Isle of Que Brewing – The Que Brew Crew – Has Announced Their Closing

Isle of Que Brewing – The Que Brew Crew – Has Announced Their Closing

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Isle of Que Brewing

Came home late last night (around 11:45PM) after doing a streaming session (we played the new Resident Evil 4 Remake) with Drew at Knights of Nostalgia to find out the news that Isle of Que Brewing has announced they are closing.

This is disappointing news to hear. Ming and I had stopped at Isle of Que Brewing on our way up to Rickett’s Glenn back in 2020 (you can read about the trip here: The Trip to Rickett’s Glen). This was sadly the only time I’ve gotten to visit the brewery, but I enjoyed the beers, the company, and the vibe there. They were very friendly to Ming and myself. (This was back when Michael Salter still worked there. He has since moved on to work on starting up his own brewery – Macklin Brewing Company In Development).

Isle of Que Brewing also won our very first inaugural “The Battle of the Breweries” back in 2021. (The Battle of the Brewers 2021 Winner Is….) (The Finals of the 2021 Battle of the Breweries). They had beaten out Rubber Soul Brewing Company and Troegs Independent Craft Brewing Company to win the Triple Threat finals.

Speaking of The Battle of the Breweries, we are currently in the round of the Final Four for each conference for the 2023 Battle of the Breweries. You can view it below and vote:

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The Announcement

They made their post on Facebook around 5:30PM last night. It reads:

Dear friends and supporters of the Isle of Que Brewing Company,

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the closure of our brewery Due to the pending sale and our need to support the needs of our family and children, as well as promotions in our current jobs, we have come to the difficult decision to close our doors. We want to thank each and every one of you for your unwavering support and loyalty over the years. We have enjoyed being a part of your lives and building a community around our love for craft beer.

We are proud of what we have accomplished here at Isle of Que, from brewing unique and delicious beers to hosting unforgettable events. It has been an incredible journey, and we are grateful for the memories and friendships that we have made along the way.

We hope that you will continue to support local businesses and craft breweries in our community. Thank you again for everything, and cheers to a bright future.

Sincerely, The Isle of Que Brewing

Que Brew Crew – Facebook Post

(I will point out it is interesting to note that the post shows that there is 31 comments, but its only showing 2 comments. And its listed as being “comments limited by Que Brew Crew”. The comments are by a Diane Kinney that shows a face – palm emoji followed by several laughing face emojis, and then a reply to her comment that says “Don’t be a Child” by Izzabell Bowen. No other comments are viewable.)

One last thing of note – we reported on the 23rd, that BrewDog Pittsburgh just announced their closure as well. You can see that here:

More Information

For more information on Que Brewing, you can view their social media pages here:

As per Untappd – Isle of Que Brewing is a micro brewery from Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. They have 56 unique beers with 3,895 ratings, and a global average rating of 3.7 (as of 3.25.23). Their Untappd description is blank.

To view all of our articles about Que Brewing – you can go here:

Knights of Nostalgia

Since I mentioned it earlier, for those interested, Knights of Nostalgia is a streaming page hosted by my friend and occasionally accomplice here on The Beer Thrillers – Drew Scott. He typically likes to play older games from the NES, SNES, N64, PS1, and PS2. He does randomizers of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and more – alongside playing those old original games. If you are interested, check him out, and give him a follow. He streams about 2 – 3 times a week right on Facebook, so no need to go to Twitch or any other platform to watch.

Brewery News

Interested in finding out about many other brewery openings, new locations, closings, movings, and in general brewery news? You can check out our links below:

Thanks For Reading

Its unfortunate to read that Que Brewing has closed. Its sad to see breweries closing and people losing jobs and their dreams of brewing getting stopped. I certainly don’t enjoy writing these articles, but write them to keep everyone informed and up to date about the brewing scene in our area.

On a piece of good news though – I have gotten some ‘underground’ word that both Newfangled Brew Works and Liquid Noise are possibly re – opening under new ownerships, new brewers, and new business partners. So it will be interesting to see if anything comes of that.

We have just announced our partnership with Beer Drop ( as a service for our fans of the blog, where they can get beer sent right to their door, and they receive coupons and discounts through us. Be sure to check out that article here:

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-B. Kline

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