Big 3 Day Weekend: Saturday Recap

What a Day

First…. let me just say: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYY! Ok…. thats out of my system, and now we can move on.

Woah, what a day! First, waking up, waiting around til our Uber came for us to take us to the Historic Springfield Barn, where we waited out the end of the VIP segment (12 – 1) and then were allowed in around 12:50.

The brewfest / anniversary celebration was a massive blast. Easily one of the best brewfests I’ve ever been to. While it was downright freezing, it was also a complete blast, and was absolutely phenomenal. I will give a full follow up article, where I discuss all the amazing beers we had at the brewfest, and go a bit into the planning, the barn, etc. But just let it be known, it was a fantastic setup and well run brewfest.

Post Brewfest Beer Share

The original plan was going to be post brewfest to Uber to Cushwa and Homaide Breweries. But my friend thought it would be a bit much… so we Ubered back to the hotel. Deuene and his wife Carolyn told us at the brewfest they were staying at the same hotel (Red Roof Inn). We also ran into a few of the guys from the Central PA Whalerz group (Roy Ge, Derek Cosner, Nate Drake, etc).

After getting dropped off at the hotel and walking to our room, we realized they were all in the room right next to us. (123 and 122). So we popped in, brought over the JREAMs we got from Burley Oak, and prepared to pound out a crazy beer share. I put on the Bengals game, and we had a complete blast watching the Bengals win, grilling (on a portable skillet) hamburgers, having cheeses, meats, and crackers and pretzels.

We cracked over 20 some different cans, from Monkish, Other Half, Equilibrium, Fourscore, Dewey, Burley Oak, Aslin, Tin Barn, and numerous others. At the beer share, the Bengals won in the most incredible fashion. I also ended up hitting 5K unique check ins on Untappd as well.

We ended up walking down to the Waffle House around 10PM or 11PM or so. Before heading back, and finding out San Fran beat Green Bay, and then proceeded to head back to my room and crashing out.

Big 3 Day Weekend Articles

Thanks for Reading

Today is going to be a fun day visiting battlefields, some more breweries, and heading home. I’ll post a recap up tomorrow. Stay tuned!


-B. Kline

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