Big 3 Day Weekend: Friday Recap

Flights at Dogfish Head Brewery

Where we started….

If you read the previous article – Big 3 Day Weekend – this is the first recap article in the series.

So Friday certainly was a day! We got to Dogfish Head at about 11:15AM. (Having left right after I finished and posted yesterday’s article.) And we hit it hard. First beer on the taster was the ‘Rip Van Wrinkle World Wide Stout’ which was a 18.4%. Then proceeded to follow that up with Orloso 120 Minute (a 15.4%) and 120 Minute regular. We did three flights at Dogfish Head Brewery before leaving for Burley Oak.

Well… we had to make an impromptu stop at Dewey Beer Co in Harbeson… then went to Burley Oak. At Dewey Beer we got several 6oz pours.

At Burley Oak we did a flight, and picked up our JREAMS Hydra and JREAMS Swerve that we ordered online. The flight was absolutely tasty.

We then traveled Tall Tales Brewery in Maryland on our way to Loakal Branch in Delaware to dip back into Maryland before hitting RAR Brewing.

RAR Brewing ended up being the last brewery stop of the day – as we got there only around 7PM. Its amazing how fast time travels at breweries. So, needless to say we did not hit the full list of breweries I planned.

Where We Ended Up

Yea… we never quite get to all of the breweries on my itineraries. Just how it is (I often get ‘scolded’ or over-planning or being too ambitious with my plans.

But, after RAR Brewing, we traveled all the way to Hagerstown from basically 9PM to 12-midnight to check in at our hotel in Hagerstown to spend the night and be prepared for the Cushwa Brewfest today. (Which, I am wrapping this article up, with the Uber on its way.)

Friday was still a very good day. We still got to six breweries – Dogfish Head, Dewey Beer Co, Burley Oak, Tall Tales, Loakal Branch, and RAR Brewing. Thats still a lot and we did plenty of traveling! (I got to have 36 beers in total at the various breweries, and quite a bit of food as well too.)

So now, I am wrapping this up, the Uber is nearly here, and we will be on our way to the Historic Springfield Barn for the Cushwa 5th Anniversary Celebration Brewfest. Maybe I’ll see you there! I know I can’t wait for it!

Thanks for Reading

This is definitely a brewfest that looks absolutely banging. You can get the details here: Cushwa 5th Celebration. I hope to be able to see some of you there, and I can’t wait for all the delicious brews!


-B. Kline

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