Good News Everyone, Futurama is Back: Exploring Futurama – Inspired Craft Beers

Good News Everyone, Futurama is Back: Exploring Futurama – Inspired Craft Beers

Futurama is Back today on HULU. Its gonna be fun on the bun, lets celebrate with some beer, and blackjack, and hookers….

We’re Back Baby

Good News Everyone! Futurama is back baby! And its going to be fun on the bun! Starting today, July 24th 2023, Futurama is back on Hulu!

Slated for two seasons of 10 episodes each and airing weekly (rather than a full season drop), Futurama has returned for the fourth time. This time coming to the streaming service of Hulu. They are going to be aired in two seasons of 10 episodes each.

Futurama is back baby, on Hulu

A list of the episode titles and the 11th season’s scheduling can be found here: Futurama – Wikipedia. The much celebrated show makes its return after ending in 2013 (the final episode “Meanwhile” aired on September 4th, 2013).

The first season on Hulu (season 11 overall) will begin airing July 24th, 2023 and end on September 25th, 2023.

Futurama: A Sci-Fi Comedy Classic

Futurama banner logo on Hulu’s streaming app

Futurama, created by Matt Groening, the mastermind behind The Simpsons, is a science fiction animated sitcom that captured the hearts of fans with its clever writing, memorable characters, and a unique blend of humor and sci-fi elements. Set in the 31st century, the show follows the adventures of Philip J. Fry, a pizza delivery boy who finds himself accidentally cryogenically frozen and wakes up 1,000 years later.

One of the defining aspects of Futurama is its exceptional writing, which skillfully combines sharp wit, cultural references, and intelligent humor. The show has a knack for tackling complex scientific concepts and social commentary while maintaining its light-hearted and entertaining nature. Each episode is filled with clever wordplay, puns, and rapid-fire jokes that keep audiences engaged and laughing.

At the heart of Futurama are its vibrant and lovable characters. From Fry, the bumbling yet endearing protagonist, to the no-nonsense and competent cyclops Leela, and the perpetually intoxicated robot Bender, the show boasts a diverse and colorful cast. Secondary characters like the mad scientist Professor Farnsworth, the lobster-like alien Dr. Zoidberg, and the bureaucrat Hermes Conrad add depth and comedic charm to the ensemble.

Beyond its comedic brilliance, Futurama also excels in creating a rich and detailed futuristic world. From the bustling cityscape of New New York to the eccentric inhabitants of other planets, the show presents a visually captivating and imaginative universe. It seamlessly blends futuristic technology, intergalactic travel, and clever social commentary to create a satirical yet oddly relatable portrayal of the future.

Futurama’s storytelling prowess is further enhanced by its ability to balance episodic adventures with overarching narratives. It seamlessly weaves together comedy, science fiction, romance, and even moments of genuine emotion. The show tackles themes of love, friendship, existentialism, and the human condition, all while keeping audiences entertained with its trademark humor.

With its sharp writing, memorable characters, and thought-provoking narratives, Futurama has garnered a dedicated fan base that continues to grow even after the show’s original run. Its cult status and enduring popularity have led to numerous references and homages in various forms of media, including the world of craft beer.

Futurama’s unique blend of science fiction, comedy, and heartfelt storytelling has left an indelible mark on pop culture. It has become a beloved classic, celebrated for its creativity, humor, and ability to entertain audiences of all ages. As craft breweries embrace the imaginative world of Futurama, they pay homage to the show’s legacy by creating beers that capture its essence, making it a delightful experience for fans and beer enthusiasts alike. So, raise a glass to the timeless brilliance of Futurama and prepare to embark on a beer-drinking adventure that transcends time and space!

Brews of the Future: Beers Showcased in Futurama

Various beers shown on Futurama (my favorite might be Klein’s Beer)

Futurama, with its attention to detail and love for all things futuristic, often featured various alcoholic beverages throughout the show. These fictional libations gave viewers a glimpse into the creative minds of the show’s writers and provided a humorous backdrop for the characters’ escapades. Let’s take a look at some notable beers showcased in Futurama:

Olde Fortran

Olde Fortran

Olde Fortran, a beloved recurring beer on the show, is a classic example of the show’s humorous take on everyday life in the future. As a play on the outdated programming language “Fortran,” this beer serves as a nod to the past while existing in the future. It’s often depicted as a cheap and low-quality beverage, with characters indulging in it during moments of relaxation or celebration.

Fudd Lite

Fudd Lite, another fictional beer seen in Futurama, is a satirical reference to popular light beers of the present day. Known for its catchy jingle “Fudd Lite, the beer that made me the man I am today,” this light beer is a parody of the marketing strategies used by real-world breweries. It showcases the show’s ability to poke fun at contemporary consumer culture while creating a distinctive brand within its own universe.


Bender Brau

In the episode “The Route of All Evil,” Bender, the lovable bending unit, decides to start his own brewery and creates his signature beer called Benderbräu. Although the recipe and brewing process are not explicitly revealed, Benderbräu is known for its distinct flavor and high alcohol content. This fictional beer captures the rebellious and mischievous spirit of its namesake character.

Klein’s Beer

Klein’s Beer

The bottle is called a Kleins Bottle. A Klein-bottle is is based on Möbius loops (one-dimensional surfaces), and is a two-dimensional manifold. It’s a bit difficult to describe in lay man’s terms, but this site has excellent information about Klein bottles.

The joke is that Klein bottles can’t exist in our 3-dimensionel universe (they need four dimensions), but in the future they apparently found a way to produce them.


LoBrau Beer

A brand of beer that was sold in both the 20th and 31st centuries, possibly all throughout the millennium. Its name parodies Löwenbräu beer which is very popular in the United States; it is also a play on words of the phrase “low brow”, which describes a person who has uncultivated or nonintellectual tastes.

Pabst Blue Robot

Pabst Blue Robot

A 3,000 variant of Pabst Blue Ribbon perhaps? Or a whole new brand? A brand of beer, presumably specifically designed for robots. Consumption by humans is inadvisable due to the presence of throat-bloodying metal shavings. It is a play on “Pabst Blue Ribbon,” a popular beer.

Sam Adams’ Head Boston Lager

Sam Adams Head Boston Lager

Another modern day beer nod, this time to Sam Adams Boston Lager. Incorporating the head museum and the idea of Sam Adam’s Head brewing the beer.

St. Pauli Exclusion Principle Girl

St. Pauli Exclusion Principle Girl

A brand of beer. A dual reference to a quantum mechanics principle (Pauli Exclusion Principle) and real beer brand St. Pauli Girl.

Maltese Liquor

Maltese Liquor

Maltese Liquor is the strongest and most valuable malt liquor ever brewed. It is so strong, that consuming it is fatal to anyone but Robots and Billy Dee Williams, as it causes death of the brain cells. It was also stated to be 210 proof, an impossibly high alcohol content (this would be 105% alcohol by volume).

A bottle of the liquor was kept in Hedonismbot‘s mansion. Bender attempted to steal this bottle, but his plan was foiled by Pickles, who drank its contents.

(For more Futurama Alcoholic Beverages check out this link: List of Futurama Alcoholic Beverages)



While not an alcoholic drink, the most notable and known drink from the Futurama universe is Slurm. (An equivalent in modern times would be Mountain Dew or possibly the new energy drinks.)

Slurm, the number-one soft drink of the future, is refreshingly addictive. It is produced in a factory on the planet Wormulon by a race known only as the Slurm Worms. Their corporate mascot is Slurms MacKenzie, “The Original Party Worm”. However, the Planet Express crew discovered it actually comes from a giant worm‘s behind.

Fry is a huge Slurm fan, and rarely goes more than 12 minutes without one.

Slurm, the quintessential fictional beverage of the Futurama universe, is a carbonated soft drink that has become an icon of the show. While not technically a beer, Slurm is often associated with partying and excessive indulgence. It is marketed as a highly addictive and sought-after beverage, with its neon green color and unique taste captivating the characters and viewers alike. Although it’s not a beer, it has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the show’s fans.

Futurama Alcoholic Drinks

These fictional beers and beverages are just a taste of the creative and humorous world-building found in Futurama. They showcase the show’s ability to infuse everyday elements with a futuristic twist, adding to the overall charm and whimsy of the series. While these beverages may exist only in the animated realm, they have become iconic symbols of the show’s ability to blend comedy, satire, and imaginative storytelling.

As we explore the world of Futurama-inspired craft beers, it’s exciting to see how breweries draw inspiration from these fictional libations, paying homage to the show’s legacy while bringing their own creative spin to the brews. So, raise a glass to the imaginative concoctions of Futurama and get ready to savor the flavors of the future, even if they’re just in the realm of your favorite animated series.

The Route of All Beer: Bender Brau in Futurama

Fry, Bender, and Leela from The Route of All Evil

In the Futurama episode aptly titled “The Route of All Evil,” Bender, the lovable bending unit with a penchant for mischief, embarks on an entrepreneurial adventure in the brewing industry. In this episode, Bender and his best friend Fry decide to start their own brewery and create a beer that bears the name “Benderbräu.”

The Birth of Benderbräu

As Bender and Fry dive headfirst into the brewing process, chaos naturally ensues. Mixing questionable ingredients, including hazardous materials like plutonium and a random turtle, their brewing methods are far from conventional. Despite their lack of expertise, they manage to produce a batch of Benderbräu, a beer that captures the essence of Bender himself – rebellious, bold, and full of character.

The Rise and Fall of Benderbräu

With Bender’s charismatic personality and Fry’s marketing skills, they quickly find success as Benderbräu gains popularity in the market. However, their path to riches takes a tumultuous turn when they discover the consequences of their beer’s secret ingredient – a dangerous and addictive substance known as “Mom’s Old-Fashioned Robot Oil.” As their customers become addicted, chaos ensues, and Bender and Fry must confront the consequences of their actions.

Lessons Learned and Unforgettable Memories

While their brewing endeavor ends in disaster, the episode highlights the enduring friendship between Bender and Fry. As they navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship, they learn valuable lessons about the importance of responsibility, integrity, and the dangers of cutting corners for personal gain.

“The Route of All Evil” serves as a humorous commentary on the perils of unchecked capitalism, addiction, and the pursuit of wealth at any cost. It also showcases the show’s ability to infuse social commentary into its comedic storytelling, using the brewing industry as a backdrop for satirical exploration.

This memorable episode not only provides laughs but also offers a glimpse into the imaginative world of Futurama. It showcases the show’s ability to take everyday concepts, like beer production, and give them a futuristic twist filled with wit, charm, and unexpected turns.

As we raise our glasses to Benderbräu and the adventures of Bender and Fry, let’s remember the enduring legacy of this Futurama episode – a reminder that dreams, even when fueled by questionable ingredients, can lead to unforgettable journeys and valuable life lessons.

(Note, some of this episode recap uses comics and other tertiary information on the Futurama universe including writer interviews, as well as also some indulgent fan theories and extrapolation of the episode. Its also not discussing the main plot of Qubert, and his attempts at starting his own paper route with Dwight.)

Cheers to the Future: Exploring Futurama-Inspired Craft Beers

Welcome to the future of craft beer! Today, we’re diving into the exciting world where Futurama, the beloved animated series, meets the creativity of craft breweries. Get ready for a whimsical journey as we explore a selection of Futurama – themed craft beers that pay homage to our favorite characters and moments from the show. From Slurm to Bender’s Brew, grab your favorite pint glass and join us on this intergalactic beer adventure!

This section of the article we are going to look at some ways that craft breweries have explored the themes of Futurama. From pop up Robot Hells that some breweries have (re)created and more to Futurama themed ingredients, named beers, etc.

Slurm Sippers and the Quest for the Ultimate Buzz

Slurm – the iconic fictional soda from Futurama – has inspired craft breweries to recreate its magic in the form of a tantalizing beer. With its neon green hues and a flavor that’s both sweet and tangy, Slurm-themed craft beers are a hit among fans. Breweries have experimented with sour ales, fruit-infused IPAs, and even Gose styles to capture the essence of this fictional beverage. Prepare to embark on a journey through the deliciously bizarre world of Slurm-infused beers!

Robot Hell’s Ales: Sinfully Good Brews

Enter the fiery depths of Robot Hell, where breweries pay tribute to one of the most memorable Futurama episodes. These devilishly delicious craft beers often feature bold flavors, rich malt profiles, and sometimes a hint of smokiness. From imperial stouts that evoke the darkness of Robot Hell to spicy chili-infused brews that mimic the heat of the fiery underworld, these beers are not for the faint of heart. Indulge your taste buds and unleash your inner Bender with these sinful ales!

“Bender’s Brau” – Embrace Your Inner Robot

When it comes to Futurama, no character is as memorable as the witty and mischievous Bender. Breweries have embraced his larger-than-life personality by creating beers that bear his name. “Bender’ Brau” captures the spirit of the robot with its bold and brash flavors. Expect hop-forward IPAs, robust porters, or even a smooth and smoky rauchbier that pays homage to Bender’s love for cigars and mischief. Take a sip, and you might just find yourself uttering “Bite my shiny metal ass!”

“Planet Express” – Beers That Deliver Out-of-This-World Taste

Just like the trusty delivery crew of Planet Express, these craft beers promise an unforgettable journey. Inspired by the futuristic company, “Planet Express” beers are often adventurous and diverse. From Belgian-style tripels that transport you to far-off galaxies to experimental ales with unconventional ingredients, these brews embody the spirit of exploration and discovery. Raise a glass to the interstellar adventures of Fry, Leela, and the gang with these out-of-this-world libations!

And So Much More….

As craft beer enthusiasts and Futurama fans, we’re fortunate to witness the fusion of these two incredible worlds. Breweries across the galaxy are tapping into the creativity and quirkiness of the show to bring us a range of Futurama-inspired craft beers. From the neon green allure of Slurm to the devilishly delightful Robot Hell’s Ales, and the adventurous delights of “Bender’s Brau” and “Planet Express,” these beers add a touch of intergalactic excitement to our beer-drinking experiences. So, whether you’re a die-hard Futurama fan or simply looking to explore unique and imaginative brews, grab a six-pack of these Futurama-themed craft beers and raise a glass to the future!

Remember, always drink responsibly, and may your love for craft beer and Futurama continue to collide in the most delightful ways. Cheers to the future, my friends!

Futurama and Craft Beer

Lets get right down to it and find some craft beers with Futurama themed names!

In the upcoming weeks I am going to be reviewing some for the blog (one each week on Mondays to tie in with the Futurama releases). So I will be keeping those specific beers off this list so as to keep them as a surprise.

But here is some others that I won’t be reviewing, so you can see them now:

Zappa Brannigan by The Rambling Root

This is an American Pale Ale clocking in at 7% and has no IBU listed. The Untappd description reads: “This beer is built like a steakehouse, but handles like a bistro. It’s got note of Cham-paggin. It is DOOP.”

Planet Expresso by Burnt Hickory Brewery

This is a Stout – Coffee, at 9% and 10 IBU, its certainly going to give you a kick into space. The Untappd description reads: “An Italian Espresso Coffee Stout.”

Planet Express by Bent Stick Brewing

Listed as a Pilsner – Other, its a 4.5% ABV and no IBU listed hoppy pilsner. The Untappd description reads: “Galaxy Hopped Pilsner”

Good News Everyone by Mars Brewing Company

A 5% ABV, 25 IBU, Farmhouse Ale – Saison by Mars Brewing Company will surely bring the good news from the Professor to you. The Untappd description reads: “Good news everyone! Straight from our shiny metal fermentor machine, not to be confused with a robot named Bender, comes Mars Brewing’s Saison. Rustic, bright, clean, with a balanced nose of clove and fruitiness, this Saison will not disappoint.”

Why Not Zoidberg? by Niantic Public House And Brewery

After all – why not Zoidberg? This is an American IPA, with no IBU listed, and a 6.8% ABV, it’ll have you asking why not Zoidberg … and maybe Where is Zoidberg as well? The Untappd description reads: “IPA showcasing Mandarina Bavaria hops.”

Zoidberg Noise by Phantom Carriage Brewery

This is a bit more of an interesting one – an orange brut IPA. I’m always half on the fence with Brut IPAs to begin with, but the appeal of orange is there. This is a 7.5% ABV Brut IPA.

Robot House Party by Campus Brewing

Robot House!!!!!!!! (I’m sure you heard that in the Dean of Mars University’s voice, I know I did.) This is a New England / Hazy IPA, clocking in at a low 5.8% ABV and 10 IBU. The Untappd description reads: “

Our house Hazy IPA is cleaner, hoppier and more drinkable than ever.

Campus’s Creative Creatures have rebuilt the bot for optimised drinkability.

A simplified, muted malt bill gets out of the way for a boosted hop schedule featuring Simcoe, Mosaic, bio-transformed Sabro and Citra Lupomax.

Minimised bitterness and 5.8% abv bring the party whilst maintaining that classic chalky, moreish water profile that seemingly dries off the palate.”

Bender’s Brau by Turkey Forrest Brewing

Oooh a big boy for Bender! A 9.1% ABV, 37 IBU Belgian Trippel. The Untappd description says: “A complex, spicy and fruity flavor profile, which features notes of clove and banana. The addition of piloncillo adds a touch of caramel-like flavor.”

Benderbrau by Seabright Social

Here’s a different style for the list – an Altbier. Clocking in at 5.3% ABV and no IBU and no Untappd description.

Futurama by Social Kitchen and Brewery

A New England / Hazy IPA by Social Kitchen and Brewery, this is 6.7% ABV, and the description reads: “Light in color but big in flavor. We’re living in the future where soft, creamy IPAs run the world. Tons of citra and meridian hops for aromas of orange julius, melonb& bubble gum.”

Slurm by Burning Brewery

This one is coming all the way from St. Petersburg, Russia. A Fruited Sour, packing 5.5% ABV and 11 IBU. The Untappd description reads: “саур с приятной кислинкой киви и насыщенным яблоком”

Good News Everyone Its My First IPA by Bender Braus Brewing

Good News Everyone – Its My First IPA!

Nearly exactly six years ago I brewed this one my self when home brewing. (Who knows, might even have a bottle forgotten / hidden in the basement still.) I brewed a five gallon batch of this as my first IPA. I named my little home brewery “Bender Braus Brewing”, and with this being my first IPA I gave it the name of “Good News Everyone! It’s My First IPA!”.

I thought it tasted pretty well, was a bit watery, and a bit light on the mouth feel. Alex, Carson, and Alan from Boneshire Brew Works said it was ‘passable’ and a few other home brew buddies said it was a good first try / attempt at an IPA. Some of my family members enjoyed it, but who can really take them for their word right?

It ended up being a 7.09% ABV and 44 IBU IPA American. My Untappd description for it reads: “

Bender Braus Brewing’s first beer (and therefore first IPA). An American West Coast style IPA.

The grain bill consists of Pale Malt (11 lbs 8 oz), 1 lb of Caramel Malts, and 12 oz of Munich Malt Light.

The hops consists of 1 oz Chinook, 3 oz Cascade, 3 oz of Nugget (totals).

Yeast strain is WLP001 (White Labs), California Ale.

Original gravity is 1.069, and it’s a 5 gallon batch.”

More Futurama Beers To Come

Stay tuned for each week – every Monday – of the show’s run (starting next week – July 24th) for a beer (or book) review, all Futurama themed. For the first week, it will be a book review of Futurama and Philosophy, followed by a mead review from Space Time Meadery and then we’ll get into the beer reviews proper (don’t worry, I have enough for both Hulu seasons).

Futurama and Craft Beer Wrap Up

In conclusion, the marriage of craft beer and the iconic show Futurama creates a delightful fusion of creativity, humor, and imagination. The world of craft beer enthusiasts and Futurama fans alike can rejoice as breweries pay tribute to the show through unique and inventive brews. From Slurm-inspired flavors to beers named after beloved characters like Bender and the Planet Express crew, the intersection of these two realms offers an exciting and flavorful experience.

Craft breweries have embraced the opportunity to tap into the rich lore and whimsical nature of Futurama, crafting beers that capture the essence of the show. Through playful names, vibrant can art, and carefully selected ingredients, these breweries transport us to the futuristic world of New New York, where comedy and adventure await at every turn.

Beyond the novelty of Futurama-themed beers, these creations demonstrate the immense creativity and innovation within the craft beer industry. Brewers continue to push the boundaries, experiment with unique flavors, and use pop culture references to connect with consumers in new and exciting ways. Futurama serves as a source of inspiration, giving rise to beers that embody the show’s spirit and spark conversations among fans and beer enthusiasts.

Craft beer and Futurama share a common thread of community and camaraderie. Just as Futurama brought people together through its humor and relatable characters, craft beer fosters a sense of togetherness among beer lovers. From sharing a pint at a local brewery to engaging in lively discussions about the show and the beers it inspired, these experiences create lasting memories and connections.

As we raise our glasses to the future, let’s appreciate the creativity, craftsmanship, and passion behind both craft beer and Futurama. The convergence of these two worlds invites us to embark on a journey that transcends time and space, where flavors ignite our taste buds and laughter fills the air.

So, whether you’re a devoted fan of Futurama or a craft beer aficionado seeking new and exciting brews, explore the realm where these two passions collide. Celebrate the ingenuity of brewers, the brilliance of the show’s creators, and the joy that comes from sipping a Futurama-inspired craft beer. May your adventures in beer and beyond be filled with laughter, good company, and the endless possibilities that the future holds. Cheers to the delightful fusion of craft beer and Futurama!

Futurama Returns

Final reminder – Futurama returns next Monday – July 24th, 2023 – on Hulu. We will be doing weekly articles to go along with each new episode. Also look out for us doing some beer and episode reviews as well.

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