Beer Review: Inexplicably Juicy (Tattered Flag)

Beer Review: Inexplicably Juicy (Tattered Flag)

Pink starbursts bathed in hop juice.

Don’t worry, I promise I’m not a complete Tattered Flag shill. But still… this is a pretty good and tasty brew and you should make an attempt to try it out. Wouldn’t hurt you any anyway.

First off Happy 4th of July to all those American readers (or Happy Traitor’s Day if your British). As you can see, this was my drink of choice today on America’s 243rd birthday. And I think it was a fantastic choice.

The beer has a beautiful colorful straw typical of IPA and NEIPA. The head was small but there and retained. It had a crisp and fizziness to it that popped a bit as it poured.

The aroma is like opening a pack of just pink starbursts with hops inside the wrapping. Floral citrusy hoppy notes combined with the pink starburst aroma. The hops overpowered the starbursts smell as it sat though, but whiffing it you would still get a good smell of it even as it drained.

First sip is a pure punch of starburst juice with hop bitterness and the backbone of the citrus hops. As it warms and you continue to drink it, you get a lovely juicy NEIPA that is packed with fruit juice flavors. The citrus hops combine perfectly with the pink starburst flavor to really lend it a big punch.

It finishes as a wonderful drink. Like hop juice. No sediment and a nice clean aftertaste. This isn’t an all-day sipper or session crusher, but it is perfect for one or two at a go and it is deliciously fun brew.

My Untappd Rating: ****.25
Global Untappd Rating: 3.95 (as of 7.5.19)

-B. Kline

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