Aslin Beer Company Confirms Their Expanding Into Pittsburgh

Aslin Beer Company Confirms Their Expanding Into Pittsburgh

Picture collage from Aslin Beer Company’s Facebook post today

And We Have Confirmation

As we posted yesterday – Aslin Beer Company Expanding to Pittsburgh – Aslin Beer Company hinted in their Instagram post about moving in at 1800 Smallman Street Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Today, 9.14.21, they posted a Facebook update that provided definitive information, and confirmed that they are indeed moving into Pittsburgh.

Aslin Beer Company’s Facebook Post

As posted on their Facebook page this morning around 9AM, Aslin Beer Company confirmed they are moving into Pittsburgh with the following Facebook post:

📣📣PGH YOU READY FOR US?! 📣📣Coming Summer 2022: Aslin’s Pittsburgh taproom & brewhouse will be located in the Strip District’s Terminal building, as part of it’s full-scale revitalization. This new space will be the hub for research and development unique to Pittsburgh. A 10-barrel brewhouse, lagering tanks, open fermenters & fouders will support new brewing processes, techniques & ingredient choices. The space will also include a 7,000 sqft taproom, second floor mezzanine, outdoor patio and cafe..

We’ll be partnering with local business @scratchco_pgh, a community-oriented restaurant that supports farmers and producers, collaborates with nonprofits & maintains a firm commitment to sustainability and equity.

Founder of Scratch & Co. Don Mahaney adds, “We are very excited to showcase the best of our region’s farms and producers on the Aslin Pittsburgh menu.”

All good things.

Stay on the lookout for more updates!.

We’re stoked to share our beer with guests and collaborate with some of the country’s best brewers who call Pittsburgh home!…


Aslin Beer Company’s Facebook Post

New Process of Brewery Expansion?

Looks like we’re seeing what will be the future of brewery expansion, at least here in Pennsylvania. Breweries able to ship and distribute their beers and merchandise, can use this as a way to gauge interest and to project and predict growth of their companies. If their shipping sales do well, and for an extended period of time, and if there seems to be legitimate interest in the area, and good real estate for such a move, they could then proceed to move and expand.

I foresee this becoming a trend with breweries who have gotten the ability to expand into Pennsylvania, and other areas, as well as breweries in general, using this as a trend and ability to do some market research before putting their resources into a possible expansion that could fail or backfire. Sadly, we’ve seen in the past breweries attempt to expand too much and it costing them dearly, not just in terms of the new location, but even their business as a whole.

It will be interesting to see if this becomes a trend for future breweries or not.

Looking Forward to the Future

We are certainly looking forward to the future of Aslin Beer Company in Pittsburgh, as well as their beers in general. They have always been a well received, and well liked brewery here at The Beer Thrillers HeadQuarters, and we can’t wait to make a trip out to Pittsburgh to get to visit them.

Also, today, Tattered Flag has announced for certain that their Lancaster Barrel House location will be opening Friday – September 17th. We will be posting more information about this shortly.

Additional Information and Links

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