Helping the Hemauer Family

Helping the Hemauer Family

Hemauer Brewing Company – Facebook Cover

Let’s Help the Hemauer Family

I didn’t want to write an article about the devastation of Brooks and Shannon Hemauer’s home and house due to a fire; because it felt too personal and was over stepping any kind of reach I had as a blog. But today I am writing the article, because I want to show how we can all – as a community – help this tremendous and great family out and help them get back on their feet.

First, I’m going to throw the link right out there and in the forefront so everyone can see it. You can donate to them via GoFundMe at their GoFundMe page:

The listing goal is 20,000$ but they are certainly going to need much more than that.

(Updated: 9:45PM 1.13.23)
They have readjusted the GoFundMe target goal from 20,000$ to 50,000$.

Let me now state why I didn’t want to write the article. Firstly, of course I never want to write a negative article. I hate the idea of having to write about how someone lost their home, or how a brewery has closed, or anything similar to that. So I waited and debated all day while at work about doing this kind of article. But I also wanted to show support and to find ways to help the family. Brooks has been a contributor to the blog here (I’ll link to the article he’s written for us here and later – A Word from Brooks Hemauer), as well as a friend at various home brewing competitions, events, and brew fests. I didn’t want to be writing an article that looked like I was just trying to get clicks, or views, or what have you based on someone’s personal tragedy.

Recently I did discuss the Funk Brewing fire, and felt that was a bit different due to it being a fire at a brewery and worth mentioning for their customers, patrons, and guests of the brewery. So this felt different, it felt on a personal level, and it felt like it was a bit of an intrusion into the personal lives of Brooks and Shannon Hemauer.

But seeing the outpouring of support and love from the craft brewing community, I felt compelled to do this article tonight after I got home from work.

A couple breweries have stepped up and pledged money towards the Hemauer family, and I’m sure more will do so in the future. So I’m going to first highlight the ways we can help the Hemauer family; and I will update this in the future if more ways become available.

Supporting the Hemauer Family

Firstly, there’s two direct ways to help support the Hemauer family. One is to patronize their brewery and business. Now moreso than ever before, and to help get the word out for others to do so as well. Hemauer Brewing Company can be located at 1010 Wesley Dr Suite 109, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055.

You can find them on the following social media platforms:

The next biggest way you can support the Hemauer family is through the GoFundMe page that was started for them. You can find information on it below:

The Hemauer Family GoFundMe

As of the time of this writing (7PM – 7:45PM), the GoFundMe was created eight hours ago and has reached 14,698$ of the goal of 20,000$. They are certainly going to need more than 20,000$ to be able to help themselves get on their feet after this devastating fire. Even if by the time you see this article and click to donate, and see that they are past the 20,000$ threshold, I still urge you to support and donate. It will be greatly needed.

Boneshire Brew Works – Pledge to Support

Boneshire Brew Works has announced that they will be supporting the Hemauer family by donating 2$ from every pint sold from now til Sunday. You can read their post here:

Many of you may have heard the devastating news about Brooks and Shannon Hemauer of Hemauer brewing. If you have not, they recently lost their house to a fire. The good news is no one was hurt, but they lost everything. We are trying to help them recover by donating $2 for every pint sold from now until Sunday. We will have a donation jar at the brewery if you are interested in donating.

Brooks and Shannon are great people and need our help!

Boneshire Brew Works – Facebook Post

Gift Horse Brewing Company – Pledge to Support

Gift Horse Brewing Company is similarly also donating to the Hemauer family. You can read their post here:

We wanted to let Brooks and Shannon Hemauer, owners of Hemauer Brewing Co, know that they are in our thoughts and prayers and urge EVERYONE to visit their Taproom to show support.

We know losing your home can be devastating both financially and emotionally so as a showing of both solidarity and support to our extended Brewing family this Saturday January 14th from noon-midnight we are going to be donating $2 from EVERY DRINK POURED at Gift Horse directly to Brooks and Shannon to try and help in their recovery.

Love & Respect!

Gift Horse Brewing Company – Facebook Post

Big Bottom Brewery – Pledge to Support

(updated January 13th, 8:29AM)

Big Bottom Brewery announced yesterday that they were also going to be donating to the Hemauer family using their brewery. On their social media pages they posted the following (along with a direct link to the GoFundMe page):

As you may know, many of the PA microbreweries have built great relationships with one another. We are very sadden to hear that Shannon and Brooks Hemauer, owner of Hemauer Brewing Company, had a tragic house fire. While everyone is fortunately safe, their belongings have been destroyed.

In order to help raise money for the family, this Saturday, January 14th, we will be donating 10% of all orders to their GoFundMe page. We will also have donation cans out to accept any additional donations or you can visit the link and donate directly as well.

Big Bottom Brewery – Facebook Post

Hidden Stories Brewing Co. – Pledge to Support

(updated 9:45PM, 1.13.23)

Hidden Stories Brewing Co. posted on their social media platforms how they are pledging and helping the Hemauer family as well:

If you haven’t heard already, the owners, Brooks & Shannon of Hemauer Brewing Co lost their home in a fire a few days ago. The thing we love about the craft beer community is that we all stick together and support each other.

We will be having a donation bucket at our Sunbury taproom and donate what you’d like. For everyone that donates, we will be giving you a bottle of our Eternal Bond Barrel Aged Grisette and all the money donated will be going directly to Brooks & Shannon (Hemauer Brewing Co.)

In addition, we will be donating some of our beer to their taproom since Brooks is not able to brew at this time with the effects of the fire.

We appreciate everyone’s kindness! #supportsmallbusinessowners

Hidden Stories Brewing Co. – Facebook Post

Wolf Brewing Company – Pledge to Support

{updated at 12:06PM on 1.14.23)

On top of their very generous (personal) donation to the GoFundMe, Wolf Brewing Company is also publicly going to support and donate to the Hemauer family as well. They posted the following on their social media platforms:

As some of you know, our brewery neighbor and friends, the Hemauer family lost their home to a fire earlier this week. We can’t even begin to fathom how horrifying this would have been. We are so incredibly grateful that they all made it out safely. Since day one we have always admired Brooks & Shannon’s hard work, positive spirit, and determination. We have no doubt that the Hemauer family will rebuild from this traumatic event, stronger than ever, both physically and mentally.

To help raise funds for the Hemauer family, we will be donating proceeds from our newest beer release that we were planning to release this weekend – New Beginnings #10. We are tapping this beer in honor of the Hemauers and proceeds will be donated to them to help get back on their feet. Let’s raise a glass to the Hemauer family!

A part of our New Beginnings series, experimenting with new techniques and ingredients. New Beginnings #10 is a Hazy IPA brewed with Pilsner malt and heaps of raw wheat for a silky soft body followed by a whirlpool addition of Azacca LupoMAX and dry hopped with our favorite, Vic Secret, and the almighty Galaxy. Expect aroma and flavor notes of candied pineapple, tangy passionfruit and tangerine peels with a grassy finish.

You can also support the Hemauers by visiting their brewery, Hemauer Brewing Co, located just 2 miles away from us in the Wesley Plaza Shopping Center. Be sure to pay them a visit and spread some positivity their way! You can also donate via a GoFundMe using the link here:…

Wolf Brewing Company – Facebook Post

As more and more breweries pledge their support to help out, I will update the article and list them here.

The Craft Beer Community Stands Together

The Craft Beer Community Stands Up to Help Out

In a tremendous showing of support, love, respect, and community – the craft beer community is standing up big time to help out the Hemauer family. From breweries themselves donating and pledging (like Boneshire Brew Works and Gift Horse Brewing Company) to the brewers themselves (Derek and Elaine Wolfe’s charitable donation to the GoFundMe page), to the community of guests and patrons starting up pages and ways to help out, as well as going to the brewery for help and to patronize and support the brewery.

This is what makes the craft beer community so great. The way the breweries and brewers show support for each other, to help each other, to uplift the communities, to work together to build a better world. You don’t see McDonald’s supporting Wendy’s, or see this level of support in most other businesses (I can’t fathom the idea of a competing casino helping the casino I work for or vice versa). But in the craft beer community this is just standard.

Support for the Hemauer Family

The love and respect for the Hemauer family, for Brooks and Shannon Hemauer is tremendous. And you can see the love and respect that everyone has for this family. Look at the outpouring of comments of support, love, respect, and help from people after Brooks made the announcement on the brewery’s Instagram page:

This is why I love the community so much. Why doing things like the podcast with Central PA Pour (who tonight at 9PM will be discussing the ways to help and support the Hemauer family), from doing streams with Knights of Nostalgia, to doing interviews with Tyler Budwash of Pilger Ruh Brewing, and Logyard Brewing, and Bright Path Brewing, and Axemann Brewing, and to doing collab articles with numerous other breweries and groups over just the short time I’ve been working on this blog; it all shows just how interconnected this community is.

So please help come together and help this great family in a time of need, one of their utmost times of need in their lives, and help them get back on their feet. Anyway you can help, even if its just as much as 2$ or 5$ or even getting the word out on how to help support them, would all be greatly appreciated.

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According to Untappd, Hemauer Brewing Company is a micro brewery from Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania. They have 165 unique beers and over 13,000 ratings with a global average rating of 3.82 (as of 1.11.23). Their Untappd description simply reads: “Pouring liquid art, one pint at a time.”

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Thanks For Reading

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this. I hope you also take the time to help out Brooks, Shannon, and the Hemauer family. They really need our help, support, and love in this difficult time.

I chose to write this article today instead of doing the over view and statistics of the “Best in Beer” Awards from the Farm Show. Look for that article most likely tomorrow now instead.

I am going on about 40 hours of no sleep right now, Scarlet had me up all night – it looks like she might be teething soon – and today was her two months birthday, and she is still being very fussy (Amy is trying to console and feed her while I write this article). So I am going to be signing off here, but once again, I encourage you all to help out where you can and however you can for the Hemauer family.

Thank you all!


-B. Kline

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