The Trip: Day 1 Recap

Straub Brewery (St. Mary’s PA)

This is going to be a very quick recap of Day 1 of the trip. Sorry I’m not getting to write a full comprehensive post detailing the breweries, but I will be writing up a review of each brewery in due time. Internet is spotty and trying to get this done, plus, doing a vacation trip with three girls all under the age of 12 by myself, doesn’t leave much time for writing up blog posts.

So suffice to say, here’s the quick Day 1 Recap:

Started off going to Elk Country Visitor Center (saw no elk, but did see a chipmunk), then we stopped at Straub Brewery. From there we went to Kinzua Bridge. After Kinzua Bridge we went into the town of Kane and hit the brewery of Logyard.

Logyard Brewering in Kane

Much to my astonishment there was a brewery right next door, Twisted Vine Beverages, so we stopped there as well. (It was literally two buildings over in a row of buildings that all pretty much connected.)

Twisted Vine Beverages from Kane

We then drove to Clarion River Brewing (which is two minutes from the Motel 6 in Clarion that we are spending the night in). Unfortunately, the websites I used for information on the brewery listed the closing time as 10PM but when we got there at 9:40PM the brewery was closed (lady inside putting the chairs on the table, though there was still people at the bar, the doors were locked). So we missed out on Clarion River Brewing, but did get an extra 40 minutes in the luxurious Motel 6 of Clarion…..

Now onto Day 2 of our trip which will begin at McConnell’s Mill Creek and work our way into Pittsburgh before finding us going towards Bushy Run for day 3!

-B. Kline

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