Snitz Creek Brewing is Coming to the Old Mt. Gretna Craft Brewery

Snitz Creek Brewing is Coming to the Old Mt. Gretna Craft Brewery

For a second go at things – Snitz Creek Brewing Company is coming back to Palmyra. They are taking over the old Mt. Gretna Craft Brewery located at 2701 Horseshoe Pike in Palmyra, PA. (At the corner of routes 322 and 117.)

Originally, Snitz Creek Brewing Company had a location (their second at the time) in the sports complex area off of Reigle Airport. Where ‘In The Net’, Klick Lewis Arena, and Paramount Gymnastics is located. This location ended up closing up in the end of 2018.

We first announced rumors of the possibility of Snitz Creek Brewing Company taking over the former Mt. Gretna Craft Brewery location in August. (See: Rumor Mill: Snitz Creek Brewing To Take Over Mt. Gretna Brewing’s Old Location.)

Mt. Gretna Craft Brewery Closing

The vacant Mt. Gretna Craft Brewery in Palmyra, PA

Earlier this year – on February 16th, 2023 – Mt. Gretna Craft Brewery announced their closing. (See article: Mount Gretna Craft Brewery in Palmyra Announces Closing.)

The announcement came as a bit of a surprise and suddenly when they made their announcement on the 16th (of February). You can read the above article for more information on their closing.

Since then, the brewery has stayed closed and unused. Until now when Snitz Creek Brewing Company will be re-opening it.

Funck’s Restaurants Buys Snitz Creek Brewing

In 2020 Funck’s Restaurants, at the time owner of the Funck’s Restaurant in Palmyra PA, as well as a restaurant in Leyola PA, and a gas station / restaurant at the corner of Fort Indiantown Gap; purchased Snitz Creek Brewing Company. The buy went through just before COVID – 19 with some news articles listing March 13th, March 15th, and even March 17th as the sales date.

They turned the Fort Indiantown Gap Funck’s location into a Snitz Creek Brewery and Restaurant. No brewing was done at the facility – all brewing still remains done at the current Lebanon location. But the restaurant took on the identity of Snitz Creek Brewing Company rather than Funck’s.

Since then Funck’s has gone on to buy several more restaurants and locations. Including TJ Rockwell’s, The Rising Sun in Palmyra, Quentin Tavern, and the Parkside Hotel in Hershey. (See Lebanon Daily News article on the Funck’s Family: The Funck family built an empire of 11 restaurants: The inside story of how they did it.)

This marks their 12th establishment.

Their 12th establishment, which he aims to open in the fall, will be a third Snitz Creek at the site of the former Mt. Gretna Craft Brewery. Snitz Creek beer will be brewed at both once it opens, allowing for them to brew beyond their current capacity, already around their limit.

The Funck family built an empire of 11 restaurants: The inside story of how they did it

Snitz Creek Brewing Company

This will now be their 3rd (current) location. They will have their original brewery located in Lebanon, PA; as well as the Fort Indiantown Gap / Annville location, and the Palmyra location will mark their third.

As the article above suggests – they will be using the former Mt. Gretna Brewery location to brew at as well. Which would make sense with all the equipment left behind by the former brewery occupants; as well as all of the restaurants owned by Funck’s that will need beer to sell (they are also able to sell other beer, having full restaurant licenses).

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For More Information on Snitz Creek Brewing Company

For more information on Snitz Creek Brewing Company – the following comes from Untappd. Snitz Creek Brewing Company is a micro brewery from Lebanon, PA. They have 712 unique beers and over 65,000 ratings with a global average rating of 3.7 (as of 11.26.23). Their Untappd description reads: Snitz Creek Brewery was founded and built on the belief that we all can share the peace, satisfaction, thrill and contentment of outdoor pursuits like fly fishing, therefore we felt it appropriate to follow the outdoor theme in the naming of our beers, such as Opening Day, Woolly Bugger, Linebreaker and Explorer. Bringing a brewery to Lebanon was a deliberate and strategic choice. We are passionate about fostering a culture of craft beer and a love of the outdoors to the town we call home. We are proud to be the first brewery in Lebanon County in over 50 years.

You can follow them on the following social media pages:

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