The Trip: Day 3 Recap

Stone Bridge Brewing at Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Day three was our last and final day of the trip and we packed as much into it all as we could. Starting off with the morning, going to Bushy Run, checking out the battlefield, the visitor center, the encampment, and watching the Reenactment of the Battle at Bushy Run (1763; making this the 256th Anniversary) at 1:30.

After this we went to the Alleghany Portage and Railroad Museum, from there we traveled to the Johnstown Flood Memorial, and down into the town of Johnstown, where we stopped at our first brewery of the day – Stone Bridge Brewing.

A nice little small brewery in the back corner of the town that I have to feel doesn’t get too much traffic, but had some really excellent beers (and a very interesting Sour Brown Ale).

From there, we traveled to the Staple Bend Tunnel Trail and from there made our way to pay respects to the Flight 93 Memorial.

After this we hit the last brewery of our trip, Olde Bedford Brewing in Bedford, PA.

Olde Bedford Brewing in Bedford Pennsylvania.

A fantastic little brewery with a great flight of beers, and a wonderful (very sweet) root beer that my daughters absolutely loved. A great friendly staff of two beautiful bartenders served us, and we were then on our way for a two hour (and twenty minute) drive back home.

It was a fun trip through Elk Country, Kinzua Bridge, (Clarion), Pittsburgh, Bushy Run, Johnstown, and Sommerset. The girls and I had a blast and all of the breweries we stopped at were top notch.

As a recap of the breweries, we visited:

– Straub Brewing
– Logyard Brewing
– Twisted Vine Beverages
– (We missed out on Clarion River Brewing)

– ShuBrew
– Cinderlands Beer Co.
– The Church Brew Works
– Yellow Bridge Brewing

– Stone Bridge Brewing
– Olde Bedford Brewing Co.

More detailed reports of the trips will be forthcoming, as well as individual brewery reviews of the 9 breweries we hit. (As well as the Moo-Funk Homebrew Competition, Ffej of July, Moo-Duck flight, Fuzzy Nudge review, Naked Elf Review, and so much more in the coming days! Sorry for the backlog but now that the trip is over, there will be plenty of time to write up lots of great beer content and articles for you all!)


-B. Kline

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