Best Brunch Ever (Beer Festival – May 14th, 2022)

Best Brunch Ever (Beer Festival – May 14th, 2022)

Best Brunch Ever by Fueled by Hops

The Best Brunch Ever

Think about the perfect brunch… picture it in your head. Do you have it? Well, you’re wrong. Because THIS…. THIS here, is the Best Brunch Ever. From the brainchild of Fueled by Hops that brought you the beer festival all about cookies, comes the beer festival all about brunch. Ryan Galiotto is the head of Fueled by Hops a Pittsburgh based (online) beer community. If you love brunch, and brunch themed beers, and everything to do with brunching, this one hundred percent seems the beer festival / brew fest for you.

Fueled by Hops

Fueled by Hops was originally a Facebook group community started by Ryan Galiotto, and has expanded from there. From their “About Us” page on their site:

Fueled by Hops. was founded in March 2019 by Ryan Galiotto at his living room coffee table (which doesn’t exist anymore, FYI). 

What started out as a Facebook group with 8 members has quickly grown to become:

Podcast:  Ryan’s Story into Craft Beer

They are certainly a big and growing community in the PA beer scene, specifically and especially in the Pittsburgh area.

A Brunchy Good Time

This brewfest looks amazing, and absolutely likes a blast for all to attend.

You can see the guys talking about it on their live podcast from their Facebook page last night here: The Unfueled Show – The Best Brunch Ever.

Their event page overview:

“This Spring, we’re coming back with another beer festival to help you shake off the winter blues. On May 14, we’re taking over the warehouse at Hop Farm Brewing in Lawrenceville (Pittsburgh) and hosting a beer festival to celebrate brunch beers and bacon (lots and lots of bacon!)More details to follow! Tickets on sale soon!”

Best Brunch Ever (Event Page)

Just a few hours ago on the Fueled by Hops Facebook group page, Ryan made this post:

For you all coming to Best Brunch Ever, I want to take a second to tell you how your ticket purchase has impacted the local community.

First, a big chunk of everything we’ve sourced for this event was purchased locally from small businesses. This is becoming increasingly more challenging, but we always try to buy local first.

Our printing and signage was handled by PGH Print Ship in Etna. The folks are TOP NOTCH for printing services. All of our ice was purchased from Mastro Ice near Greenfield (I believe that’s the neighborhood at least). We worked with all small, local breweries and businesses in creating the collab beers for this event. We hope that these beers continue to be sold in taprooms beyond the event and drive business to the local establishments involved.

Without getting too deep in the weeds on comp, I can say that we are paying what I believe to be the highest rates in the industry to the breweries coming to help offset their expenses. We do not ask for donations. We do not try to get lower prices. We believe breweries should be fairly compensated for their product.

We chose all small, local restaurants to serve food at the event. While we had the opportunity to include bigger names, we opted to think small.And lastly, our event workers are all paid, not volunteers. With that said, this is going to be one heck of an event. Be on the lookout for more surprises and event announcements over the next few days. We’re no where near done surprising you.Cheers, yinz!

Ryan Galiotto

Brewery Line Up

Some of the breweries involved

Breweries that will be attending the brew fest:

  • 412 Brewery
  • Abomination
  • Abjuration
  • Acclamation
  • Arboretum Trail
  • Bash Brew
  • Beat Street Brewing
  • Cushwa
  • Four Points
  • Fourscore
  • Full Pint
  • Hitchhiker Brewing
  • Hop Farm Brewing
  • Logyard
  • Magic City
  • Monday’s
  • Other Half
  • Old Thunder
  • Prototype
  • Tattered Flag
  • Union Brothers
  • Urban Artificat
  • Yah Brew!

This is a fantastic line up of breweries with a diverse selection from across Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and other areas. (Two being near us here in Dauphin County – Tattered Flag and Justin Hoak [head brewer of Tattered Flag]’s new venture – Yah Brew!). (As well as the Prototype Brewery and Meadery which doesn’t have a definitive location yet.)

For More Information

For more information you can check out these various sources:

Thanks For Reading

This looks like an absolutely insanely fun brewfest. They have two sessions. Unfortunately its in Pittsburgh (a five hour drive for me) and is on the same day as my 5K in Hummelstown for their food pantry – The Hummelstown Hunger Run. So I won’t be able to attend.

If anyone is attending, let me know in the comments how it was. Can’t wait to hear from you all! Thanks for reading!


-B. Kline

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Best Brunch Ever

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