Cushwa Brewing Company 5th Anniversary Celebration

Cushwa Brewing Company 5th Anniversary Celebration

Cushwa Brewing Company 5 Year Anniversary Celebration

Five Days Away

We are five days away from the five year celebration. So its a perfect time to run it down and get hyped about it. Sadly, the VIP and the general admission tickets have been sold out (for quite some time), but for those of us able to go (myself and writer friend) it will certainly be an event not to be missed. The first brew fest of the year (for us anyway) and we can’t wait for it!

This one certainly looks like a doozy and one that will be remembered for quite some time.

Let’s take a look at the brewery’s Facebook photos as a gallery to get an idea:

What the Event Is

Cushwa 5 Year Celebration Event

Firstly, as you can see – the VIP and General Admission are both sold out. You might be able to find tickets second hand online, but be very cautious of scammers. Cushwa has posted on their photos page that they have caught some people selling fake or scammed up tickets.

The VIP session is 75$ and lasts from 12 – 5, (giving the attendee an extra hour), as well as a second glass and a specialty bottle. The bottle alone really makes the extra 25$ worth value right there, but add in the perks of an extra hour of drinking, plus a second glass, and its definitely worth it.

The general admission is from 1 – 5, comes with a commemorative taster glass (like most brewfests do), and allows unlimited sampling. For both sessions there is over 50 breweries, which we will get to in just a bit.

There is also DD (designated driver / aka ‘non drinking buddy’) access to the event as well for just 5$.

Who All is Invited

So, this is one hell of a list of breweries that is coming and serving up liquid gold for everyone. With many stand – outs.

The full list of breweries include:

  • Adroit Theory
  • Amani Brothers
  • Aslin Brewing
  • Barrel Culture
  • Bearded Iris
  • Black Flag Brewing
  • Bluejacket Brewing
  • Branch and Blade
  • Burnish Beer Co
  • Charles Towne Fermentory
  • Commonwealth Brewing
  • Crooked Crab
  • Crooked Run Fermentation
  • Dancing Gnome
  • Definitive Brewing
  • Deciduous Brewing
  • Dewey Beer Co
  • Divine Barrel
  • Ever Grain Brewing Co
  • Finback Brewing
  • Fourscore Beer Co
  • Good Word
  • Graft
  • Heavy Reel
  • Heist Brewing
  • Homaide Brewing
  • Imprint Beer Co
  • Inu Island
  • Kings
  • Mortallis
  • Mountains Walking
  • Ocelot Brewing
  • Odd by Nature
  • Oozlefinch
  • Other Half Brewing
  • Prototype Brewing
  • RAR Brewing
  • Resident Culture
  • Sapwood Cellars
  • Schilling
  • Sojourn
  • Southern Grist
  • Suffolk Punch
  • Thin Man Brewing
  • Triple Crossing
  • Troegs Independent Craft Brewing
  • Untold
  • Vitamin Sea
  • Wet City
  • Widowmaker
  • Beer Zombies
  • The Maryland Mob

Woooooooheeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Thats a line up! Some stand out favorites and interests are definitely Adroit Theory, Barrel Culture, Bearded Iris, Deciduous, Dewey Beer Co, Finback, Fourscore, Good Word, Mortallis, Ocelot, Oozlefinch, Other Half, RAR, Southern Grist, Triple Crossing, and Vitamin Sea.

But you certainly can’t go wrong with any from that list! Its a nice combination of Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and Pennsylvania breweries, as well as some other heavy hitters thrown into the mix.


Food Vendors

The food options are:

  • Food For Thought
  • The Highroller Lobster Co.
  • Rad Pies

So there is some variety and enough food choices to be had for the four or five hour sessions. (If you see me veering for the lobster in a drunken haze, just kick me away so I don’t trigger my shellfish allergies. Thanks!)

Anything Else Fun?

There will also be a DJ on hand – DJ Bizzy, and just recently announced Thicc Bois Glass will also be on hand selling some dope hand blown glassware. They’ve worked with Tattered Flag and a few other breweries in the past to make some really fantastic glassware.


Are you pumped? Are you going? I’m pumped. I have finally gotten my days changed at work – and now have off Friday and Saturday (rather than Thursday and Friday); only took me 10 years of working at the casino, to finally get up to having off a weekend day. I also put in a special request and got the Sunday off for travel home.

With the can release for Burley Oak the day before (Friday – Jan. 21st), we are looking to make this quite a trip. Coming down from the Hummelstown area to get to Burley Oak, and then make our way over towards Cushwa (a bit over three hours across Maryland, after driving three hours to Burley Oak), we will be stopping and hitting some fabulous breweries on the way. Then spending the night in the Williamsport area, before stopping by Antietam and maybe Monocacy Battlefields (again), and a few more breweries before making our way back home up into Pennsylvania.

Be sure to check out our travelogues and travel stories here on the blog for many of our wacky adventures through the Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia states that we’ve had the recent months. Also, be sure to check out the following Cushwa articles:

Thanks For Reading

Will you be attending? Know anyone who is? Thoughts on the brewfest or the line up of breweries? Let us know in the comments or on our various social media platforms! Can’t wait to hear from you!

(Also, be sure to stay tuned for a special ‘cold’ beer review tomorrow, and another Star Wars beer review on Wednesday, which will likewise be a ‘cold’ beer review.)


-B. Kline

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