Beer Review: I Apologize For Nothing (Fourscore Beer Co.)

Beer Review: I Apologize For Nothing (Fourscore Beer Co.)

I Apologize For Nothing (by Fourscore Beer Company)

Another Futurama Monday

Welcome back for another Futurama Monday! Did you know Hulu has the episodes up basically at midnight?! I didn’t! I thought it was like Disney+ and other services where a new episode usually airs at 3:00 AM EST, but I got on last night and the newest episode was on already at 12:54 AM (EST) when I checked it out. Totally awesome and good to know I can get an early jump on each Futurama episode (since I only get to bed usually around 1 AM – 2 AM every night anyway).

Today’s Futurama themed beer is an older beer – but I did the review quite a while ago, and saved it. I had been waiting and deciding when to post the review – and then found out that the series was coming back and I thought – perfect, I’ll just wait to post it when the new season comes up. So here it is, now to be posted with the new season.

I Apologize For Nothing (pictured with Hedonism Bot on the label) came out for the Fourscore Beer Company’s 3rd Anniversary Celebration last year. (And coincidentally, they are ramping up their celebrations for this upcoming week which will be their fourth anniversary celebration. Check their Facebook page for all of their announcements. You can also see Wade Leedy posting in the Gettysburg Beer group as well about information.) Fourscore Beer Company did a big 3rd Anniversary Celebration last year with a lot of new releases and I Apologize For Nothing was one of them.

I Apologize For Nothing

I Apologize for Nothing!

A memorable quote from one of the more tertiary characters of the show – Hedonism Bot. He is only in 14 episodes and 3 of the movies, and rarely has more than one or two lines – one of which is the above line (repeated a few times over the various episodes).

In 3003, Hedonismbot attended the Big Robot Party (4ACV08). In 3004, he attended the CalculonCoilette wedding (4ACV13), and asked Fry to write an opera (4ACV18). In 3007, he saw the professor‘s doomsday devices (BBS). In 3008, he was present at the League of Robots when Bender entered the league (TBWABB). In 3009, he attended the Violet Dwarf Star Implosion (ITWGY). In 3010, he supported Proposition ∞ (6ACV04), he made a big party to celebrate his wedding to a house (6ACV07), saw Amy and Kif at the Hip Joint (6ACV08), and attended the 100th Delivery Party (6ACV12). In 3014, he was with the Planet Express Crew and the Simpsons during “the end of the world” (SABF16).


Hedonismbot’s behaviour resembles that of a rich decadent Roman noble of ancient times, and he is a great patron of the opera with his very own box in the Metropolitan House of Opera – he even commissioned Fry to write an opera in which Fry would perform the Holophonor (4ACV18).

Hedonismbot also enjoys a number of unconventional hedonistic pleasures, including being covered in chocolate icing, sex orgies and robosexuality.

Hedonismbot was to be married to a house in the suburbs in July of 3010, but the night before, he held a bachelor party where, due to a nuclear powered stripper malfunctioning, he was the only survivor. It is unclear if he was married or not, but as evidenced by a party in September, his hedonistic ways of promiscuity have not changed.

In a season three commentary, Matt Groening points out the importance of the name being Hedonismbot and not Hedonistbot – he is not only hedonist, he is the actual personification of hedonism.

In 3013, Leela called him a senator (7ACV21).

Hedonism Bot – The Infosphere (Futurama Wikipedia)

As his name suggests – he is a robot based around hedonism. Kind of a Caligula styled design and character attitude, all about wanton and based lusts.

Beer Review: I Apologize For Nothing

I Apologize For Nothing by Fourscore Beer Company

Beer: I Apologize For Nothing
Brewery: Fourscore Beer Co.
Style: IPA – Triple New England / Hazy
ABV: 10%
IBU: N / A
Untappd Description: Built off a base of American 2 Row and Chit malts with loads of malted and flaked oats and a very large dose of powdered Australian Sauvignon Blanc whole grape powder. Hopped in the kettle with Calypso and Centennial Cryo and triple dry hopped with Kohatu, Citra Cryo and Emerald Spire. The grape powder provides a melon forward aromatic profile that is followed by notes of under ripe pineapple and pine needles. The grape follows through in the flavor on top of a soft and juicy base. More floral notes are present here along with watermelon rind, candied pineapple and bright citrus

Bammo! Hedonism all over on this big bad TIPA (Triple IPA). It hits you right out of the gate as you start to pour it with a heady aroma of hops knocking those hedonistic senses right out of you. The Citra really shines on the nose and aroma, and you get a wealth of fruity flavors ranging from grape, pineapple, and a bit of mango and grapefruit to kind of round it out. This is a bright, juicy, powerful beer, just from the aroma alone.

The appearance is a beautiful light straw color, with a wonderful fluffy, cloud like head to it. Very soft, very pillowy, airy and light looking. (Don’t let that fool you though.) It is opaque and hazy like a New England hazy IPA should be, no real noticeable floating sediment, and as you drink it, it left wonderful lacing on the glass.

Already I know this is going to be a killer beer. As good as an explosion at Hedonism Bot’s bachelor party. (“There was bodies everywhere…. and then the explosion happened!”) Big time carbonation and continued fermentation here; big fruit flavors and the grape powder adds a nice tartness. There is a lot of flavors and interactions going on with this big bad boy of a TIPA. The tartness is paired with sweeter, gummies citrus notes Sweet, but TIPAs need that to counter the booze. The sweetness does counter balance the tartness nicely, and the hops, even New England / Hazy TIPAs can get a bit too much hop character, too much hop bite, and can be too green – they just need that fruit, that sweet, that wealth of flavors and aromas to counterbalance – otherwise it can be a bit too much, especially the higher ABV they get, the more boozy they can sometimes taste and feel. This is a very intricate and balanced beer with a lot of nuanced tastes and notes to be discovered as you drink it. Its not a sipper like a bourbon barrel aged barleywine or anything, but certainly not one you can crush or should be drinking too fast. Definitely don’t think its a four – pack in an evening type of beer either (more like one or two at most).

My Untappd Rating: ****
Global Untappd Rating: 3.95 (updated this to reflect today’s date – 8.7.23)

How the West Was 1010101010

(I don’t even know if I have the right binary above, but lets go with it.) Quick thoughts on today’s episode – I enjoyed it. So far might be my favorite episode of the season. Dwight does sound off, not sure if they recast him, or if its a thing of aging, but he sounds off. I did enjoy Roberto, Borax Kid, and all of the little character arcs of the episode. It was just a fun, old school, zany Futurama episode. Not all of the jokes fully landed, but they were still on brand for the most part, and were fun. They didn’t have to do much exposition in the episode, and I just enjoyed it. Was just a fun, Futurama episode of old.

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