Shy Bear is Expanding With Two New Locations – Altoona and Hershey Pennsylvania

Shy Bear is Expanding With Two New Locations – Altoona and Hershey Pennsylvania

Shy Bear Brewing is Expanding to Two New Future Locations

Shy Bear Brewing is Expanding

Some great news today got posted on the interwebs! (Something that is actually a bit shocking for the internet most days.) One of our (and hopefully one of your) favorite breweries is expanding with two new locations – and is coming even closer for us! Shy Bear Brewing announced on Facebook and Instagram that they are expanding to two new locations – Altoona Pennsylvania and Hershey Pennsylvania.

Shy Bear is a micro brewery currently located in Lewistown, Pennsylvania. They opened in 2018, making them four years old at this point, and this will be their first expansions.

The following was their announcement on social medias:

As I hinted the other day, we are ready to announce our expansion plans and luckily I can tell you that they include not ONE but TWO new locations. We will have a taproom (and eventually a small but kick ass food menu) at the @wingatebywyndham in Altoona next to UPMC hospital. The other spot will be inside the new @freshmarkethershey in the Hershey Towne Square. This modern farmer’s market will have everything you can possibly want including Shy Bear beers to go. Both locations are underway yet there’s no specific timeline for either quite yet. Altoona is projected to be ready to roll before PSU football season hits full stride…and Hershey shouldn’t be too far behind. In regard to these locations, we have the Hershey location staffed but we are seeking a highly self-motivated, creative chef for the Altoona location that can also help in a variety of other roles.

To apply for that position or anything else within our organization, please apply at

Shy Bear Brewing Announcement

Shy Bear Brewing

According to Untappd, Shy Bear Brewing is a micro brewery located out of Lewistown, Pennsylvania. They have 147 unique beers with a total average rating of 3.83 (out of 33, 578 ratings, as of 7.25.22). Their information bio is left blank.

For social media pages, you can find them at:


Shy Bear Brewing Expanding to Altoona

Shy Bear’s first listed location for expansion is Altoona. Altoona is a moderately large sized city in Pennsylvania centrally located in the state. Levity Brewing announced their expansion to Altoona in 2020. From Lewistown to Altoona it’s roughly a 1 hour and 12 minute drive.

Lewistown to Altoona


Shy Bear Brewing Expanding to Hershey

A hop skip and throw from us here at The Beer Thrillers to get to Hershey. So we are so super glad to welcome them to the town! Hershey has been really expanding and adding the breweries over the years. Starting with Troegs Independent Craft Brewing moving from Harrisburg to Hershey years and years ago, to adding Iron Hill Brewing, and Rotunda Brewing Company buying the old Irv’s Pub and turning that into a second location.

Hershey is a great location and town for breweries with the tourism from Hershey Park and the various other attractions (the concert venues, the nearby casino – Penn National at Hollywood Casino in Grantville, the Hershey Bears minor league hockey, as well as several smaller attractions in the surrounding areas). Hershey is also only minutes away from Harrisburg and Hummelstown as well. Which both boast numerous breweries. (Such as Appalachian Brewing Company, the recently expanded Zero Day Brewing, The Vegetable Hunter, Rubber Soul Brewing Company, Boneshire Brewing Company, Official Brewing, and thats just the Harrisburg – Rutherford – Hummelstown area. Add in Hershey’s Troegs Brewing, Iron Hill Brewing, and Rotunda Brewing, and you now have quite the brewery destination hotspot.) You can use the Brew Barons app to see all of the great breweries in the area.

Troegs Independent Craft Brewing just celebrated their 25th anniversary.

From Lewistown to Hershey its a 1 hour and 17 minute drive. So roughly the same amount of time it would take from Lewistown to Altoona (1 hour and 12 minutes). This is a great way to expand their brand and name recognition and get their fantastic beers out for more people to see, taste, and try.

Lewistown to Hershey

For More Information

For more information on Shy Bear Brewing, you can check out these links:

Shy Bear Brewing (Official Website)
Shy Bear Brewing (Facebook)
Shy Bear Brewing (Instagram)
Shy Bear Brewing (Untappd)

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Thanks For Reading

Thanks for reading everyone. Hope you enjoyed the article. I personally can’t wait for Shy Bear Brewing to come to Hershey. Their brewery was one of our favorite stops when we did a brewery trip up that way, and we absolutely loved it. It was also great to see them have a tent at Ffej of July 19 (2022) – Friday Night. Fantastic beers and wonderful people. Hope only the best for them. I know I’ll be grabbing their stuff up.

Cheers All!

-B. Kline

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Shy Bear Expanding

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