trip is the park and the hike, so the breweries are secondary, and with it being a Sunday (and due to the current ongoing crisis) most places will have limited hours (many closing by 6PM), so we’ll see.

Fingers crossed for beautiful weather and a lovely day, and to check out some nice places and drink some good cold beer. Today, I am meeting my sister and her son at Colonel Denning (taking my daughters with). Not a whole lot brewery wise in the area, but maybe we’ll stop somewhere on the way home, who knows. Trying to get some things in, as it looks like June 19th I might be going back to work (Dauphin county goes ‘green’ on June 19th). So looks like my furlough will soon be up; meaning its time to get everything done quickly!

Cheers everyone, and stay tuned after tomorrow to see what’s up and what we got done! Make sure to check in and see!

-B. Kline

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