Beer Review: Out of Order: Droid Juice (RAR Brewing)

Beer Review: Out of Order: Droid Juice (RAR Brewing)

Out of Order: Droid Juice by RAR Brewing

Its the Final Count Down….

So, we’ve finally reached it – the final count down. I’ve started this article up, while sipping on Droid Juice, after getting home from work (9 hour day today… yay…) and eating at Fabio’s in Grantville, so it is now around 10PM and that means we are about 5 hours away from the season finale of The Book of Boba Fett.

By the time I wrap this up and finish it in the AM it will probably be around 6-7AM. Planning on waking up around 5AM to watch the episode (and depending on how long it is, I’m expecting nearly an hour like the last two episodes), I will then finish this up shortly thereafter. I will keep this article spoiler free. I am possibly, hopefully, looking to do a second article the night of (near the end of the night, look for it around 9-11PM) and in that one I might discuss the show a bit more.

I will give my predictions, and give some links to topic threads. And there will be no editing to this after I see the episode:


Ok, quick predictions for this episode:

  • Fett, Din (The Mando), and co are holed up in Jabba’s Palace or Mos Espa and Cobb Vanth brings Freetown people in to save the day
  • Fett gets to ride his rancor into battle
  • Cad Bane and Fett square up and show off (probably some type of Western duel)
  • The Pykes are revealed not to be the big bad guys
  • Tusken Raiders come to help Fett
  • The people all rise up and join Fett’s group
  • The Hutts come back
  • Crimson Dawn end up being the real bad guys in the end
  • One more character reveal – maybe Qi’Ra or Jabba’s son Rotta

Thats about it for my predictions. We’ll find out in a little bit how many of them I got right. Not really rooting for anything in particular, but just wanting a very good episode.

Discussion forum pages to keep an eye on if you want to dig a bit deeper and read more on The Book of Boba Fett and Star Wars:

Go ahead… click the links, go over there, read the discussions, but make sure you come back here for the beer review!

Speaking of which….

Beer Review

Beer: Out of Order: Droid Juice
Brewery: RAR Brewing
Style: Sour – Fruited
ABV: 6%
IBU: None
Untappd Description: Our lactose sour base conditioned on Strawberries, Guava, Cake Batter, and Hydro-glycolic fuel.

I have done several Out of Order series beer reviews here on the blog, mostly all Star Wars ones. You can find them here:

RAR Brewing is a microbrewery from Cambridge Maryland. They currently have 645 unique beers, and over 406,000 ratings on Untappd. They have a global average Untappd rating of exactly 4 (as of 2.9.22).

Ok, onto the actual review now.

Cracking the can open for this one, you are given a full fruity concoction of aromas. This is as bold smelling as it is bright and colorful. Its an overload of strawberry and guava that just hits the air sparkling as it pours into the glass. Not sure how much ‘cake batter’ I detect, but I get a strong berry and guava nose.

The appearance is a bright red, champagne like look. Full bubbly and effervescent, with a quick fast head with strong retention. This looks bright and sharp and beautiful. This looks like a pretty sour, it looks tart not like a sugar or puree bomb.

This is not the sour 450 North fans and Fourscore Swerve fans are looking for; thats for sure! This is not a sugary sweet freshee bomb. So this is definitely not the ‘droids’ you’re looking for – if thats the case. This is tart, sour, and a fair bit puckering. But that doesn’t stop this from being oh so flavorful. Better than a Bantha ride through the Jundland Wastes, this is tart but fresh and tasty. The strawberry isn’t overly powerful, which is perfect for me as I’m not a huge fan of strawberries, but the guava really performs here. There is a fair bit going on here, but for the most part, its easy to discern the guava, strawberry, and the lactose to mellow it a bit on the backend. There is a slight acidic burn at first sip, but it melts away and by the point of swallowing its gone, most likely due to the lactose helping dull it. This is a good sipper, I don’t think you’d want to pound this out like a session IPA or pilsner. Its got just the right mouth feel, consistent, dense, not watery, but not like the thick sours. All in all this just as good as the other Out of Order beers in the Star Wars drop they did last summer. This is right up there with the Tatooine Tart and the RAWRGWAWGGGHRHRRRGHRGHGHRGHRRRRAWWWWWAWW Chewbacca beers. Hopefully they’ll do this rotation of Out of Order beers again.

My Untappd Rating: ****.25
Global Average Untappd Rating: 4.29 (as of 2.9.22)

Star Wars

Well, today marks the end of The Book of Boba Fett. By my understanding, its a one-off series, that was meant to just add more to the universe and wet our tastes for The Mandalorian Season 3 (end of this year). Supposedly the Obi-Wan show is due to start in May on Disney+, so at least we’ll have new content there. No word yet on any new movies or when their due.

As always, you can stay tuned here for more Star Wars beer reviews.

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Thanks For Reading

Tonight you can expect another Star Wars beer review, and I might keep this going doing a beer review every Wednesday with a Star Wars theme. Don’t know how many more Star Wars themed beers I have access to though.

I will likely also do a Book of Boba Fett recap article for the true nerds, that won’t be very beer related, but you can still read if you would like.

Anyway, thanks for reading, cheers!

-B. Kline

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