Aslin Beer Co. Coming to Pittsburgh

Aslin Beer Company’s Instagram Post Today – 9.13.21

Looks Like Aslin is Moving into Pittsburgh, PA

Well, for all intents and purposes, it looks like Aslin Beer Company is moving into Pittsburgh. They posted the above image to their Instagram page (Aslin Beer Co. Instagram) earlier today, with the caption that shows a pin and says “1800 Smallman St” with the “looking” eyes emoji.

After this was posted, and then re-posted, and then re-posted, and again re-posted, in several Facebook groups, and online message boards, several “people in the know”, stated how “finally the cat is out of the bag”. So it looks like, without saying it, their saying it. And it seems to be happening.

1800 Smallman Street, Pittsburgh, PA

Sorry for the quality of the pics, but Google Maps was giving some trouble in screenshotting. But these give you an idea of the map and area of Pittsburgh where Aslin hinted at in their Instagram post.

According to the Google Maps street view, its down the street from The Church Brew Works, and it looks to be close to Insurrection Ale Works Tap Room. (In the first pic, screen shotted from the mobile Google Maps app, the beer mug is the Insurection Ale Works Tap Room, and the red pin is 1800 Smallman Street.)

Pittsburgh is home to numerous breweries, including mentioned Church Brew Works, Insurrection Ale Works, as well as Brewery Gentleman, ShuBrew, Penn Brewery, Cinderlands, Dancing Gnome, Couch Brewery, Hitchhiker, Grist House, and many more.

So this will certainly be a wonderful addition to the brewery scene in Pittsburgh. Ryan Galiotto commented about the “cat being out of the bag” now today about Aslin expanding into Pittsburgh, and pointed out that they are a part of the ‘Drink the Table’ brewfest in Pittsburgh on November 6th. Ryan is the founder and head of Fueled by Hops LLC and community.

News About the Brewery

There has been no word yet on the construction or anything more substantial than this Instagram post and the comments made by several people. So timescale on construction, opening dates, or anything more than that. But when news becomes available, we’ll be posting it here, so be on the look out.

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