The Trip: Day 2 Recap

ShuBrew outside of Pittsburgh in Zelionople

Up bright early to leave Clarion as intrepid explorers on a mission. Started the morning hiking the McConnell’s Mill Creek paths as well as checking out the Grist Mill and Covered Bridge there, as well as the Kiddoo Falls. From there, the first stop as far as breweries go, occurred in a small borough outside of Pittsburgh called Zelionople. Here we stopped at ShuBrew, enjoyed a large ice cream sandwhich and a flight. Then we moved on.

We next traversed Fort Pitt and used the Duquesne Icline to go up to Mount Washington and back down, getting caught in a brief thunderstorm before checking out two breweries in quick succession.

First, was Cinderlands Beer Co.

Cinderlands Beer Warehouse in Pittsburgh

Beautiful place, and absolutely packed (5:30 on a Friday afterall). Sadly, I am neither millenial/hipster enough nor beautiful enough myself to stay in a place like this with so many gorgeous people for too long.

The Church Brew Works in Pittsburgh

So from there, we went to The Church Brew Works, which is a stunning brewery, notable because it is a former church that has been turned into a brewery.

This is an altar I can get behind

After discovering these two great breweries we traversed Pittsburgh, checking out St. Anthony’s Chapel, Forbes Field (Outfield Wall still standing) and the Mary Schenley Plaza and the Memorial Fountain.

Our last stop, was right down the road from our motel, in Delmont.

Live music in Yellow Bridge of Delmont

Standing room only when we first got there (930 at night), Yellow Bridge Brewing was packed. Live music draws them in Delmont right off the highway… that… and the absolutely fantastic beers. After enjoying a pizza and a few beers, we traveled two minutes down the road to our motel and promptly crashed.

Now for day 3 to start, which will bring us to Bushy Run Battlefield, Johnstown Dam Memorial, Allegheny Portage, and Flight 93 Memorial, as well as the breweries Stone Bridge Brewing and Olde Bedford Brewery.

-B. Kline

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