Yuengling Brewing Introducing New Packaging For Traditional Lager for Keep Texas Beautiful Program

Yuengling Brewing Introducing New Packaging For Traditional Lager for Keep Texas Beautiful Program

Yuengling – Traditional Lager – Brewed in Texas – Keeping Texas Beautiful (photo courtesy of Yuengling)

Brewed in Texas

As I covered in the previous article – back in December 20th, 2022 about this initiative – Yuengling has had a brewing facility in Texas since 2021. You can read about their expansion into Texas here:

Yuengling might be known for being Pennsylvania’s brewery (and for being the oldest brewery in America) but they are also quickly becoming Texas’s brewery as well.

Yuengling – Brewed in Texas and Giving Back to Texas

As we covered in this article back in January 2021 (article dated – January 14th, 2021), Yuengling was moving into Texas in a big way. Quick excerpt from above:

The beer will be brewed locally, in Fort Worth, at the Molson Coors brewery located there. The brewery opened on September 26th, 1969. Its located at 7001 South Fwy, Fort Worth Texas, 76134. And this will be the third production facility or Yuengling Brewing.

Gavin Hattersley, the President and CEO of Molson Coors said: ““We are excited to take the first step in our long-brewing partnership, a step that will provide tremendous growth opportunity for Yuengling and Molson Coors. By brewing Yuengling’s iconic beer at our world-class Ft. Worth facility, we are going to make a lot of Texans happy.”

No word on what all brands and beers and styles will be brewed at the location. Most likely the Traditional Lager will be brewed there. Amongst more than likely others of their celebrated list (such as their Black and Tan, Oktoberfest, and numerous other offerings).

Yuengling Is Growing

Keeping Texas Beautiful

Yuengling has been very proud of their hard work and charitable donations in Pennsylvania and have extended that to Texas when they moved into the Lonestar State as well. They partnered with the group Keep Texas Beautiful in an effort to do just that – Keep Texas Beautiful.

You can read more about Keeping Texas Beautiful here:

Keep Texas Beautiful is a network of dedicated Texans working together to make our state the best place to live, work and play. Keep Texas Beautiful equips local partners and affiliates with the tools they need to build vibrant, engaged communities. Keep Texas Beautiful sponsors and coordinates education, cleanup programs, and provides recycling access to rural and under served communities across the state. A 501(c)3 nonprofit, Keep Texas Beautiful leads nearly 300 affiliates and reach 17 million Texans annually.

Keep Texas Beautiful – About Us Page

Yuengling Gives Back to Texas

Yuengling wants to help keep Texas beautiful and are devoting themselves to doing just that. Their press release states:

Yuengling is teaming up with Keep Texas Beautiful, presenting special promotion packaging on 12-pack, 12-ounce cans of Yuengling Lager, throughout the state of Texas. Pledging one dollar per case sold, up to $50,000, Yuengling will raise funds and visibility for KTB January through March, 2023.

Brewed in Fort Worth, Texas, Yuengling arrived in the state with much fanfare in August 2021. It’s Yuengling’s first Texas-specific campaign to give back to the community and engage consumers to help make a difference. The initiative includes sampling events at grocery and liquor stores to help spread the word about Yuengling and Keep Texas Beautiful’s new partnership.

Yuengling Traditional Lager promotional packaging will include a QR code to discover further and details about the program, including how to donate, and information about a “Clean Up Day” event on Feb. 25, 2023 at Loyd Park in Grand Prairie, TX.


Yuengling Announces New Packaging For Keep Texas Beautiful Program

Yuengling – New Packaging for Traditional Lager – Brewed in Texas – Keeping Texas Beautiful (photo courtesy of Yuengling)

Yuengling’s press release:

Keep Texas Beautiful (KTB) – a nonprofit Texas organization that inspires and equips Texans to keep our communities clean and beautiful.  As part of the partnership, Yuengling is donating $1 per Yuengling Traditional Lager case sold, up to $50,000, to KTB. The partnership comes as part of the family-owned brewery’s dedication to giving back to Texas—the latest state to be brewing Yuengling’s 194-year-old iconic portfolio of beer.

Now through March 2023, Texans will see special promotional packaging on 12-pack, 12-ounce cans of Yuengling Lager throughout Texas. Emblazoned with the Lone  Star State’s symbol, each can will feature a unique QR code. When scanned, consumers will learn more about Keep Texas Beautiful, a Yuengling Clean-up Day, and how to make a donation.

“As a family-owned and operated company from Pennsylvania, we are proud to brew Yuengling in Texas and more so, give back to Texas,” said Debbie Yuengling, Employee Engagement & Culture Manager and 6th generation family member, D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. “As America’s Oldest Brewery, our commitment to having a beer for every taste on every occasion reflects our love of bringing people together and making a positive impact on our communities. That is why today, we are honored to work alongside Keep Texas Beautiful and give back to the state and people that embody the meaning of community.”

Brewed in Fort Worth, Texas, Yuengling arrived in the state with much fanfare in August 2021. Today, Yuengling’s Keep Texas Beautiful campaign marks the brewery’s first Texas-specific initiative to give back to the Texas community. To deepen its relationships with Texas fans, and honor its new partnership with Keep Texas Beautiful, Yuengling will be hosting exclusive sampling events at grocery and liquor stores where the limited-edition cans will be available for purchase.

“The Yuengling Company is excited to launch our first Texas-specific campaign. We are proudly brewed in Texas and believe in the importance of giving back to the community,” said Pat Pikunas, General Manager, The Yuengling Company.

“We are grateful to receive the generous support of Yuengling with the launch of this campaign through the promotional case and can packaging,” said Suzanne Kho, Executive Director of Keep Texas Beautiful. “These donations will enable us to continue to make Texas the best place to live, work and play.”


The 50,000$ will certainly go a long way towards keeping Texas beautiful thats for sure. Thats a great donation especially given all of the recent issues Texas has had (weather wise) in the past few years.

You can visit Keep Texas Beautiful here: Keep Texas Beautiful (Official Website and Schedule) to find out more information on the non – profit group, as well as a list of their upcoming events; kept up to date.

Yuengling on Untappd: Yuengling Brewery is a regional brewery from Pottsville, Pennsylvania. They have 14 unique beers and over 1 Million ratings. As of 1.11.23 they have a global average rating of 3.42. Their Untappd description reads: “Based in Pottsville, PA, D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc., America’s Oldest Brewery, is family owned and operated since 1829. Principal beer brands include Traditional Lager, Light Lager, Premium, Light, Black and Tan, Dark Brewed Porter, and Lord Chesterfield Ale. For more information, visit www.yuengling.com.”

You can find them on their social media platforms here:

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