Beer Review: Wookies and Cream (Tall Tales Brewing Company)

Beer Review: Wookies and Cream (Tall Tales Brewing Company)

Double Whammy

You guys are getting a double whammy today, starting off the day with the beer review of Prognosticator Pils by Logyard Brewing since its Groundhog Day (2.2.22) and now you are (finally) getting your Star Wars Wednesday beer review: Wookies and Cream by Tall Tale Brewing Company. Thank you for your patience waiting for this one. Ended up becoming a busy day. I was busy from 1-4PM, and then had a little time to start this up, and then had Boneshire Brew Works Trivia to attend – (went with my sister, my brother in law, and my dad) and now wrapping this up, working late into the evening. (By the way – the barleywine that Boneshire Brew Works just put out is absolutely phenomenal and you have to go and check it out.)

We were team named Swillburg (my sister’s go to team name for trivias, because she lived in the borough of Swillburg in Rochester when she went to RIT – Rochester Institute of Technology), and surprisingly we didn’t come in last place. (I have a track record for such things.) We didn’t do amazing, but for a while we were holding our own, tied for 2nd after the first round, and then in 3rd place after the second round…. to slip to somewhere in the 4th-6th positions at the end. (31.5 out of a possible 40 [41 if you count the bonus point] points).

Star Wars

So since this is Star Wars Wednesday, and since its the end of Wednesday (til this goes up live, it’ll probably be at least 11PM even though I started it around 5PM for about half an hour, and worked on it from 945 til its done), we can discuss ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ some. (Nice thing about posting the review late in the day, get to discuss the show a bit.)

Not going to go too deep here into it, since spoilers are still a thing, and some might not have seen it, and I fully intend to do a bigger, more encapsulating piece on it after the finale airs next week, but I will touch on a few non-spoiler things here.

Firstly, this was a good, fun episode, albeit complete fanservice. There is absolutely a lot here for people to love, and to make the fanboy in me squeal with happiness. I do think though, at this point naming conventions for the shows are out the window. Call them anthology shows or just call it “Star Wars” and let the episodes rip, some might be Mando, some might be Fett, some might be Ashoka, some might be Grogu, etc. I’ll leave it at that, because if I go a bit more into it I’m gonna hit spoiler territory and I don’t want to do that.

To see all of the Star Wars Wednesday Beer Reviews to coincide with The Book of Boba Fett episodes, you can see them here:

Tall Tales Brewing Company

Actually first had this beer when out on our recent Maryland trip. Starting off going down Delaware on our way to Burley Oak and from there to get near Cushwa for the brewfest we stopped at the Tall Tales Brewery. Had a taster of this and loved it. I was actually going to do this beer for last week’s Star Wars Wednesday or even double down on it and do two last week, but decided instead to save it for here. If you want to read more about our trips, you can catch the recaps from that trip here (the full articles are on their way):

Coincidentally, soon after coming back from our trip (just a few days ago), Breski’s Beverage and Ted’s Bar and Grill both got cans of Wookies and Cream to have on hand at the distributor (Breski) and restaurant (Ted’s), so if you want to try this, you can get to both locations here in the Central PA area and try it. (Definitely recommend that you do so.)

Beer Review

Wookies and Cream by Tall Tales Brewing Company

Tall Tales Brewing Company is a micro brewery from Parsonsburg, Maryland. It has 110 unique beers and just over 70 thousand ratings. It has a global average rating of exactly 3.5 as of 2.2.22. (All according to Untappd.) It has no description listed on Untappd. When we were there, it was a somewhat busy restaurant, with a nice layout and good looking food menu and a wonderful brick oven pizza menu.

Beer: Wookies and Cream
Brewery: Tall Tales Brewing Company
Style: Stout – Oatmeal
ABV: 6.11%
IBU: 38
Untappd Description: I did it all for the Wookie…Come on The Wookie…Come on…So you can take that cookie. And…Well you are gonna wanna drink it. Using the Force, we traveled through the Galaxy, combining one of your favorite desserts into a stout. Laugh it up Fuzzball.

Well this certainly has all the smells and aromas of cookies and cream (not Wookies and cream) as soon as you sniff the taster or crack open a can. (And thank god for that, could you imagine a Wookie smelling beer?) This has all the smell of cookies, cream, with a roasted stout background with a soft subtle background of light malt.

Appearance is just what you are and wanting – a Darth Vader cape and helmet black. A dark impenetrable darkness black. Like the soul of a man who tells you his favorite Star Wars character is Jar Jar Binks. There is a great head to this, nice and off cream, slightly tan to brown head with varied bubbles, and it left wonderful lacing on the glass.

This is an incredibly tasty stout, more pastry stout in taste than oatmeal stout, its so rich and creamy. From first sip you get hit with a Bowcaster Bolt force of chocolate oreo and cream. You get cookies, cream, oreo, chocolate, all right up front. Then you get that nice smoothness of a stout, the rich dark cascading flavors of malt. This is a fun beer to drink, because all the flavors mash and mesh so well together it gives you such a strong complex beer. There is so much to enjoy with this beer. It is pretty rich and creamy, not sure you could fully down a four pack in one sitting, but at least its not a sugar flavored sour bomb like some four packs I’ve recently picked up. The creaminess and richness of this just act as flavors, rather than fully encompassing the beer like those do. I like the way the beer works together, the textures and the tastes, all working together into one nice lovely beer. This was a great swirling of stout and pastry flavors that just work very well together. There’s no off flavors, there’s no aftertaste, nothing cloying, nothing acidic, everything is sweet but grounded, with a wonderful full and heavy mouthfeel that doesn’t come across as watery or thin. Full and complex, this is just simply a very enjoyable beer that might persuade you to join the Dark Side.

My Untappd Rating: ****.25
Global Average Untappd rating: 3.79 (as of 2.2.22)

The Book of Boba Fett …. or Star Wars Cinematic Universe

So…. now that I’m doing this so late in the day, I can go into a bit of the details on this episode I think. I’m really not going to go too spoiler heavy, but just in case, be forewarned right here – if you have not seen the episode, you might want to skip over this bit of the article.


Ok, good, you left, watched the show, and came back? We can proceed now? Ok, lets do it.

But, in the second back to back episode of The Book of Boba Fett, we are treated to nearly an entire diversion from the main show. This week did have some pertinent stuff happening to the greater overall storyline, but there was a lot more happening off planet and about periphery characters than to Boba Fett himself. Which, speaking of him – he is in this episode at least (an improvement over the previous week), but it amounts to about thirty seconds of screen time, and with no speaking lines… …so there is that.

Interestingly, I did enjoy the episode as an episode of STAR WARS…. but not so much when you think about it in the scope of the show ‘The Book of Boba Fett’. (At least the majority of this episode anyway, and the entirety of the previous week’s episode.) I think tonally the show is a bit of a mess and confusing, and I think they took the idea of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and its interconnectedness and ramped it up to 1000%.

The Book of Boba Fett takes the idea of making a SWCU (Star Wars Cinematic Universe) which has always been pretty much in place; this idea of a large collectively canon that keeps everything in line, and a cohesive and coherent chronology; but here it starts interconnecting and interweaving portions of other stories and plots directly into this one. Where with the MCU (Marvel movies) you get characters popping up, and you get after credit / post credit scenes, but nothing so much as a full 50 minutes intercut into the story of another character.

I’ve heard the analogies of “some books give a chapter or two of different perspectives to random characters” and they say that doesn’t detract from the main character of the book. But I don’t feel like thats a true good comparison here. Firstly, if thats the case, its not in a seven chapter book, and its not going to be two chapters back to back right nearing the climax of the novel. And thats why I find the tonal structure of this show so weird. First few episodes leaned so heavily on post-Sarlacc pre-present day Boba Fett activities, and then switched to just having a full on interlude by other characters.

But… it was still a really good episode. And thus kinda my conflict on the episode. I did enjoy it, though I did think it was nearly 100 percent fanservice, I did enjoy it…. but, it just shows how tonally off this season is. And also shows how uninteresting of a character Boba Fett is. The best episodes of the season and they didn’t even include Fett in them (or just had him standing there). Fennec Shand does most of the talking and heavy lifting in the present day segments of the show, and Fett regularly comes off as incompetent, ignorant, or just not smart. So it really makes you wonder why they went this route with a seemingly autobiographical show of a character. But hey… at least next week we’ll most likely get to see Boba Fett riding a Rancor…. so there is that….

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Thanks For Reading

Well this was a busy day, doing two reviews in one, and hitting Boneshire Brew Works for trivia. Hope everyone had a good and fun Groundhog Day.

Cheers all!

-B. Kline

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