The Top Ten Craft Beers with the Most Five Star Ratings of 2022

The Top Ten Craft Beers with the Most Five Star Ratings of 2022

Part Two of Two

This is the second part of two articles that are pretty closely similar. As I said in the first part (The Top Ten Breweries with the Most Five Star Ratings of 2022) Untappd through their blog has just put out a lot of “End of the Year” lists / articles. I’m not going to rehash all of them, but the ones I found interesting I am covering here on The Beer Thrillers blog. This one ties in with the other one very nicely, and I think we can kind of correlate the two to get some better ideas and information. The first part was about the breweries themselves. This one is about the craft beers in particular.

Between these two articles we should be able to take some looks and figure out some trends from 2022. Discussing the first article with my friend Drew and Josh, I came to realize that Yuengling being second probably represented a lot of “nostalgic” love for Yuengling and people giving their Traditional Lager a high five star rating – for reasons like nostalgia, their ‘hometown’ (even if they live in the corners of the state), its the beer their dad grew up drinking and so did they (before getting into craft beer proper), and who else knows why. I thought the other big thing was how much of a jump it went from the second spot to the first spot – a 32,000 check in increase. When number two is at 19,000, and spot one is at 51,000; thats a crazy big jump.

So let’s see how that then plays into which of the craft beers themselves were checked in with five star ratings the most.

The Top 10 Craft Beers With the Most 5 – Star Check – Ins of 2022

  • 10. Duvel (Duvel Moortgat) – 3,796 Check Ins
  • 9. Hopslam Ale (2022) (Bell’s Brewery) – 3,910 Check Ins
  • 8. Focal Banger (The Alchemist) – 4,044 Check Ins
  • 7. Trappist Westvleteren (Brouwerij DeSint – Sixtusabdij Van Westvleteren) – 4,097 Check Ins
  • 6. King Julius (Tree House Brewing Co.) – 4,574 Check Ins
  • 5. Zombie Dust (Three Floyds Brewing Co.) – 4,999 Check Ins
  • 4. Two Hearted Ale (Bell’s Brewery) – 5,823 Check Ins
  • 3. Traditional Lager (Yuengling Brewing) – 8,529 Check Ins
  • 2. Heady Topper (The Alchemist) – 9,994 Check Ins
  • 1. Pliny the Elder (Russian River Brewing Company) – 10,635 Check Ins

So this is a bit interesting. Despite coming in first with 51,000 check ins that were five star, Tree House only has one beer on the top ten list. Bell’s Brewery and The Alchemist both have two. (Bell’s Brewery was also number two on the craft brewery list, and The Alchemist was number five.)


A bar graph and percentage chart showing five of the ten breweries and their total number of five star rated check ins.

So giving the data above, I made a quick chart / graph on Canva to show five of the ten beers. I decided on the two breweries that had two beers listed – Bell’s Brewery and The Alchemist; as well as including the number one – Russian River; and included Tree House since they were the number one from the previous article (The Top Ten Breweries with the Most Five Star Ratings of 2022), and chose Yuengling lastly just because they are the “local boys” and an interesting factoid (given how people’s views on them being ‘craft’ are).

I totaled up the ten beers and it came out to be 60,401 check ins. I then did the math to figure out what percentage these five breweries were in the total. As you can see they make up a total of 78.6% of the total. That leaves three other breweries making up the remaining 21.4%.

Another interesting note – if Zombie Dust had just one more five star check in, they would have had 5,000 exactly.

You can find Untappd’s original article here: The Top 10 Craft Beers With the Most 5-Star Check-Ins of 2022.

Our Articles

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End of the Year

As I said in our last end of the year article: What Regions Drank the Most (2022):

Its the end of the year, and what that usually entails is a whole slew of “end of the year lists”. Top 10 this… top 38 that… top 69 (heeheehee) this and that…. Top 314.181928102810 Pies, etc.

We are going to post a few this year. In the past we’ve kinda shied away from posting these sorts of articles, because the metrics and information is kind of… biased in a way. Its basically just reading off Untappd’s information and lists and going with it. For example, recently Breweries in PA did a final end of the year Top 10 Pennsylvania Breweries listing article, using Untappd’s information, and well… it was received as well as you can imagine. Mainly because they didn’t put in any filters or restrictions or limits to it. So just before the list was posted, Country Club Brewing Company (see an article about them here: Country Club Brewing Company Announces Opening) had their grand opening. They had roughly 1,000 check – ins on the Untappd app, and being a grand opening most of them were very favorable (mostly four caps or better). So needless to say this put a lot of readers and breweries themselves up in arms about it. It actually listed them at number three (out of ten). (The other thing that irked most was that Other Half Brewing Company was listed, when they have several non – Pennsylvanian locations.)

But… I’m gonna go out on a limb and use Untappd to post some of these lists. If nothing else we can look back at them as just data charts and analyze them for the statistics. At best, they prompt some conversation and discussion (and we all know how well that goes on the internet).

What Regions Drank the Most (2022) / The Top Ten Breweries with the Most Five Star Ratings of 2022

Thanks For Reading

Thank you everyone for checking out the article. We enjoy having you come to the site! In the next few days I’ll be posting a few more lists and variants and such. So be sure to stop back out each day for that.

Like I said in our previous post, lots still going on here at the blog despite it being the end of the year. I’m also heading back to work in a few days time, so things will be picking up work wise as well. So it’ll be holidays, work, baby Scarlet, and the blog. Busy. Busy. Busy. But, like I did say on the last post, Josh and I were invited out to Central PA Pour to do a podcast, which was an absolute blast. We filmed and recorded that on the 18th, and that will be going live just before New Years. So look for that. Should be entertaining and fun. We had a blast.

Cheers All!

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