BrewDog Pittsburgh Has Closed

BrewDog Pittsburgh Has Closed

BrewDog Pittsburgh’s Google Page

BrewDog Pittsburgh Has Closed

With no fanfare or swan song, BrewDog Pittsburgh has closed. Their location is listed as “Permanently Closed” on Google, Google Maps, and other such similar sites (as you can see above).

They have also quietly deleted / closed / de – activated their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for this specific location (leaving up their regular BrewDog accounts).

If you go to their website and go to their ‘bar locator’ you will see they have also removed BrewDog Pittsburgh from their category of locations. (See that here: BrewDog Bar Locator.)

James Watt’s LinkedIn Post

Just a half hour ago, James Watt has posted a LinkedIn article here:

It reads:

James Watt

BrewDog CEO & Co-Founder 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Great beer that’s great for the planet 🍻🌍 3h

We are making some announcements today about our bars. Details are below but the headlines are: increased pay for our crew, the introduction of a fairer bonus scheme and that we have also taken the tough decision to close four bars. It adds up to a plan that will help us weather the economic storm at a time when bars and pubs are closing in the UK at a rate of one every 12 hours.

Since 2014 we have been a Real Living Wage employer. it’s something we’re really proud of. Paying the Real Living Wage is rare in hospitality and the current market backdrop is making it increasingly hard to retain.

Our crew are amazing. They’re what make a BrewDog bar a BrewDog bar. That’s why I’m really pleased that our UK crew will recieve new pay rates averaging an additional £1 an hour in line with the Real Living Wage. I hope these new rates will help our people during this difficult period. We are still way ahead of our industry peers on pay – 14.6% ahead to be precise.

But there is no getting away from it, the UK hospitality sector is under massive pressure. Earlier today we met with the bar teams in Leicester, Brixton, Clapham & Pittsburgh to let them know that these bars will be closing. All team members without exception have been offered continued employment within BrewDog.

Closing bars that we love is always difficult. However, the increased cost of goods and run-away energy bills mean that we can’t continue to operate these venues. I want to thank all our team members who worked so hard in these bars, and I truly share your sadness in them closing.

We do remain committed to building our global bar footprint and we expect to open eight new bars this year.

In May last year we announced that we would be sharing 50% of bar profits with our team. This had never been seen in hospitality before. But then the full effect of the energy crisis took hold. Costs spiralled & the economic situation deteriorated badly.

Put bluntly, there is not much point sharing 50% of bar profits if there is little or no profit to share. That’s why, after an extensive consultation with our team, we’re moving to a new program called Customer Champions. Where the bars meet a customer service quality target, all hourly paid crew will be paid £1 extra for each hour they worked that month. This will be on top of a 10% profit share program too!

I am really pleased about this because, at a time when others might cut corners, we need to be totally obsessive about the quality of our beers and the quality of the experience in our bars. If we do that, then when the economic situation improves, we will be in the best shape we’ve ever been.

We are doing all we can to get the business through these challenging times while doing the best we can by our people and staying true to the ethos that makes BrewDog unique. Thank you all as always for your feedback and support.

James Watt – LinkedIn Post (3.23.23)

BrewDog vs. Guinness

This all comes on the heels of weeks after weeks of social media posts and advertisements of BrewDog branding all but calling out Guinness Brewing. With posts showing them drinking their own beer – Black Heart Stout – in front of Guinness locations and stating how much better theirs is. This ‘advertisement tactic’ has drawn much ire in the online community and there was much blow back on social media pages.

Read the article here: BrewDog vs. Guinness

BrewDog Controversies

BrewDog is certainly not new to controversies, most of which have been well catalogued. From the recent Reddit post discussing the BrewDog Pittsburgh closure, you can even find a listing of some of their recent scandals:

Some examples:

BrewDog Pittsburgh is Closed Closed (/r/Beer)

From that same Reddit page, it also seems that BrewDog Pittsburgh employees were given no notice of the closure until heads up. A Twitter thread follows it here: It appears they also gave their employees no notice whatsoever, in typical BrewDog fashion,

Brewery News

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