Beer Review: Prognosticator Pils (Logyard Brewing)

Beer Review: Prognosticator Pils (Logyard Brewing)

2022 Official Groundhog Day Beer

The official beer of Groundhog Day 2022 is Prognosticator Pils by Logyard Brewing Company from Kane, Pennsylvania. Phil will even be at Logyard Brewing on February 5th from 5PM to 7PM to commemorate his prognostication.

Logyard Brewery’s beer the Prognosticator Pilsner has been named the official beer of Groundhog Day 2022. In recognition of that achievement, Punxsutawney Phil will be visiting the Logyard Brewery Taproom at 103 N. Fraley Street on Sat. Feb. 5 from 5 to 7 p.m.

“Punxsutawney Phil, also known as the ‘Prognosticator of Prognosticators’ is coming to KANE!” exclaimed Royce Novosel-Johnson, co-founder of Logyard Brewing. “All of our friends and local citizens know of Phil, but not many have ever ventured down to Punxsy to see him at 7 a.m. on Groundhog Day.”

Phil and his certified handlers — the fellows in the top hats — will be in the Logyard Brewery Taproom to mingle with visitors and celebrate the fact that the Prognosticator Pilsner has been selected as the official beer of Groundhog Day, which falls on Wed. Feb. 2 this year. Past designees of this award include Straub Brewery and Sam Adams, Boston Beer Company.

The Bradford Era – Logyard’s Prognosticator Pilsner Official Beer of Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day Again

Well… it’s Groundhog Day Again…. and this year, I’m making sure to cover it with Prognosticator Pilsner by Logyard Brewing Company. Who doesn’t love Groundhog Day? Movie or actual day/event. Maybe next year I’ll actually get to go out to the event and check it out, its certainly on my bucket list of things to do. I hear its a raucous party of fun, drinking, and possibly some prognosticating.

But, so here we find ourselves again, at another Groundhog Day, this time the 2022 edition of it. Phil certainly didn’t see COVID-19 / coronavirus on his radar and prediction in 2020, and didn’t see that 2021 would be much like 2020 (especially for me), but here’s to hoping he sees a good upcoming year.

…..And the results are in….

Six more weeks of stout season everyone. So bust down the doors of your cellars and get them bourbon barrel aged stouts ready, we got some more winter in store for us!

Beer Review

Of course I couldn’t just do a Groundhog Day beer review without throwing in Groundhog Day gif memes. Just like when I did the Scrooged IPA beer review, I had to throw in some Scrooged gif memes then as well. Same with my various Star Wars beer reviews as well. (And have no fear, just because I’m doing this beer review, doesn’t mean I’m forgetting that its Star Wars Wednesday, there will still be a Star Wars beer review today.)

Ok, lets get on to the beer review.

Prognosticator Pils by Logyard Brewing Company

Beer: Prognosticator Pils
Brewery: Logyard Brewing Company
Style: Pilsner – German
ABV: 6%
IBU: 20
Untappd Description: Our version of this world classic has a smooth and crisp character from an extended lagering period. Brewed with imported German Pilsner, Vienna, and a touch of Wheat Malt. Perfectly balanced with noble German Tettnang hops and just a hint of Cascade for a modern American twist.

Logyard Brewing Company is a fun little micro brewery in Kane, Pennsylvania. I got to visit it back in the summer of 2019 when me and my daughters took our trip out west in PA, visiting Kenzua Bridge, and other great local areas. You can read about that here: The Trip (2019) – Day 1. Logyard Brewing (according to Untappd) has 101 unique named beers and has a total ratings of 32,239 with a global average rating of 3.78 as of 2.2.22, they have no Untappd description.

This is a smooth smelling, beer smelling, crisp, pilsner; and you get a good nose of it on just cracking the tab. This is a beer for men who like beer. This isn’t a super fruited, smoothy, juice bombed, with five thousand different adjuncts and purees thrown into it.

Which leads right into how this looks – this looks like a beer’s beer. A beer for men who likes beer. Like a good version of Miller Lite or Coors Lite. Its mostly clear, its mostly transparent, it has a nice decent ring of head to it as it pours out, and it leaves some lacing on the glass. The extra bit of hop gives it a bit more haze to it than say a normal pilsner would have, but it also brightens up the light straw coloring as well.

This is a smooth sailing beer that you can see the future in… even if it looks wintry. This is a sipper and a drinker, and could easily be a spring, summer, fall, winter beer. Good mowing the yard beer, and a good beer for watching a groundhog get yanked out of his stump and forced to either see a shadow or not. There is just a hint and twist of the hop in it that gives you some small level of bitterness, and some different add on flavors that you’re not going to get from your normal pilsner or lager which makes this interesting and refreshing at the same time. There is a light bread to toast taste, some mild honey, with a light crisp finish with a bit of the hop bitterness to go with it. A nice solid mouthfeel, nothing cloying, no aftertaste, and no off flavors. This is a perfect pilsner to get stuck reliving the same day over and over and over and over and over with…..

My Untappd Rating: ****
Global Average Untappd Rating: 3.77 (as of 2.2.22)

Numerologists Are Excited… The Deuces Are Wild

If you are a numerologist, today must be an exciting day, especially if two’s are your favorite number. Today is 2.2.22 (and later this month we’ll have 2.22.22, thats a bunch of two-twos or tutus). Always interesting to see these dates pop up (like 1.2.34 in twelve years, or 11.11.11 or 10.10.10 or 12.12.12, etc.). Some people say dates like these hold extra powers, like good luck or stuff, so who knows, maybe try out the powerball and see? But then again, I’m not a superstitious type of person (just a little stitious) (and working at a casino I see far too many of the super superstitious types), so I don’t really put any faith into any of this mumbo jumbo.

Working on Articles

I got a lot of articles working today. Wanted to have this one mostly done last night to go right first thing in the morning, alongside my Star Wars beer review for the day since it is Star Wars Wednesday and we got a new ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ episode today.

There is no way winter will end… for six weeks now, due to the pesky little groundhog Phil, but at least its not been a bad winter so far, like some previous years where hearing the call for “six more weeks of winter” felt like a deathknell. (Maybe I’ll do a stout review once a week for the next six weeks.) And at least there is always The Way of the Mandalorians…. (see how I segued that right back to Star Wars? ahhh… pretty good huh?) So be sure to check back in tonight or maybe this afternoon for the Star Wars beer review (no spoilers!). I will say, I was up at 4:45AM after falling asleep at only 1:30-2AM, so I’m kinda running on E right now, and I think thats why this article took so long to get out. (Also getting lots of calls and e-mails today), despite having the day off work. I will be busy from 1-4/5PM, but might get the review out before 7PM when I’ll be at Boneshire Brew Works tonight for Trivia. If I’m unable to get it out before we leave for trivia, I’ll have it after trivia (so 9-10PM). Be sure to be checking in to see when it hits.

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