Drunk Phils Fans and Rotunda Brewing Company Team Up With ‘Jam The Batter’ Collaboration

Drunk Phils Fans and Rotunda Brewing Company Team Up With ‘Jam The Batter’ Collaboration

Jam the Batter (sWheat Tart) – A collaboration between Rotunda Brewing Company and Drunk Phils Fans

Drunk Phils Fans and Rotunda Brewing Company Teaming Up

As an avid Philadelphia Phillies fan (god have mercy upon my soul), I’ve always followed various Philly related blogs and pages (like Crossing Broad, Drunk Phils Fans, etc, etc.), and obviously I’m quite an avid drinker and beer fan as well (shocker right?!?) so I immediately jumped when I saw Drunk Phils Fans was teaming up with a beer – and with local favorites Rotunda Brewing Company of all breweries. Such a perfect fit!

So I immediately reached out to Drunk Phils Fans to get the low-down on their page, the beer, and everything else.

The Drunk Phils Fan

You will most likely know Drunk Phils Fans from their Facebook page: Drunk Phils Fans. They currently have 24, 977 likes and 26, 588 followers. So needless to say they have been around and garner quite a bit of attention. You can follow their website here: Drunk Phils Fans .com.

So I asked them some questions about how they started up, what they are, what they are up to, and how their beer collaboration with Rotunda Brewing Company came to be.

(For brevity’s sake, I will have The Beer Thrillers abbreviated to ‘TBT’ and Drunk Phils Fans abbreviated to ‘DPF’ after the first usage.)

The Beer Thrillers: How did you start the Drunk Phils Fans page? (How long ago, when/where/how, etc.) How has it evolved since then?
Drunk Phils Fans: This all started as a blog, which was named the same and first post was in 2010. I then started a FB group in 2010 and then switched over to a page once the group hit 1000 followers. The idea for the blog was to highlight some past Phillies season and players (mostly “forgotten” players, as well at to talk about prior and upcoming games. The FB page was always intended to be some of the talk and chatter you may hear at the local pub from intense Phillies fans. On Point, sometime irreverent analysis of the front office, games, players, opponents, etc

Rob G is an original member that is still providing content. The page evolved by adding in some talented authors: Chris D, who does all of the meme work and we added Waz, Al, Russell, Sean and Ashley as people providing content and helping to manage the page. I can’t point to a single element of how or when the page became more popular, but I constantly hear that people go to our page because of great content and valid observations/talking points about the team. Some of our posts did go “viral” with over a million views, but the growth was organic by building the audience through content.

TBT: How did this beer idea come up? Did you reach out to Rotunda Brewing? Did they reach out to you? What interested you in this beer and this brewery?
DPF: It has always been a dream of mine to have a beer that I created or somehow named/linked with me. I figured once the page got a large enough audience, it would be more enticing for a brewery to collaborate with us.

My wife and I went to Hershey this winter for a weekend getaway and toured some of the Hershey area breweries. Rotunda was on my list for two reasons: 1. A DPF fan, Brent, is a manager at Rotunda and offered a brewery tour for me and an insight on their process and facilities and 2. Rotunda has a GREAT lineup of different styles of beers, all highly rated and respected on Untappd, so I knew I had to try them. With Brent being a big DPF fan and me being a fan of Rotunda, I think it was a good match and I do not remember who “made the first move” while talking collaboration. To me it seemed mutually advantageous.

TBT: Stevie Glick absolutely nailed it with the logo. Just want to throw that out there right now, he does their artwork for them, and is absolutely phenomenal.

TBT: Did you have any input on the beer; style, ingredients, recipe, etc? Did you help them brew it?
DPF: We did have input on style. I am not a particular fan of IPA, so I did not want this beer to be of that style. I am a huge fan of darker beers and stouts, but wanted a beer for the summertime. So we collaborated with the sWheat line that Rotunda is well known for and created a fruited sour at 5.9%. We did send Rotunda about 30 name ideas for the beer, of which “Jam the Batter” won because of the double entendre of jam in the baseball sense and the fruit we are adding to the beer often seen as a jam. I did not physically help with the brewing process, mostly because of proximity to Rotunda from my home in Philly. However, it is something I would like to be involved with in the next go round!

TBT: What are some of your favorite breweries? Favorite beers? Go to beers? Preferences when it comes to alcohol in general?
DPF: Fave Breweries: I will do a top 5 in the Philly area no particular order. Rotunda, Imprint, Human Robot, Troegs, and 2SP.

Fave Beers: This answer could be really long, so I will try and give the Cliff Notes. If I go to a corner bar that does not have craft beers, I will have Miller High Life, In the summer, I am a huge Hefeweizen fan. My fave is Weihenstephaner. In the Winter, especially leading up to Christmas, I look forward to the Troeg’s Mad Elf release. Otherwise, I spend a lot of the winter trying different dark beers (Stouts and Lagers). I have recently gotten into Rum and Bourbon Barrel Aged Stouts even more and will always try them when available. I am also a Union season ticket holder and recently really liked 2SP’s Delco Lager. Supremely drinkable with a lower ABV.

TBT: Any other big plans with the page? Any other beer related collaborations in the works / in the future or anything you are interested in trying or wanting to do?
DPF: We are currently having a beer release party at Rotunda on May 21st at their Annville location from 1-4. We are also having some Phillies Watch Parties at local bars: May 25th at Jerzees Glenside and June 26 at Nick’s Roast Beef Cottman along with a special guests, Corner Sports Podcast where I will be in the show with them live on-site 1-3, followed by the Phillies game at 4. We would also like to do these watch parties at interested breweries in the near future. As far as the future of the page, we hope everyone loves our Rotunda collaboration and would love to collaborate with them or another Philly / Montco / Bucks brewery for a playoff beer for the Phils! I’d like to be more hand on to learn the process and work that goes into each step. I guess the big dreams would be a brewery of our own at some point. I dreamed of having a beer and that came true, so who knows!

sWheat Tart Series

Rotunda Brewing Company has been well known for their sWheat Tart series for a while. (We’ve even covered a few various sWheat Tarts here on the blog for beer reviews. You can read them here: Juicy Fruit sWheat Tart – Beer Review and Mango Guyabano sWheat Tart – Beer Review.) It is possibly their most popular line of beers, and they have done just about every imaginable flavor profile and combination with them. Definitely be on the lookout for this series whenever you see them in cans or whenever you visit either of their brewery locations in person (the Annville Brewery or the Hershey brewpub.)

Rotunda Brewing Company Tailgate

On May 21st (2022), the Rotunda Brewing Company is hosting a Tailgate party to celebrate the release of ‘Jam the Batter’. From their Facebook page:

“We’re releasing a collaboration beer with our friends at, Drunk Phils Fans and throwing a kick ass tailgate at our Annville location, this Saturday from 1-4 pm! Wear your best philly gear and drink some of our new Jam The Batter sWheat Tart, loaded with thick mango, pineapple & strawberry puree! More details to come! Drunk Phils Fans Rotunda Restaurant & Brewery

Rotunda Brewing Company (Facebook)

It looks to be a fun time, and I might be able to squeeze it into my busy schedule and stop out for a bit. Hope I get to see some of you out there. And we can all root on the Phillies and drink some delicious beers.

Philadelphia Phillies

I would be amiss to make this article, and not mention the Phillies even a little bit. They are currently sitting at 17 – 18 and 5.5 games behind in the NL East. Its a long season, and the Mets are looking tough this year, but we also all know how the Mets are…. so hopefully late season Phils can kick it into overdrive. Looks like we are coming out of a current slump and are starting to hit stride. (And my dad recently put down a 100$ wager at Hollywood Casino that the Phils will win the division, so for his sake, lets go Phils!).

The bats are finally starting to warm up with what we all thought they should be. Defense will be a struggle all season. And hopefully by trade deadline we can shore up the pitching staff and make this team a true contender. Long overdue for another deep playoff run and hopeful World Series.

More Information and Links

For more information about the event and beer release, you can check out the various sites:

Thanks For Reading

The May 21st date might just be as busy as the May 14th date was for me. First off, its my daughter’s 13th birthday. (So, preemptive and early Happy Birthday to Lilyana Rose.) Also, its the day of the Imprint “Haze” brewfest, as well as the Drunk Phils Fans and Rotunda Brewing Company’s beer tailgate. As well as a host of other personal stuff for me and other staff members here at The Beer Thrillers.

I would like to say thanks to the Drunk Phils Fans for letting me reach out to them and talking to them and exchanging e-mails. I can’t wait to try their beer. They are great people over there (and at Rotunda as well), so its looking to be a great thing all the ways around.

As always, I do greatly appreciate you all reading this. Let me know your thoughts, opinions, and ideas. Comments, suggestions, and otherwise. Always love to hear from my readers! Either by comment here on the blog, or through e-mail or our contact page. Let us know your thoughts!

Cheers all! And lets go Phillies!

-B. Kline

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