Beer Review: Pulisic Pilsner (Jackass Brewing)

Beer Review: Pulisic Pilsner (Jackass Brewing)

Pulisic Pilsner by Jackass Brewing (with Mark Pulisic’s jersey in the background)

What Better Way to Start a Morning

What better way to start a morning than cracking open a crowler of Pulisic Pilsner and getting ready for the US Men’s World Cup game?

This morning the United States is entering the first round of the knockout stage against the Netherlands. To enjoy the game I’m having a crowler of Pulisic Pilsner by Jackass Brewing. Named in honor of Hershey hometown hero – Christian Pulisic.

It is going to be a tough match up against Netherlands, but hopefully the white, red, and blue can pull it out. But first, let’s get to the beer.

Jackass Brewing Company

The Pulisic Pilsner and the rest of my flight at Jackass Brewery

I first went to Jackass Brewing after a day of hiking in the nearby area of Lewisburg (later went to Rusty Rail Brewing Company as well before heading back home). Loved the vibe at Jackass, great food, great beer, and the staff was wonderful and nice. So when I saw that they were honoring Christian Pulisic (and by extension the Pulisic family) I knew we had to go and grab a crowler. So Amy, Scarlet, and I made the trek up to grab a dinner, a flight, and a crowler to go.

For more information on Jackass Brewing Company you can follow them at their social media pages here:

As per Untappd, Jackass Brewing Company is a micro brewery from Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. They have 85 unique beers with around 10,000~ ratings with a global average rating of 3.70 (as of 12.3.22). Their Untappd description is currently blank.

Beer Review

Pulisic Pilsner by Jackass Brewery

Beer: Pulisic Pilsner
Brewery: Jackass Brewery
Style: Pilsner – Other
ABV: 5.2%
IBU: 31
Untappd Description: This beer is a crisp pilsner with a little West Coast hop flavor. Brewed in honor of the Central Pennsylvania native and captain of the USMNT Christian Pulisic. Grab a pint and join us in celebrating the men’s national team at the World Cup this year!

This is a pretty beer. Its not a “hazy boi”, instead its a light, crisp, clean, clear, “crispi boi”. Moving along haizbois and other New England IPA and Milkshake IPA fans. This is certainly not going to be for you. This is a clear, transparent, light beer. Its the way a pilsner should be. “Its a beer that looks like a beer.”

Moving on to aroma, “this is a beer that smells like a beer”. It has that distinctive beer smell, the light pilsner smell. Its light or slightly malt, its slightly grainy, bready, but theres a light sweetness, and a bit of a kick with the hop profile thats from them changing things up a bit. Some notes of lemongrass, a bit of an earthy going to floral hop notes but the floral is definitely muted. This smells like a good pilsner through and through, just with that extra bit of hop aroma thats not common to pilsners.

This is a good clear, crisp, refreshing, beer. This is an all day beer. This is a crushable beer. This is a beautifully transparent, see through, good looking clean beer. A “beer that looks like a beer”. (To keep going back to that phrase.) (This is my second time writing this review – I’ll explain after the review – so please bear with me in being redundant and keeping a theme going.) From the way this pours – clean, crisp, clear with a nice white foam head, to the way it smells – with the softness of bread and malt, to the sweetness, to the lemongrass and bit of hop, to the way this tastes; it has a very finesse and well structured care to it. This isn’t a beer thats going to run you over with a ton of different flavors or hammer you over the head with an “oh my geeeeerrrrrd” taste; but this is a refreshing beer. Perfect for its style. This gives you tastes and flavor notes of Italian bread, Earthy and slight floral hops, lemongrass, some sweetness, and it works together so very well. This is a finesse beer, not a powerful strong beer. Which works for its namesake – Christian Pulisic. Christian’s play style is finesse, he is a very skilled dribbler, and ball carrier, able to thread through the enemy defenses. As skilled a scorer as he is at setting up assists and helping his teammates score. And thats exactly how this beer is. Its not going to be the star line up of beers, but its a great beer to refresh and kick back on and day drink with. Its only 5.2% ABV so its a very crushable beer. And one you can have two crowlers of during a soccer match and barely feel a buzz at the end of it (….speaking from experience). 5.2% is a golden mean and a great ABV. Guinness for example is 4.2%, and so I think anything in that 4.2-5.8% ABV range is great for kicking back and day drinking. (For example – Miller Lite is 4.2% and Coors Lite is 4.0%.) So this is done very well for its style. Its crisp, its clear, the tastes of Italian bread, slight malt, slight Earthy and even slighter floral hops, the lemongrass, and the slight sweetness, all blend very well together. It pairs and plays well just like Pulisic’s play style with the US Men’s National Team.

My Untappd Rating: ****
Global Untappd Rating: 3.61 (as of 12.3.22)

World Cup

Well, that was a disappointing, unfortunate, and sad ending to the World Cup. The US lost to the Netherlands 3 – 1. The Netherlands were just the better, stronger, more prepared team. They looked better, they played better, and they came more prepared than the US Men’s Team did.

The Netherlands scored quickly in the 10th minute to make it 1 – 0, then in injury time just before the half they made it go up to 2 – 0. The US did respond in the second half at the 76th minute getting a goal and making it 2 – 1, but sadly too soon after Netherlands netted another one bringing it up to 3 – 1 (in the 81st minute) which would end up being the final.

So unfortunately, it was a sad disappointing ending. But it was an overall good World Cup for the US Men’s Team. The game advancing out of the group stage was great and they proved their skill and mettle. Onto the next World Cup!

One nice thing about the paternity leave (I go back to work on December 26th) is that I’m getting to catch the whole World Cup. Its been a really fun tournament this year and have enjoyed it, despite being in Qatar.

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