Brewfests with Anxiety

At the beginning of the Cushwa 5th Anniversary Celebration (brewfest)

Panic Attacks

I went to a crowded Brewfest and I didn’t have a panic attack.  This is huge. No, this is a massive victory for me, my anxiety, and feelings of inadequacy in social settings.

As an avid beer lover being able to attend a Brewfest and sample many brews is a mecca of the craft beer drinking lover.  Let’s be honest, when you are in a large crowd and can barely move even the social butterfly will feel some twinges of nervousness.

What often leads to a bad situation is I know I will feel less anxious if I drink more, thus often leading to a less than enjoyable evening.  Not to mention the “clean up” of an evening that I drank too much to mask my panic attacks.

I still remember one of my first panic attacks as a young 20 something.  I walked into my small, hometown bar.  All those parked in their regular spots at the bar and those enjoying an evening out in groups at tables all turned to look who just walked in the door.  I felt a tightening around my neck and I was able to inhale very little oxygen. 

(Heads up – this is a loud alarm)

I didn’t step into a small bar for many years after that.  20 years later that exact moment of walking into that bar still give me anxiety inducing flashbacks.  I can now power through them but it’s a struggle.  I’ll often seem distracted, unhappy or unengaging with my drinking/dining companions and then the depression will hit.

I made sure before the outing to the Cushwa 5 year anniversary bash I had plenty of time to find time to breathe, find calmness and rest.  If there is anything to say about covid/quarantine concerns it has forced events to be outside more and sometimes with tents and much more spacing.  As an anxiety riddled 40 something woman this extra space helps make me relaxed. 

Me (Amy) at the Cushwa brewfest


I also treat my anxiety with medical marijuana.  I had a small tincture spray to help alleviate any situations that felt like “too much”.  It immensely helps keep panic attacks at bay.  But also, I can treat my anxiety/panic attacks and still be a functional human being for the rest of the day.

I made sure my fellow event attendee knew my anxiety inducing situations.  I got out of close spaces, and walked outside by myself when I needed a “breath”. Many props to Cushwa Brewing Company for the excellent layout of the event booths/tables and the entire event was organized.  Those volunteering and working the event were all friendly and helpful. 

I love social situations and meeting people, especially over some good brews.  Being able to attend a Brewfest, NOT have a panic attack and socialize while enjoying myself made this a wonderful weekend getaway.

Cheers everyone!

Drink more beer,


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