Beer Review: Let the Haze Flow Through You (Black Flag Brewing Co.)

Beer Review: Let the Haze Flow Through You (Black Flag Brewing Co.)

Let the Haze Flow Through You by Black Flag Brewing Co. (with collaboration from Pherm Brewing)

So We Find Ourselves Here Again

So, we find ourselves yet again here at another Wednesday (well, technically its 11:45PM on Tuesday night and I am writing this up to start it up to finish early in the morning on Wednesday before I go to work) – and so – that means its time for another Star Wars beer review.

I debated which one to pick for this week’s episode. I was going to originally do Tall Tales Brewery’s ‘Wookies and Cream’ that we just recently had our on trip through Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia. (Which you can read in the following: Big 3 Day Weekend, Big 3 Day Weekend: Friday Recap, Big 3 Day Weekend: Saturday Recap, Big 3 Day Weekend: Sunday Recap). But I decided on this… primarily though so I could get my Legos out again for a fun little photoshoot.

I do wish I had the Duel Aboard the Death Star II set, but sadly I don’t. It is one I’m looking to get soon. So this smaller Cantina set that they released, and the Desert Skiff with Sarlacc set will have to do for the photoshoot unfortunately.

Star Wars Wednesday

Since December 29th (2021), when the first episode of ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ premiered, I have been doing a Star Wars themed beer every Wednesday to review. Starting with BoBull Fett by Bolero Snort, which included us driving all the way out to New Jersey to pick it up that day.

You can read the past Star Wars Wednesday Beer Reviews here:

“Thank The Maker” (please hear that in Anthony Daniels’ C-3PO voice) that plenty of brewers seem to be nerds and Star Wars geeks too, so there is no shortage of Star Wars themed beers. You can check out the end of this article to see the full multitude of nerdy beers we’ve reviewed, as well as some book reviews, and other articles also.

And as per tradition with some past articles, I will present here a few YouTube video tie-ins with the show for everyone’s interest (and if there is anyone out there that cares about the show and wants to know a bit more about them). These videos are not mine, but I think some might find them worth the small time spent to watch them.

Star Wars Explained: Episode 4 Easter Eggs
The Danish National Symphony plays The Mandalorian Theme Song
Star Wars Explained: Who Else Might Appear in The Book of Boba Fett?

The Book of Boba Fett

I’m not going to go too heavy into thoughts and opinions and comments I want to make on ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ this week. (Or for this beer review anyway.) I started this article rather late on Tuesday. Had a friend over, had dinner, spent some time, and had some beer (Double Nugget Nectar and F*ck 2021 as Well), then after my friend left, I cracked a can of this for the review. Typically I write these articles up for the most part on Tuesday nights, wake up early (like 4-5AM) to watch the episode (it always drops at 3AM EST on Disney+), and then finish up afterwards.

And yes, I just finished watching the episode. But… I don’t really want to go into it, because I do kinda want to watch it again before making some comments on here, instead of just my gut reaction thoughts on it.

So lets move on and get to the beer review:

Beer Review

Beer: Let the Haze Flow Through You
Brewery: Black Flag Brewing Co.
Collaborator: Pherm Brewing
Style: IPA – New England / Hazy
ABV: 7.1%
IBU: 35
Untappd Description: This Citra, Mosaic, Amarillo, Idaho 7 hopped hazy IPA is a collab with our good friends Pherm Brewing! Soft grassy melon is complimented by the oat heavy body and Idaho 7 dankness. Expect a cloud of haze to carry you home on this one!

Lets start with some background information on Black Flag Brewing Co. They are firstly a top tier brewery in Columbia MD that is a blast to visit and have been quickly moved up to the top of my list. They also lean in heavy on the nerd brand and do a lot of nerdy themed beers and beer names. According to Untappd they are a micro brewery and have 443 unique beers with over 160,000 ratings (as of 1.26.22) and have a global average rating of 3.87.

Their collaborators on this beer is Pherm Brewing. According to Untappd they are a microbrewery from Gambrils MD. They have 93 unique beers and just over 15,000 ratings and a global average rating of 3.95 (as of 1.26.22). Their Untappd description reads: Pherm Brewing Company was founded by friends based on their love of art, live music, and quality beer. We are beyond excited to have you all out for a beer and to enjoy our unique event space. Our Intent Is For Your Delight!

First had this on a trip to Columbia MD a while back and stopping in at the Black Flag brewery as part of a flight. Picked up a four pack of it to go. Glad to be able to try it out of the can as well.

Right from cracking open the can, this is a citrusy, juicy smelling beer. This is a wonderful smelling New England IPA. Soft aromas, no hop bitterness on the nose, you get gentle soft notes of citrus, melon, rind, and a bit of tangerine.

Appearance is a pretty slightly less than bright orange New England IPA look. Hazy, turbulent, but not sediment heavy. While definitely not see through, it’s nothing like a frothing storm, just cloudy and a bit hazy (with… a side of force lightening?). Also just look at that great head in those photos. Big soft pillowy cloudy head.

Oooh boy…. the haze does flow through you on this bad boy. With just a hint of crackling evil and talk of unlimited power, this New England IPA is completely on point and delicious too. It is juicy, it is fruity, it is soft, and it is delicious. This is enough to turn anyone to the Dark Side and get them force choking people and force lightening your number two’s son. (Especially if it came with a kick ass dark cloak and robe.) Immediate notes of citrus hit you as you take your first sips of this, followed by notes of melon, rind, and a wee bit of tangerine. Some soft notes of slight earthy hops, a small bit of grass and pine, give it a soft balance around all the fruit tastes. Big time fan of Black Flag’s IPAs, and this is proof why. Just tremendous flavor and a very robust and full IPA. Knocking the New England style right out of the Death Star on this one. This is worth having clones of your body left over on Exegol for a stupid future storyline involving your clone kid’s daughter that was hidden from you and trained by Luke… oh…. I went off on a tangent there…. my apologies…. Moving along….. This is very soft, tasty, nothing bitter, nothing cloying, a really good mouthfeel, and a wonderful smelling beer. The carbonation, the head on the beer, the lacing on the glass, and the look of the beer are all great. Big taste and big flavor, nothing off putting, nothing off the flavor profile, and no horrific aftertaste. Just a great brew all around.

My Untappd Rating: ****
Global Average Untappd Rating: 3.98 (as of 1.26.22)

So Your a Nerd Huh?

So…. your a nerd huh and love to read about nerd and pop culture themed beer reviews do you? Well, we got the beer reviews for you then. Check them out here:

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Book of Fett Man

So whats everyone’s thoughts on the show so far? Five episodes down, and only two to go. Are you enjoying it? Living up to expectations? Big fan or disappointed? Let me know in the comments or on our social media platforms!

Mara’s Birthday

I’d like to close with a quick shoutout to my youngest daughter turning 9 years old today. Mara Ariel was born in a blizzard but with a warm heart that has been a love-bug and a social butterfly ever since. Named after Mara Jade from the old Star Wars EU canon (first Hand of the Emperor, and later Luke’s wife). You can actually see her in the background of the photo on my beer review for Sunburst by Boneshire.

Thanks For Reading

Thanks for reading everyone. Hope you all enjoyed reading this review and I hope the cold months find you all staying warm. Until next time,


-B. Kline

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