Beer Review: Phantomania (Fourscore Beer Company)

Beer Review: Phantomania (Fourscore Beer Company)

Fourscore Beer Company’s Phantomania

Beers…. Mmmmm….. Beers….

There are so many things to unpack about this beer. I feel like I’m always on the hunt for the next tasty hazy IPA…and let me tell you I like them hazy!  That perfect Hazy IPA reminds me what it feels like when Homer has that drooling eye roll moment.

Homer drooling, thinking of Fourscore’s Beers

The tropical and citrusy aroma of Phantomania quickly took me away to a better place than central pa during a freezing rainy day!  It must be this fabulous hop combination.  It ends on a bitter taste, but it just cleanses that palate and you are ready for the next satisfying sip.

Beer Review

Beer: Phantomania
Brewery: Fourscore Beer Co.
Style: IPA – Triple New England / Hazy
ABV: 11%
IBU: None
Untappd Description: For our foray into using Phantasm Powder (a thiol rich substance derived from NZ Sauv Blanc grape skins) we chose a triple ipa with various forms of Citra and Motueka hops.  The grist is compromised of a base of American Pilsner malt, British Golden Promise and malted oats, backed by touched of flaked oats CaraFoam, wheat malt, and unmalted wheat.  Hopped in the Whirlpool with Citra Incognto and Motueka, and a double dry hopped with doses of Phantasm Powder, Citra Cryo and more Motueka before a final dose of Citra Spectrum.  The aroma is sweet lime peel, white gummy bear and pink grapefruit driven, leading to a creamy body.  The flavor is straight lime sherbert with hints of ripe mango, leading to a finish that’s a little dry with a hint….

[Untappd doesn’t give nearly enough characters to describe this beer.  And If you caught Fourscore’s FB post it continues with (…a hint of cleansing bitterness)]

I am in complete agreement, there are not enough characters in an untapped description in order to describe Phantomania.

I had never heard of phantasm power….is it just me??  I quickly ran to the google-later to conquer my questions.  According to “Phantasm Powder is a brand new product from New Zealand. It’s basically pulverized freeze-dried Sauvignon Blanc Grapes. What it contributes to beer is a massive charge of thiols: compounds that drive intense tropical fruit flavor and aroma.” Ah, that is where the tropical citrusy cloud comes from.  Chef’s Kiss!

Seth’s Chef Kiss

Hang on just a minute.  As a former wino, ok wino currently in remission, sauvignon blanc grapes are a favorite. I suppose it depends on how good each season is for how readily available or how tasty each grape skin.  In November reported it is still “one of the most unique and hard-to-get beer ingredients on the market today.”

Please tell me we aren’t going to pretend to not talk about the elephant in the room.  Am I the only one that had no idea that ABV was 11%?  This nice, light, citrusy beer is a BEAST.  I can easily say this is one of my top 10 fav beers of 2021.  Yes, this Phantasm powder has been boggling my mind since then!  I intend to drink many more beers with phantasm powder to compare.  Let’s be honest I’ll be drinking many more beers regardless, but load up on this good stuff. 

It’s still available on top and 4 packs to go. You can find it here at Fourscore Beer Co’s Menu.

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