Human Robot Announces RoboMania Promo Battle

Human Robot Announces RoboMania Promo Battle

Human Robot Announces RoboMania Promo Battle on April 5th

RoboMania at Human Robot

Human Robot Beer has announced on their Instagram, in celebration of WrestleMania XL (40) being in Philadelphia, that they are hosting “RoboMania” a ‘promo battle’. In partnership with The Full Pint, they will be hosting the event at Human Robot Beer on April 5th at 4PM.

The event organized and ran by The Full Pint will be held at the 5th Street Alleyway of Human Robot location.

The Announcement

To celebrate #wrestlemania40 in Philly (less than two weeks away), we will be holding ROBOMANIA PROMO BATTLE at the 5th Street Alleyway of Human Robot. Hang out with the good brothers and sisters of Human Robot and The Full Pint, come dressed in your best wrestling gear and get ready to cut your best promo. Event begins 4PM on Friday 4/5, whatcha gonna do???

The Full Pint / Human Robot Instagram

WrestleMania XL

WrestleMania XL (40) will be in Philadelphia on Saturday – April 7th, and Sunday – April 8th. Both nights it starts at 7PM and potential end-time is midnight. The events will take place at the Lincoln Financial Center. (The Linc.) Night One is being headlined by Roman Reigns and The Rock (The Bloodline) vs. Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins. Night Two is being main evented by Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes.


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