YAH Brew Coming to Hershey in Spring 2023

YAH Brew Coming to Hershey in Spring 2023

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YAH Brew is Coming to Hershey in 2023

A couple of weeks back at the Winter Fling in Hummelstown, I got to chat with Justin Hoak and Aimee Hoak (his wife) about their brewery that has been in the works for over a year now – and he told me they were going to be taking over the Tattered Flag’s Distillery Bar location in Hershey. Well, today I can let the cat out of the bag and they will be opening in Spring of 2023.

Justin was approved for brewery production and has been producing from their location in Hummelstown Pennsylvania at 268 West Main St Hummelstown, PA. They ran into some roadblocks trying to get a location in Hummelstown, and even ran into issues with the Hummelstown Borough Board. (Hummelstown is also the home to Rubber Soul Brewing Company.)

YAH Brew will be taking over the Tattered Flag’s Distillery Bar in Hershey, Pennsylvania. A property that since COVID – 19 Tattered Flag has been using sparingly.

The YAH Brew Taproom

Tattered Flag’s Distillery Bar Location (photo courtesy of Tattered Flag’s Facebook)

Since COVID – 19 Tattered Flag has been in an interesting flux as far as staffing and related issues go. They increased in location size having five locations at one point – their main brewery and distillery in Middletown, Pennsylvania; their Hershey Distillery Bar location; their Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Taproom; their Lancaster Pennsylvania Barrel Aging location; and their second floor restaurant and taproom at Hollywood Casino in Grantville Pennsylvania.

They had been using the Hershey location for Viking dinners and other event style activities.

The location is down the road from the Hershey Fresh Market venue which currently houses an Ever Grain, The Vegetable Hunter, Shy Bear, and Jigsy’s stands – all of which are breweries or brewpubs (these are secondary locations for each of these companies). Iron Hill Brewing is also nearby the Hershey Fresh Market venue and a few blocks down from the soon to be YAH Brewery location.

The location can be found at: 251 West Chocolate Ave, Hershey Pennsylvania.

Inside of the soon to be YAH Brewing (photo courtesy of Tattered Flag’s Distillery Bar location Facebook page)

Tattered Flag has used this location as a bar and taproom for their brewery and distillery since 2019 when they took it over from the Hershey Biergarten. It is attached to the Hershey Escape Room.

(A flight of beers I reviewed from July 2019 when it was still owned by Hershey Biergarten: Multiple Beer Review: Dark Skies (New Trail), Blood Money (Conshohocken Brewing Company), Lost Toys #3 (Wicked Weed), Medora (Wicked Weed).)

The taproom under Tattered Flag had a fully functioning kitchen, a tap system of 12 taps, and offered roughly 750 – 1000~ square feet of seating area.

YAH Brew

Justin Hoak and his wife Aimee Hoak started YAH Brew in May of 2022, getting production and legal rights and licensing as per the state. They have been touring brewfests ever since, brewfests cush as the Drink the Cookie Table brewfests in Pittsburgh (both last year’s and this year’s), as well as the Prototype Invitation Brewfest, Best Brunch Ever, the Hummelstown Winter Fling, and many others. They have done collaborations with lots of top notch breweries including Fourscore Beer Co.

Justin has previously worked as head brewer for Tattered Flag as well as helping out at Spring House Brewing and JoBoy’s Brewing. He is a good friend living just a few blocks away, and I know him and Aimee are throwing their all into the brewery. They have been working tirelessly on getting this up and running. Their beers are definitely not to be missed out on. If you’ve had some of the hazy IPAs, fruited sours, and seltzers from Tattered Flag in the past few years, as well as from YAH Brewing exactly, you’ll know what I mean.

The brewery is female owned, one of only a handful in Pennsylvania.

For more information on YAH Brewing, check them out at their various social media pages:

Their Untappd information is that they are a micro brewery from Hummelstown, Pennsylvania. They have 18 unique beers with 245 ratings and a global average rating of 3.91 (as of 3.2.23). Their Untappd description reads: Production brewery located in Hummelstown, PA. Follow our socials for info on limited releases and festival info so you can enjoy our beer!

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Taken from our article on Jigsy’s Old Forge Pizza and Brewpub Opening a Stand at the Hershey Fresh Market:

This means that if you start at 121 Towne Square Drive – at the Hershey’s Farmer Market – you can hit Jigsy’s Old Forge Pizza and Brewpub, Ever Grain Brewing, Shy Bear Brewing, The Vegetable Hunter Brewpub, and then go to Iron Hill Brewing, Tattered Flag Distillery and Brewery Bar (more news on this location in the near future when I’m able to talk about it), Hidden Stills Distillery, Troegs Independent Craft Brewing, Rotunda Brewpub, and back to the Farmer’s Market at 121 Towne Square in just 6.2 miles and 21 minutes driving time.

See the route here: 121 Towne Square Drive to Iron Hill to Tattered Flag Bar to Hidden Stills to Troegs Brewery to Rotunda Brewpub to 121 Towne Square Drive.

If thats not an incredible spot of great breweries and distilleries – I don’t know what it is! (That’s 8 breweries and 2 distilleries all in 6.2 miles of a loop!)

Jigsy’s Old Forge Pizza and Brewpub Expanding to Hershey

121 Towne Square Drive is the location of the Hershey Fresh market. Its right behind the main shopping row on Governor’s Road / RT 422 in Hershey, Pennsylvania. YAH Brewing’s brewery will be where the Tattered Flag Distillery and Brewing Bar is located. (As you can see in the Jigsy’s article, I’m even alluding to YAH Brew taking over the Tattered Flag location.)

Thanks For Reading

Thank you for reading everyone, its so exciting to see Justin and Aimee’s dream coming true. They have worked so hard on this – its incredible to see it coming together. I can’t wait to get out there and check it out in just a short time.

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Cheers All!

-B. Kline

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